One of Those Days….

I apologize in advance for this terribly whiny saga.

But yesterday was just one of those days.

It started with major website issues and a problem that no one knew how to resolve, least of all me.  I really hate problems I don’t know how to fix.  It feels so helpless.  Most of you were exceedingly nice about the whole thing, and you have no idea I how much I appreciate your patience.

Amid all the kindness, however, there was one nasty little email and, being human, of course that one bit of meanness was all I could think about.  I really try not to be too sensitive.  After all, I’m putting myself out here which naturally opens the door to criticism.  But I’m not gonna lie: it stung.

Luckily by early afternoon all the technical difficulties were resolved and I happily went to pick up Maggie from school, excited for the fun afternoon I had planned.

Our conversation in the car went something like this:

“Honey, guess what we’re going to do when we get home?”
“What mommy?”
“We’re going to cook!” [normally met with much enthusiasm]
“Oh.  What are we going to make” [said with no enthusiasm whatsover]
“Well, we’re going to make a sort-of pie, with eggs and cheese, & vegetables.”
“Yuck. I don’t want to make that. I want to take a rest instead.”

Not to be deterred from my grand dinner plans, I headed to the kitchen in search of ingredients for one of my favorite meals, Vegetarian Quiche.  I often make it with those roll-out refrigerated pie crusts, but I knew I didn’t have any on hand.  Luckily making pie crust is a breeze, so I figured I’d just whip it together from scratch.  Upon opening the fridge, I realized I was completely out of butter, a key ingredient.  Suddenly spending only $13 on groceries this week wasn’t seeming like such a good idea.

I briefly considered making a quick run to Publix but decided against it when I looked out the window at the monsoon that had literally turned our front yard into small lake.

 Still not ready to throw in the towel, I decided I would try my hand at a Crisco-based crust instead.  A quick Google search found me a new recipe, and I put the shortening in the freezer to chill it.

30 minutes later, Annie and I (Maggie still wanted no part in this endeavor) went to work on the crust.  It was pretty much an instant disaster.  For the record, 30 minutes in the freezer is NOT long enough to chill shortening for pie crust.  Of course my problem might have been trying to do it in the food processer (the way I make my butter crust) instead of using a pastry cutter.  In any case, the crust was a total bust.

By this time it was starting to get late and the girls were getting hungry.  It was time for plan B: Barber Stuffed Chicken Breasts served with Betty Crocker Scalloped Potatoes and Steamfresh mixed vegetables.  (Not exactly the homemade meal I had planned, but there is something to be said for convenience food.)

While I was preparing dinner #2 I suddenly noticed the girls had become strangely quiet, which is always a bad sign.  I went to check on them and found they had colored each other from head to toe with brown markers.

My only options at that point were to: a.) get mad and take the markers away or b.) let them continue.  It probably makes me a terrible mother, but figuring they were already going to need a bath and considering that they weren’t screaming, fighting, or destroying anything, I decided to just let it go.  The next time I turned around, they had both stripped off all their clothes and were running around the house naked, covered in brown marker.

And it was of course right at this moment that Husband came home from work.

After dinner we sat around the table playing our daily round of High-Low.

“Mommy, you go first!  What was your high-low?”
“My high was when Daddy figured out what was wrong with my computer.  My low was the rest of the day.”
“Your turn Daddy, what was your high-low?”
“My high was figuring out what went wrong with Mommy’s computer.  My low was finding out the boat was broken. Again.”
“Okay, Maggie, your turn.  What was your high-low?”
[Long pause, while she thinks hard for a moment]
“Well my low was when Mommy said we were going to have pie for dinner, and my high was when we didn’t have to eat it.”

*  *  *

I guess you just never know.


  1. July 23 at 02:00PM

    Awwww! 🙁 Sorry you had such a frustrating day. My girls and I love your videos and I always notice what a patient mom you are. I would have lost my cool with the brown markers 🙂 Those days are not fun but please know that those of us that frequent your website appreciate so much what you do and we have those days too. Much love to you and your family, hope your weekend is relaxing and stress free!

    • Ruth
      July 24 at 11:07AM

      Thanks Michele. I don’t know how patient I am, but sweet of you to think so! 🙂

  2. Ana
    July 23 at 02:13PM

    I love ur vids and ur websites!!!! I check them all the time. Hope u have a great day today !!! Could you pls post the vegetable quiche recipe. Thanks.

