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  • Terri April 26,

    Hello, thank you so much for sharing your information. That is very un-selfish of you and it is much appreciated:) I was so excited to get 2 free deodorants today! silly huh? I have a lot more learning to do and am looking forward to it! Thanks again and I pray for blessings to you and your family, Terri

  • cassandra May 5,

    I recently watched one of your videos of one of your shopping trips and you said something I have a question about. You said make sure your coupons are valid you don’t want to be known as a scammer,why would some coupons not be valid. I am just wondering I am new to all of this.

  • Dyann May 20,

    Question! My husband & I have recently been watching the coupon show and we’re just beginning and are in the process of collecting and using coupons. We live in Phoenix, AZ and noticed that most of the people on the show seem to be based in the east and the stores actually double their coupons, even beyond a dollar! Here in Phoenix they will only double UP TO a dollar. We wondered why. Do you know?

    • Ruth May 21,

      DIfferent states have different laws and competition & “the norm” for double coupons just tends to vary from place to place. Here in Florida we don’t have any double coupons, but I still save lots of money each week! Your savings might not be quite as dramatic, but you will still be able to save.

      • Melinda July 20,


        I am so glad I’ve found you, only because you are from Florida. I am from Miami, Floriday, and as you have mentioned, Florida doesn’t double on coupons which sucks. However, I really would like to save a lot on my groceries which I am still learning how to do. I am definitely going to keep this website as my favorite. Hopefully I can learn from you slowly how to coupon with stressing and obsessing about saving money.

  • kayla September 25,

    Hi Ruth,
    I wanted to write you to tell you i am sooo happy i found you! I have watched every video you have and watched your weekly thursday shopping. I am in in florida as well and i always shop at publix cvs and walgreens. I wanted to tell you i just got back from publix i was in there two hours had my binder and was not embrassed to walk around with it, But i wanted to share my good news i paid 33$ for 80$ worth of groceys! I am so happy i have learned so much from you and i wanted to say thanks! cant wait for my next trip!
    Thnaks, kayla

    • Ruth September 26,

      Way to go Kayla! That’s awesome, thank you so much for sharing with me! :-)

  • Angie October 4,

    Love this site!! Just getting started on couponing. We have 3 teenage boys that are eating us out of house and home :)

    Question…if the store has there own coupon can you aslo use a manufacters coupon??


  • becky Brock November 7,

    Hello, i have recently started to try useing coupons, but i just dont get it….seems like im only saving a small amount, but when i watch the Extreme Couponing Show on TLC, their saving a huge amount of money. I just dont know what im doing wrong., Please help!!!!

  • Ann July 23,

    I have followed you for a few months now and never realized how much you could help me save! ow is the time for me to return the favor. I ran upon a company that saves you oodles of money for online shopping (online also keeps you from making impulse purchases). You can save up yo 70%, use your coupons and still be paid commissions for the money spent with the stores (Walma, Target, Macy’s, etc.). It’s kind of like a buying co-op. Please check this out and i hope it can be of use to you and your readers. Everyone have great day!

  • Sharon October 2,

    I am getting older and I am trying to do less so I have more room to move around. and not so much stuff to get rid of. lol

    • Anonymous October 12,

      Thanks so much for sharing your life. Bumps bruises and successes. It is a very encouraging reminder for me and others I am sure of it! I came here for homemade cleaners and found what God had for me to read. Taking a breathe of grace and focusing on things to get off the path I have been on and onto another. The transitional jump has been throwing me off balance,but staying on the path I am on is causing more harm than “comfortable” appears too. I needed those “real” words. Thanks again.


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