A Mom Sets the Tone

Mom Sets the Tone--5 Ways to Reset Your Mood When Anger Strikes

Though it has been a few years, I can still remember the conversation like it was yesterday.  In one of our marathon phone sessions, I poured out all my frustration to my sister:

Chuck is such a jerk!  I’m so tired of feeling like I can’t do anything right!  And the girls are driving me absolutely crazy!  No sooner do I get one mess cleaned up than they make another one.  Annie still won’t sleep through the night and Maggie refuses to sit on the potty and they both just won’t. stop. whining.  I feel so tired and crabby and angry! I just want to scream!

Although she was 3,000 miles away, her response stopped me dead in my tracks, and she may as well have slapped me across the face.  Six years older, with kids that were now in high school, she had already made it through those exasperating preschool years.  She quietly said, I know how hard it is, but you have to remember that a mom sets the tone for her household.  The mood of your family will ultimately reflect your own.  If you are crabby, they will be too.

My kids are a little older now, both potty trained and sleeping through the night.  They pick up after themselves, at least some of the time, and I’m not quite as exhausted as I was when they were babies.  While I still struggle with crabbiness far more than I would like to admit, over the years I have discovered a few surefire ways to improve my mood and my attitude when I am feeling on edge.  They might just work for you too:

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Do you ever struggle with anger towards your husband & kids?  How do you reset your mood when anger strikes?

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  • Holly January 21,

    I so, so, sooooooo needed to read this today! Thanks Ruth!

  • Darlene January 21,

    Gotta love a sister for telling it like it is! Loved this post.

  • Anonymous January 21,

    So true. My oldest of 3 is 19 now and I remember those days of preschool age:). It’s just a different kind if stress. Great message:)

  • Carrie January 21,

    Forgot to leave my name above… Oops:)

  • Taylor January 21,

    I literally had a “moment.” I read your post and thought to myself…those aren’t her girls’ names. Bahahaha! So used of you calling them Princess and Trouble, that it completely caught me off guard!

  • Jessica Cali January 22,

    I never actually thought about it that way!! I guess maybe I should start “checking” my attitude before the kids & husband get home from school/work so maybe everyone will be happier!! Thanks for this post.

  • Jenn Porter January 22,

    This is so true. I can literally feel my mood radiate through my house! If I am mad, the little ones act crazy and fight and my big one sulks around. If I’m happy, the kids get along SO MUCH BETTER and they laugh and play well. I have to remember to check the attitude!

  • Kiki @ Choosing to Cherish January 22,

    LOVE this. Thank you for sharing!

  • Crystal Beamon January 26,

    This post was so encouraging to me, Thank you for reminding me of the accountability I need to have when it comes to my attitude. Right thinking ,Right Receiving

  • Marina January 27,

    Thank you. All struck home almost too true. Needed to hear this.


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