DIY Dollar Store Makeup Tray


There are a lot of ways I save on beauty products & toiletries.  I use coupons for toothpaste & razors, make my own dry shampoo, do my nails at home, and haven’t had my hair cut or colored at a salon in years.  But when it comes to beauty, the one thing I am willing to pay a little more for is makeup.

Quite honestly, I used to go a little crazy at the drugstore makeup counter, buying this and that and everything, but then hardly using any of it because the color was a little off or the texture wasn’t quite right  But then eventually I realized it was more cost effective to invest in just a few higher quality items that last and that I love rather than have a whole drawer full of inexpensive makeup that I never use.   It is also a great way to cut down on clutter!

Of course while I might be willing to splurge on high quality makeup, I would rather save as much as possible when it comes to storing it!  Over the years I have tried keeping my makeup in a bag or box or drawer, but I find that it always ends up on the counter eventually.  Finally I just gave in and realized the perfect storage spot was simply a cute tray right on the counter.

Luckily I found the perfect sized tray right at my local dollar store, jazzed it up just a bit with paint and pretty paper, and added a small square vase (also from the dollar store) for holding brushes, mascara, & lip gloss, and voila!  Functional makeup organization for right around $2.


Here is what you need:

tin tray from the dollar store
spray primer (optional)
spray paint
scrapbook paper
Mod Podge
Paint Brush


Step 1:  Spray the front of tray with primer if you happen to have it on hand, & let dry.  If you don’t have primer, 2 coats of spray paint should be fine, just be sure to let it dry at least 20-30 minutes between coats. Let final coat dry overnight.


Step 2:  Cut scrapbook paper to fit bottom of tray, rounding corners if necessary.


Step 3: Brush bottom of tray with Mod Podge, then carefully press paper over tray from center to edges, pressing out any air bubbles or wrinkles.


Step 4:  Brush Mod Podge over top of paper and over painted portion of tray.  Let dry.


Step 5:  Seal tray with a coat of sealer; let dry.


Step 6:  Arrange makeup on tray, adding small vase or jar to hold brushes if desired.


*   *   *

What beauty products do you splurge on?  Where do you save?

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  • Paige March 24,

    OMG I love this! Excuse me while I go buy a million dollar store trays! This is so cute!

  • Jennifer @ Brave New Home March 24,

    It turned out great—I love the paper you picked out! I’m like you. I’ll splurge on makeup but I don’t go to salons for haircuts, mani/pedis, etc.

  • courtney marquez March 24,

    I sell make up, this is a great idea for home and for displays!

  • Gii March 25,

    Cute! I never ran out of mod podge yet I haven’t thought of this idea. Thanks for sharing :)


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