July 2010

Couponing Basics


If you’re anything like me, the idea of saving (a ton of) money by using coupons is appealing in theory, but overwhelming in practice.  The concept is pretty simple--combine money-saving manufacturer’s coupons with in-store specials and coupons to save anywhere from 50-100% off your grocery bill.  In order to be successful, the way you shop [...]

Simple Budget Birthday Dinner Party


Today is my mother-in-law's 86th birthday.  We wanted to do something special for her, but going out to eat with an octogenarian and two toddlers is really more of a fiasco than a treat.  Instead, we decided to throw her a little family party here at home.  Now for me, the word "party" usually translates [...]

Thursday Shopping 7-30-10

I don't know if the deals are getting better or if I'm just getting better at this whole couponing thing, but it seems like I am starting to save more and more each time I go to the store.  My trip to Publix this morning was a dream.  Both girls were happy and content, especially [...]

Tuesday Shopping 7-28-10

There were a few things I still wanted to snag before the grocery stores switched promotions tomorrow.  Unfortunately, waiting until the last minute did not work in my favor at Winn-Dixie, where they were out of Kibbles & Bits (on sale for BOGO + $1 off coupons) and Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner (also BOGO + [...]

Party Inspiration: Crafty Pool Party


Anyone who knows me knows that I love to throw parties.  For me, every holiday is a new opportunity to plan an event.  Cocktail parties, ice-cream parties, coupon-clipping parties--you name it, I'll throw it.  Heck, I even threw a "birthing party" for the home birth of my second child.  But my absolute favorite thing to [...]

Sunday Shopping 7-25-10

It was a pretty good shopping day today.  I did really well at both Walgreen's & CVS, but I also had to go to the craft store to pick up a few things for Maggie's birthday party, where I didn't fare quite as well.  Overall I spent $78.47 for $269.18 worth of stuff, which was [...]

Friday Shopping 7-23-10

I have to say, I rocked it at Publix this afternoon!  I managed to save 71% even though I still had to buy a few things that weren't on sale, like sugar, powdered sugar, bread, and butter.  Without those items it probably would've been closer to 90%.  The cashier was nice but clearly annoyed by [...]

Sunday Shopping 7-19-10

My husband has been telling me for years that I have a shopping problem, and deep down I know it is true.   I can't really explain why I get such a thrill from buying stuff.  It just makes me happy.  The fact that it costs money is secondary to the elation I feel from [...]

Thrifty Summertime Activities for Kids

It is summertime in Florida which means it is pretty much too hot to do anything outside that doesn't involve water.  Here in Charlotte County, the retirement capital of Southwest Florida (where the median age is 64), there aren't a whole lot of activities for kids, which makes it even tougher.  A lot of times [...]

Sunday Shopping 7-12-10

I made a quick trip to three stores this morning (kids & Chuck in tow--not a great idea, for future reference) and ended up with a ton ($229 worth!) of great stuff.  The best part?  After all my coupons, discounts, & rebates, I actually came out $13.34 ahead.  Here's how: CVS Spent:  $35.16 minus $34.99 [...]

Coupon Madness

It’s simple math: the less I spend on the things I have to buy each month (food), the more I can spend on the things I want to buy each month (shoes). Which means that my first order of business on this new budget of mine is to get my grocery bill under control. I’ll [...]