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  • Cindy January 15,

    Hi, Ruth.
    I just read Overheard on the Blog in the Allyou Magazine. In regards to your method of saving with coupons, here is some food for thought…
    When you avoid paying extra for newspapers, or get unused subscriptions, it may affect someone else. My husband buys at least 4 newspapers. I can’t tell you how many times that he has come home with them only to discover that the inserts are missing. I doubt if there is such a thing as extra inserts. I’m sure you don’t realize this in you request for more inserts, but they end up coming from someone else’s newspapers.

    • Ruth January 15,

      Hi Cindy-
      I think you may have misunderstood my quote, and now that I re-read it, I can see why it would’ve been unclear.

      I definitely PAY for all my newspapers! I buy at least 6 papers every week because the money I spend buying newspapers is still very small in comparison to what I save using coupons. I too have been frustrated to buy a paper only to come home and have the inserts missing, so I would NEVER do that to anyone else! I now do make sure to check that all of the inserts are in the paper before buying, though!

      As far as saving money on inserts, I know there are some couponers who have managed to work out a deal with their delivery person to get some extra inserts delivered with their paid subscription, and there are other couponers who ask local businesses or neighbors for their unused inserts. I hope that clears things up & thanks for stopping by! :-)

  • Vicki February 15,

    Can anyone tell me in what order to give coupons at Target? For example, should I give store coupons and then mfg coupons? I am new to couponing and need help.

    Thank you,

  • sarina February 26,

    Hi Ruth! The snowball blog totally inspired me to clean out and organize the pantry. Well, that and I had just brought home a ton of groceries (spent $58 for $360 worth) that were never going to fit if I didn’t. I hate to admit it, but the groceries did stay all over the kitchen counters for about a week until I mustered up the energy to tackle the job. I don’t think I would’ve had near as much fun doing it without your example. Everything is now neatly (and very organized) in the pantry. Very exciting!!!! Think I’m going to do the junk cabinet in the kitchen next. Wish I could figure out how to send you a picture (I’m technically challenged); you would be proud. Thank you!

    • Ruth February 28,

      Hi Sarina, that’s awesome! If you figure out how to upload a picture, I would love to see you post it on the LWSL facebook page! :-) Thanks for sharing!

  • Laura March 2,

    Hi Ruth
    I printed out the Sweet Bay $10 off coupon and Publix refused it cause it wasn’t in color? What gives? Seeing your pantry and hearing about your savings has inspired me to try this coupon thing!
    Laura (LA’s sister)

  • Kimberley Coyle May 1,

    This is my website/blog on couponing, frugal living and for WAHM (work at home moms) I just want to say how much I love your site. Especially where all the ladies post their best deals for the week…..that’s how I actually found you (that and on Blogfrog)


  • lena May 3,

    Hey Ruth,
    I am a begginer in couponing and have a quick question.First question,How do you get all of your coupons? Over the last week I have been watching your youtube videos, and have noticed your giant stack of coupons you bring to the store .I get my coupons from the newspaper, and from printable couponing sites, but I can never find many coupons on what I desperatly NEED. Where can I find more.
    Thnx, Lena

    • Ruth May 3,

      I get my coupons from newspaper inserts and by printing them online.

      To be successful at Extreme Couponing you need to change the way you shop–instead of buying what you NEED each week, you are buying as much as possible of the items that are on sale and match up with current coupons, then buying enough to last until they go on sale again. Once you have a stockpile established, the number of things you “need” each week will go down dramatically. I explain it way more in-depth in my Beginner’s Guide to Coupons, which you can find above under coupons 101.

  • Becky Flora May 14,

    Thanks SO much for all the wonderful info. that I am eagerly putting into practice! I have a question regarding the websites for online coupons (,, and…how often do you check them for new coupons? I want to save time by only checking these sites when I have to. Seems like I’ve spent unnecessary time searching all possible printables sites. Thanks!

  • isabel May 17,

    ##total together=$54.53##

    3 broccoli crowns,5 lbs beef ribs, 4 lbs beef sirloin,5lbs chicken breast,2 jars pickles,1bag string cheese, 1 pk frozen veggies,2 pks of turkey.
    2 juice,1 body lotion,4 bx cereal,4 12pks of pepsi
    Is this a good deal for my first trip???

  • Bethany May 26,

    I had a question on BOGO Q mostly at Target. If I have a BOGO MQ can I use that along with another MQ say for a $1 off since I am getting 2 items? Thanks

  • Rosie May 26,

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody knows of the couponing rules in southern california? I just started couponing after watching the extreme coupon show, I figured that is what I need to do! I have 5 kids, a family of 7 recently out of work husband and tight wallets so its no time like the present to start. There arent many stores in my area that double coupons or take other stores coupons except for vons they double only up to a dollar though so I havet really been able to do the couponing i want although I have found some deals at target were i have been able to start a little stock of make-up and femine products but as far as food and essentials we can use no luck! If anybody can throw me a bone i would appreciate it so much. Also what are they best coupon printing sites?

    • Pat May 28,

      Hi, I know what you mean about no stores that double coupons and not having many different coupons. I don’t know how to get around this problem. Also, does anyone know the website that matches the local ads with the coupons? I really need to get into this and need to find a solution to being in a community that doesn’t double and doesn’t have rewards cards. Thanks for any help.

      • Laura June 8,

        There are lots of match up websites, just google (or swagbucks) “coupon matchups *** (store name) here are a few I use;, and You can buy coupons from ebay and other coupon clippers (paying for clipping service not actually the coupon) and find coupons that don’t come out in your area and use to print coupons.

