Homeschool Resources

Here is a list of the homeschool resources we are currently using or have used (and liked) in the past:

Intro to Homeschool

100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculumvery comprehensive review of a huge variety of homeschool curriculums.

So You’re Thinking about HomeschoolingEasy-to-read “case studies” of different homeschooling families.

Homeschooling for the Rest of UsLOVE this book!

The Well Trained MindI really like the philosophy behind Classical education even if the practical application wasn’t a good fit for us.

Curriculum {1st Grade/Preschool}

The Prairie PrimerThis unit study curriculum based on all of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House books is supposedly intended for grades 3-6, but can work for older or younger students as well.  It is awesome!  We are taking our time–each “day” of curriculum takes us weeks to get through–and enjoying every minute!  At this rate we will be doing it for the next 3 years!

Math-U-Seeafter struggling through Singapore Math for several months we finally switched to Math-U-See and couldn’t be happier.  The girls LOVE doing math and actually beg to start with math each day.  The low-tech videos help me see what I am supposed to be teaching too!

Handwriting Without Tears

Spelling Workout

First Animal Encyclopedia

Kingfisher History Encyclopedia

Timechart History of the World

Leap Frog Learning DVD SetWe try to limit screen time as much as possible, and for the most part Trouble simply tags along with whatever happen to be doing, but this DVD set has been a great resource for when I need to distract her for a few minutes so that I can do some one-on-one work with Princess. She has mastered all of her letters and phonics and is already spelling words on her own.

Reading List

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  • Sarah April 23,

    I am loving your blog, and was excited to see you homeschool too. You should check out Classical Conversations. We’ve done it for 4 years and it makes the practical application so easy. My three girls love it and we have so much fun together learning more than we ever have before.

    • Christina May 9,

      I am so glad to see this comment. I was going to say the same thing. I really struggled with the how of Classical education, even though I devoured “The Well-Trained Mind”. We joined a CC group this year and it has saved my home school. My kiddos love it and it is really doable for me, even with my crazy family of six kids eight and under. Leigh Bortins’ book “The Core” was also helpful in that ‘how’ aspect. We also Love MUS.

  • Laura May 2,

    I just found your blog this morning through an article on Pinterest. I am loving everything I’ve read! I too was so excited to see that you also homeschool. We are new to homeschooling, working on simplifying, and I love your ideas. Looking forward to reading more.

  • Linda May 21,

    Just so you know…. Math-U-See has adopted the “Common Core” curriculum that many people are pulling their kids out of public school for in the first place. The video I linked actually SHOWS what they include in Common Core Curriculum….at least the English part of it. I haven’t seen a math version yet. Either way….definitely not ever buying from anyone who uses the common core curriculum in their education.

    • Colleen June 30,

      I didn’t view the video, but I checked out the Math U See website. It appears to me that they haven’t changed their curriculum. They’re just showing you where the CC standards show up in their materials. So those who think CC is a good thing will be pleased to know that Math U See will work for them. That’s my take on it.

    • JulieK July 6,

      I’m curious why the Common Core being highlighted in a curriculum would be a bad thing? I actually want to show my alignment once we get started, b/c I fear my state will clamp down on homeschoolers, and I want “proof” that I am meeting (AND SURPASSING) their standards. So, while I think the Common Core might leave much to be desired, I definitely would appreciate a curriculum showing their alignment so I don’t have to do that busywork myself and can spend my time more usefully… but maybe you have some other insights??

    • Diana July 7,

      Linda, thanks for mentioning adaptation of common core. I will steer clear. You are right that people are pulling their kids to avoid common core, it’s the exact reason I’m homeschooling next year. I will keep looking.

  • Ada June 3,

    LOVE your site! I found myself here from Pintrest! We are homeschooling too. We are currently doing MFW, finishing up K and starting 1st this fall. I love the idea of the Prairie Primer– we may have to look into that sometime! We Love the LHOP series at our house from reading the books to the shows. We even have a few dress up items :) I answer to Ma as much as anything else around here! I cant wait for some time to explore!

  • Jennifer June 10,

    The Heart of Dakota is a GREAT curriculum, too. You can easily teach your kids in groups instead of individually. (Which, saves time, money, and makes it more enjoyable for them.) I’ve used several curriculums and this one has been loved by all of us more- by far.

