Giant Glitter Lollipops

Giant Glitter Lollipops SquareFor my daughter Annie’s Sweet Shop Party, I wanted something to line the sidewalk leading up to the house.  I found some foam discs and cellophane at the dollar store a few weeks ago, which gave me the idea of oversized lollipops.

The process was pretty simple:

Step 1: Spray 1 side of foam disc with adhesive.  Sprinkle with glitter, then shake off excess.  Repeat for opposite side, then spray edge and roll in glitter to cover.  Let dry for 1 hour. (Hint: you may want to wear gloves for this step!)

Step 2: Use a sharpened pencil to poke a hole in edge of disc, then insert wooden dowel (I spray painted mine white before starting this project.)

Step 3: Cut a piece of cellophane to fit over disc, then secure with scrap piece of ribbon.  Trim excess.

Giant Glitter Lollipops Vertical

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  • Katie May 24,

    I am SUPER EXCITED to see how this turns out! I love DIY projects, and you most certainly come up with the best ideas. Can’t wait to see the finished work! I bet your girl is going to be so thrilled when she sees all this! :)

  • Crystal L. (Crafting & Rambling) May 24,

    No stinkin’ way – these are SOOOOO cute and awesome and clever!!
    I am soooo looking forward to seeing what else you came up with, and will definitely stay tuned! :)

    • Ruth May 24,

      Thanks Crys!

  • Melissa May 24,

    I aspire to be halfway to your level of awsomeness one day. :) Great Job!

    • Ruth May 24,

      LOL, you’re sweet. Thanks!

  • Deb May 24,

    Too cute! Making me wish I had girls! I’ve got all boys.. lollipops don’t quite work well for a little boys’ birthday.. lol :) Awesome job tho!

    • Ruth May 24,

      Thanks Deb! :-)

  • Tanya May 25,

    I love reading your party blogs. The ideas you come up with are super cute – and I love how you create very customized parties without spending a lot of money. Great ideas!

  • June 30,

    What a GREAT idea!!! I tried some chocolate covered grapes as a party favor for a party and it was a huge hit. It decorated the table as well as it function as a part favor when the kids left. I blogged about it on my site Thanks for sharing this…. I love sharing ideas with other moms!! Very excited to try this out.

  • April July 15,

    They turned out adorable!!! Thank you for sharing :) easy and cheap to make!


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