    • Ruth
      July 24 at 11:08AM

      I will try to make it for next week! It is really yummy. 🙂

  3. Brandy cook
    July 23 at 02:28PM

    That day is truly a worthy day of being called “bad”. Your girls pictures remind me of a day when my daughter and neice were playing and got quiet as well. The only difference is that they had been putting “makeup” on with different colors of permanent marker! Now, doesn’t that make your day look a little better? Glad that you are willing to share with us that though sometimes we feel alone on our bad days, we are at that point closer to other families circumstances than we realize. Hope today is better.

    • Ruth
      July 24 at 11:09AM

      Oooooh permanent markers are SO much worse! After Trouble destroyed our leather ottoman with one, we now only keep washable markers within reach! 🙂

  4. Stephanie L.
    July 23 at 02:31PM

    Thanks for sharing, it gave me a great laugh. I’m sorry you had one of {THOSE} days. As a mom I completely know where you are coming from. I love that you chose option B with your girls…sometimes the peace is worth more than the clean up later:) It’s also sad to hear that someone would write such an insensitive/mean email…I think people tend to take blogs, websites, etc. for granted!!! If you are paying for something…I can see being upset…still not angry. But—–> a site that is 100% free…acutally SAVES you time and money…REALLY??? Some of our fellow Americans are just plain UN-appreciative {to say it nicely}. Like you said, it’s a new day. Have an awesome weekend with your adorable little family!

    • Ruth
      July 24 at 11:10AM

      Thanks Stephanie! 🙂

  5. Tracy A
    July 23 at 02:32PM

    Your girls are too cute. I’m sure its really hard to stay mad at those faces. Besides markers wash off, memories don’t. 😉

    • Ruth
      July 24 at 11:10AM

      Very true. 🙂

  6. Mary
    July 23 at 02:54PM

    I know those kinds of days 😐 You seem to be such a sweet, patient mommy, though. A good example for all of us. 🙂

    • Ruth
      July 25 at 02:01PM

      I don’t know about sweet & patient, but nice of you to think so! 🙂

  7. Marilee
    July 23 at 07:15PM

    We all have those kinds of day, and I know I had my fair share of them when my children were younger. Smile, grab a glass of wine and know that one day you will beg for these days again. My children are teen-agers and leaving the house soon, and I wish they were younger again. This too will pass.

    • Ruth
      July 25 at 02:02PM

      Thanks Marilee.

  8. Annette
    July 23 at 08:11PM

    Sorry you had such a bad day Ruth, I hope your weekend goes better. I love all the pictures and your blog.

    • Ruth
      July 25 at 02:02PM

      Thanks Annette

  9. Shauna
    July 23 at 08:55PM

    Ruth, sending you lots of happy, peaceful vibes. It sounds like you deserve them. Sometimes, we all need a turn with the “reset” button, even though it’s not real (but should be). I would like to personally say thank you for all the time and hardwork you have put into these amazing sites. Your efforts have had a profoundly positive effect on my life and my family. I consistently look forward to your humorous insight to life and the events that occur when raising a family. Don’t let mean spirited people get you down. You are fully appreciated.

    • Ruth
      July 25 at 02:02PM

      Aw, thanks Shauna! 🙂

  10. July 23 at 10:13PM

    You are going to be so glad that you blogged about this moment. I always forget to grab the camera when my kids do something like put markers all over themselves. 🙂 Hilarious. I laughed pretty hard at the naked picture. LOL.

    • Ruth
      July 25 at 02:03PM

      Yeah, I can’t help but laugh at that one either. 🙂

  11. Mimi
    July 24 at 02:20AM

    Thank you for creating such a great website! I LOVE your Publix shopping trip videos and I hope you will make many many more. The videos are very helpful and entertaining. I shop only at Publix since I live in Atlanta and it’s great to have your videos and website handy to answer questions.
    Your doing a GREAT job!

    • Ruth
      July 25 at 02:03PM

      Thanks Mimi!

  12. Bonnie
    July 24 at 02:33AM

    Your post reminded me of a book I just read to my daughter, Everybody Makes Mistakes by Christine Cole MacLean. It’s really cute! And it’s a great book to read at bedtime after a bad day.

