Party DiY: Flower Centerpieces

Have you ever felt like your creativity was just tapped out?  I am still having the hardest time mustering up any Princess Tea Party enthusiasm and frankly it is making me feel like a very bad mommy.  Princess’ birthday is less than 2 weeks away and I haven’t even sent out the invitations yet!

Thankfully, all hope is not lost.  Several months ago I ordered some very cute Princess Party Kits from my friend Crystal at Stampin’ Up.  I’m not normally one for pre-packaged party kits, but they were only $1.95 each, marked down from $15.95.  It was a deal I just couldn’t resist, especially knowing my daughter!    Last week I stopped by Walmart and found some very cute  & princess-tea-party-esque fabric on sale for $2 a yard.  I crossed my fingers as I bought it, hoping it would coordinate at least a little with the party kit, and happily it did.

Then at Target a few days ago, I lucked out when I found a whole bunch of very cute silk flowers on clearance.  As I soon as I saw them, I had an “aha” moment and remembered this post from my crafting hero, Ashley Ann.  The best part?  It is crafting for lazy busy people!

So this morning I spent a few minutes (it was literally less than an hour) whipping up some cute centerpieces for the Princess Tea Party table. Perhaps this party will come together after all.  Now if I could just get these invitations mailed out!

(P.S. Thanks Ashley! :-))

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  • Michelle August 10,

    Those are so cute!

  • shannon August 10,

    Too cute!!! Wow, for someone who works full time AND is taking care of a family AND creating such adorable crafts for your kids, you amaze me!!

  • Crystal L. (Crafting & Rambling) August 17,

    What a great idea – and they turned out so cute!!

  • Kate August 26,

    Hi Ruth. I love seeing your blog posts full of creativity and great style. I have a quick question. I was wondering if you use a specific program to create your photo collages? I have a small retail store and I’ve been looking for a good program to put together a collage of new merchandise as it comes in to email my customers.

    Thanks for all the wonderful ways you inspire us all to save money!


  • Jaz August 27,

    These are good for projects. Thanks for this fantastic ideas. i can teach something now to my little sister where she can get busy with.

  • Suz Brill May 26,

    Love these vases. I think I’ll try them for my daughters party in a couple of months time!! Thank you for sharing x

  • Janae June 23,

    Thanks for sharing i will be using this for erin’s 3rd bday party!!!!!!


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