  • Barbara June 1,

    I was wondering is there anyway to get coupons for bananas, I eat alot of them and would love to get coupons for them.

    • Laura June 8,

      Fruit is a rare coupon, but recently Drisscol (visit website) is offering $.50 off their fruit, I used mine for strawberries (.50q off $1.00=.$50 for 16oz. strawberries @ Kroger) and Dole is offering $1.25 off 2 pineapples at ($2.00 for two-$1.25q=$.75 for two pineapples at Kroger). I hit the page back to print two coupons for each of these. I would try manufactures websites. Also, some Kelloges cereal boxes are carrying “peelies” for $1.00 off fruit with the purchase of the cereal.

      • Heather October 27,

        Alot of tmes you can request or comment at a companies site and they may send you coupons. I love chiqueta bananas and I told them why I loved it and they sent me coupons. Alot of places will do that if you complain or compliment. Yes I said it even if you compliment they may send you some really nice coupons or even surprises in the mail.

  • Ashley June 9,

    I hope you can answers my questions in less than 4 weeks becuase i cant seem to get any help. I live in southern california and my grocery stores dont double coupons so i can get the ulimate savings. I know people use a company to order bulk amounts of certain coupons that will be found, cut and sent to them by mail or internet. Where are those websites? Also, when i find a website that you can print free coupons from, it will never allow me to print them. Im having the hardest time. Will someone please help me. Thank you

  • Ashley June 12,

    I dont understand how people can get diapers or laundry detergent for little to no cost. How do you do it?

    • Vanessa September 20,

      Most stores in S. CA do not double coupons. My best finds are at CVS and Walgreens when they have items on sale and I use a coupon. Both stores give you Extrabucks or Register Rewards to use toward your next purchase. These help out a lot!!

      This weeks examples at CVS:
      Duracell batteries 2/$5 I used an existing MQ for $1 off and another for .75. For two packs of batteries, I spent $3.25 plus tax
      I had $4 in extrabucks and their Earth Essentials toilet paper is $5.49. I spent $1.49 on a 12pack of toilet paper.
      A&H cat litter is on sale for $5.99 and I used $5 extrabucks, my cat litter cost me .99 plus tax.

      Tuf papertowels 2/$1 I used a $1 register rewards which made these free.
      Tom’s of Maine toothpaste and deodorant was $3.99 (get $2 register rewards for next purchase) and I used a coupon for -$1 (for each product) so in total this item cost me $2.99 out of pocket but I have that $2 RR which theoretically made it .99

      I may not be getting much for free but I saved about 80% which is good in my book.

  • Kristen June 13,

    I am still having trouble understanding how to get the best deal using the BOGO coupons. If I had two BOGO coupons, do I use both coupons to purchase three items (or four?)? How many do I end up getting free?

    What about “buy two, get one” (BTGO) free coupons? I have two BTGO coupons for air freshener. I’m not sure how to use these to get the best bang for my buck. I think I need another explanation to understand the BOGO or BTGO free usage of coupons. I’d appreciate it!

    Thank you! ~ Kristen

  • Mary Ledford June 15,

    Hi Ruth, I have a question. I went to CVS Sunday. I noticed a sale tag on the razor blades, 2/.12
    (that’s twelve cents!) There were 6 on the shelf. I brought them to the cashier and told her about the sign. I wasn’t really sure what to do, but I asked the cashier if I could get them for .12 like the sign advertised. (I even took a photo of the sale tag) The girl had to ask her supervisor who said she could not authorize that. She took my name and number and said the store manager would call me the next day. (which he did not do) I called the following day and talked to the manager who was very rude! He said that “he wouldn’t ‘take’ merchandise from a store like this, but he supposes he could give me two of the razors at that price”. Should I let this go? I know it was a misprint, but it sure would be a great deal! Mary Ledford

  • Jackie June 23,


    SOooo I am very new to couponing (meaning, I have not even tried once at the grocery store yet). I feel like i have so many questions in my mind that should be the simplest thing and i do not even know where to get answers. My first question is, I keep reading about these coupons that stores will double the value. How do you know which coupon doubles and if the store you shop at doubles the coupon? (i have a shaws and stop & shop in the town i live) 2nd question, i guess i am becoming concerned with the expiration dates on the coupons. Is that a big NO NO, to let a coupon expire if your not seeing a sale to go with the coupon? Some advice would be greatly appreciated

  • Jackie June 24,

    Its me again and i am reading more and came up with another question. How do you know if a store has the option to save coupons to your rewards card online so when you go to the counter, some of the coupons are on your card after they scan it?

    i know that i will get this eventually…haha

    Thank you

  • sheryl July 9,

    Hello Ruth,
    I am just getting started and I ran into a problem at Walgreens. I bought two rolls of Cottonelle toliet tissue. They were on sale for $5. I used a register reward for $5 and a manufacture coupon for $.50. I was supposed to receive a $3.50 register reward and did not. When I questioned the cashier. She explained that if I used a register reward that I could recieve one in return. The register reward was from a gillette fusion razor from another day’s purchase. Can you explain this further. I understood you can use them as long as they were not the same product.

  • Jacqueline Saunders September 20,

    If i live in Maryland can you use a coupon from a North Carolina.

  • shatima f September 24,

    Hey world of coupons………….. Im a stay at home mother of 5 living in NYC, husband works, and and its so hard.. often times i cant serve snack for the kids becuase we just dont have enough food to go around, i spend nearly 180 or more in the stores weekly, and its killing our savings… i need help and guidance in helping my family save more now than ever before…..


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