Summer Cheese Ball with Mixed Berries

Summer Cheese Ball with Mixed Berries Square 3 When it comes to entertaining, I try to keep things as stress-free as possible.  I discovered long ago that few appetizers beat the simplicity, versatility, and sheer deliciousness of a simple cheese ball paired with Triscuits.  Thus, when the folks over at Martha Stewart asked if I’d be interested in entering a little summer recipe challenge they were hosting called the Triscuit Summer Snackoff, I said heck yeah!

For this recipe challenge I needed to find a way to combine Martha’s selected seasonal ingredient–mixed berries–with Triscuits, (which coincidentally just happen to be my favorite snack cracker of all time), and I knew right away that whatever I came up with would have to be quick, easy, and delicious.  The natural choice for me?  A Summer Cheese ball with Mixed Berries. Around the holidays I often make this delicious Cranberry and Cheddar cheese ball, so the summer berry & cheese combo seemed like a natural fit.  The best part?  It took less than 10 minutes to come together, which makes it the perfect lazy summer appetizer.

Also?  You can be entered to win a trip to New York City to meet Martha Stewart in person by sharing a photo of your own Triscuit creation at, and by sharing it on social media using the hashtag #TriscuitSnackoff.  How fun is that?

Summer Cheese Balls with Berries 1.jpg

Here is what you need:

For the cheese ball:
15-20 fresh basil leaves
2 tablespoons butter, softened
1 8oz package cream cheese, softened
3/4 cup blue cheese crumbles
1/2 teaspoon minced garlic
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1/4 teaspoon seasoned salt (optional)
For serving:
fresh mixed berries to place on top
Triscuit Crackers
Summer Cheese Balls with Berries 2.jpg 

Step 1: Finely chop basil to make approximately 1 1/2 tablespoons; set aside.


Step 2: Combine softened butter and cream cheese in bowl of stand mixer fitted with whisk attachment; whip on medium-high speed until fluffy, approximately 30 seconds, scraping sides with spatula if necessary.

Summer Cheese Balls with Berries 6.jpg

Step 3:  Add blue cheese crumbles, minced garlic, pepper, salt, and fresh basil; whip again on medium-high speed until combined, approximately 15-30 seconds, scraping sides with spatula if necessary. Summer Cheese Balls with Berries 8.jpg Step 4:  Scrape mixture into a ball using spatula; wrap with plastic wrap and chill until firm, approximately one hour.

Summer Cheese Balls with Berries 14 rounded corners.jpg

Step 5:  Place ball on serving dish; flatten slightly and create a slight indentation in the middle.  Cover with fresh mixed berries and serve with Triscuits. Summer Cheese Ball Vertical

Summer Cheese Ball with Mixed Berries Vertical

Martha Stewart is challenging consumers to create a delicious snack using a secret seasonal ingredient she selects along with Triscuit crackers. Consumers are encouraged to share photos of their creations at  to be entered for a chance to win a trip to New York City to meet Martha Stewart ( as well as lots of other prizes!) Consumers can learn about the bi-weekly challenges and ingredients at

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What is your favorite summer snack or appetizer?


  1. Amy
    July 10 at 07:12AM

    What a fun challenge! This looks really yummy!

  2. Donna
    July 15 at 11:04PM

    Not a fan of Blue Cheese. What about Feta?

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