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  • Taralee Richardson March 11,

    I have a 15 year old daughter (9th grade). I have just pulled her out of public school to home school because she is struggling with a seizure disorder which has subsequently brought on severe depression and anxiety. I am in need of some good homeschool resourses for her. Something small to start out with. Do you have any suggestions.

    • Katie March 12,

      So sorry to hear that. I just subscribed to and was viewing this blog/website and saw your post.
      Google Easy Peasy or go to It is absolutely amazing, and a life saver, beautifully organized one hundred percent FREE homeschool curriculum for all grades!
      Good Luck!

  • JWB June 2,

    Listen, homeschoolers: FREE does not mean better or best or even good. Do not base your choices on FREEBIES. Go first for learning goals and objectives. What do you REALLY hope to accomplish in body, mind and spirit for your children? THEN move on to select materials and even technology platforms that are appropriate for meeting those goals and objectives.

    I have a HUGE problem with everyone thinking they can simply homeschool kids, as if everyone’s an educator, as if everyone has an MA in educational theory and methodology and classroom practice in content areas. So, at least be sensible about not buying into something simply because it’s “FREE.”

    We ALL have to invest in education. I pay taxes, as a retired professor with background in psychology, English and education. I am proud to pay taxes and especially believe in paying taxes for education, public education to be frank. Education requires a full commitment from the entire society. What we need is a national model (cf. France, Great Britain). The “states rights model” that emerged from the Civil War ad even earlier, era, is simply not applicable or sane for 21st century education.

  • Shy'rell July 12,

    I agree with what Katie said. is wonderful! It being free is just a great bonus! I’m willing to pay what I need to help educate my daughters, but that site has been an amazing tool in guiding me in the right direction.


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