    I check your blog almost every day. Keep up the good work!

    • Ruth
      July 25 at 02:03PM

      I’ll have to check it out! Thanks Bonnie!

  13. sarina
    July 24 at 12:50PM

    Awww, sorry you got such a bad email. That is no fun. I love your site. You do a great job of posting unique ideas, recipes, and great buys that no other site has. I talk about you and all the cool things you do to everyone like I know you. They are usually confused and say who is Ruth? Then I tell them about your awesome site. Keep up the great work.

    • Ruth
      July 25 at 02:04PM

      LOL, that’s funny. Thanks for spreading the word–it is much appreciated! 🙂

  14. Julie
    July 24 at 08:42PM

    I just want to echo what Stephanie L. said. You keep these amazing sites up and running for us, giving us tons of resources for, not just free, but allowing us to save tons of money (and time!) in return. When you have technical difficulties for a day (was it even a full 24 hours?) the very least we could do is have patience and grace while you are working to get it fixed. You seemed to be on top of it and kept updating us on FB which is more than we should even ask for. It makes me frustrated that someone would send you any kind of negative email about it. 🙁

    Thank you so much for all that you do. Just today I saved a lot of money thanks to your site. Thanks for turning your bad day into a blog post for us to relate to and, well, laugh at (the pic of the girls is super cute!).

    Hope you have had a great weekend with your family!

    • Ruth
      July 25 at 02:05PM

      Thanks for taking the time to write Julie, that was very sweet of you!

  15. I can’t even imagine anyone feeling the need to give you a hard time!! How mean! You work so hard on your sites…it has to take hours and hours of your time – to HELP other people!! Add that to the rest of the day you had…yeesh. Girl, I am so sorry. (((HUGS))) Those kinds of days are so hard! I’m so sorry you had a bad day, and you know what? I’m proud of you for the kind of dinner you ended up with, even though it wasn’t your original plan. I may have just splurged for pizza or something, lol. A FABULOUS idea with the high-low thing…I’d love to implement that in our home!

    (((more hugs))) …may tomorrow bring you much joy! 🙂

    • Ruth
      July 25 at 02:05PM

      Thanks Crys. 🙂

  16. Jessica Rockwell
    July 25 at 05:51AM

    Sorry about your day 🙁 But this post made me laugh! You are too funny! I love that you let them continue to color each other! Kids are only kids once and it actually makes you a fun and understanding mom letting them do that! NOT a bad mom. I am sorry someone send you a bad email. Why is it the negative that sticks with us…even with so much positive!

    • Ruth
      July 25 at 02:06PM

      Thanks Jessica! 🙂 After all these nice comments I’m not so worried about the one bad email anymore.

  17. Melissa
    July 25 at 01:26PM

    I am so sorry someone was rude to you. I love your web site and appreciate all that you do. Your Thursday shopping trips help me out so much. I look at your trip and make my list.

    • Ruth
      July 25 at 02:06PM

      Thanks Melissa! I’m glad they are helpful!

  18. Alley
    July 25 at 03:50PM

    Oh Ruth I KNOW these days. I have a toddler. I work from home. I wrangle two dogs and a cat. AND I write a blog. And I cook. Plus there’s swim class. And laundry. And…oh did the cat just knock over the basil plant?…AGAIN? *deep breath* You are allowed to be human. Honey, sometimes you just need to whine. And sometimes you just need to wine 🙂 We all have epic fail days, best you can do is console yourself that tomorrow will be better. But as for vegetarian quiche…do we get that recipe? I sounds tasty and I’ve never made a quiche.

  19. kris
    July 29 at 12:24AM

    I just stumbled across your website and it’s amazing. Thanks for all the hard work you do. I was home with my boys but went back to work because our expenses were increasing much faster than our income. I’m hoping to trim our expenses so I can have a better home/work balance. The boys are nearly grown but your “bad day” story brought back memories…. Minutes before I had to pick up my “prince” from school “trouble” was missing and unusually quiet. When I found him (2 minutes later) he had taken the markers and managed to color 3 walls. He was roughly 3′ at the time so his “canvas” only covered the wall space from his head to his max reach capacity roughly 1 foot. He’s 16 now and still trouble but I love him. 2 more years until graduation. It’s all worth it.

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