    • Ruth Soukup June 12,

      I’ve heard a lot of great things about Heart of Dakota! It is one of the curriculums I would like to check out this coming year!

  • Laylee Muslovski July 22,

    I’m a grandmother who is thinking of home schooling my six year-old grandson. He lives with us. He went to public kindergarten last year and frankly I am distressed at the level of learning he has accomplished. Any other grandparents out there doing homeschool?

  • Lily July 29,

    Hi Ruth

    I have a 3 years old and I am looking for good homeschooling Curriculum for him. Can you please give me your ideas? thanks/Lily

    • Molly August 2,

      I am in the same situation and would also love any advice on curriculum. I’m not planning to do a ton this year, as he’s only 3 and I want to keep it fun! Thanks! Molly

      • Robin August 7,

        Ladies, at that age you don’t really need a curriculum. As a former public school teacher (kindergarten!) turned homeschool mom, so much of their learning will take place in the home and in the world with you. You might consider checking your state’s content standards for some guidelines then use your imagination (and Pinterest, hee hee) to make some fun learning activities. Some great, kid-friendly websites are and as well as abcmouse.

        Some skills I want my just-turned- four-year-old to master are cutting, early handwriting, letter names and sounds, counting higher and skip counting. Also, it sounds crazy but work with little ones on how to care for books, particularly pop-up books. I used to see students get so frustrated when they messed up a pop-up book. Buttoning, fastening, snapping and zipping are all helpful skills. There are lots of fun stuffed animals that help with that. Pulling stickers off the page is a fine motor skill that needs to be taught and it’s so cute to watch them try. =) Puzzles are so beneficial as are blocks. Building with all kinds of blocks is a precursor to math skills (spatial skills). Teaching kids to use gluesticks and liquid glue will help as well. I can’t tell you how many years I spent the first few weeks of school teaching all the above things b/c no one taught it at home. You could also make a weather chart at home to teach how to use tally marks. My then-three-year-old loooooved tallying the day’s weather.

        A caveat: Boys little nerve endings get coated with myelin later than girls do, usually around 6 or even 7. So that’s why boys need more time practicing fine motor skills and why they can be more frustrated coloring or trying other similar tasks. A well-meaning pal of mine was so frustrated b/c her four-year-old hated writing. His preschool was using the A Beka curriculum and really stressed handwriting. After she finally let up a little and didn’t stress so much about it things calmed down. He still doesn’t love writing or coloring but it’s not the cry-fest it used to be. In my classroom I had wacky little bowls of white beans with some brightly spray painted beans mixed in. I made a numbered, boxed page for each kid in that center. Each kid got some tweezers and “raced” to see how many bright beans they could pick up and put in the boxes in one minute. Some kids hated it but most loved it. It was a fun way to work on fine motor skills in just a little bit of time.

        You can also drill small-to-large holes in the top of a small plastic milk bottle, then give your son a baggie of small pompoms. Let him go around the house and find “tools” that will help him fit the pompoms into the holes. It took my daughter several days to discover that a sharpened pencil worked great. She still asks about that activity but, alas, our pompoms are long gone since her baby sister puts everything in her mouth!

        Sorry I went off on a tangent there! I’m very passionate about early learning! That was a very stream of consciousness paragraph so I hope it made sense. I hope you loving mamas have fun with your little ones!

  • Aimee August 6,

    Hello. We are newbies at homeschooling too. On our 2nd year. Mixed curriculum for now. We are constantly learning :) Nice to find your site!

  • Sue August 6,

    Are there any High School curriculums that you would recommend? This will be our first year!! Excited for this journey!

    • Anonymous August 24,

      My fathers world is excellent and comprehensive! Highly reccomend!

  • olivia Langley September 5,

    I just wanted to let everyone know there is a great ministry in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. If you are a family who cannot afford homeschool materials, you simply write a hand written letter to The Book Samaritan. You tell them a little about yourself and a detailed list of materials you need and they will send it to you for free when they have it available. It is an awesome ministry… you can find them online if you Google the name.

    • Rebecca Fox August 6,

      what a blessing, thank you for sharing!

  • Rebecca Fox August 6,

    What a blessing and a wonderful ministry. God bless you!


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