How to Blog for Profit

How to Blog For Profit 2nd Edition

Do you want to earn an income doing what you love?

Whether you have been blogging for years or just a few weeks, Ruth’s bestselling book, How to Blog For Profit (Without Selling Your Soul)offers solid advice and practical action plans for writing amazing content that gets noticed and shared, creating compelling images, growing blog traffic, maximizing revenue, and turning your blog into a profitable business.

It is an invaluable tool for experienced and novice bloggers alike, explaining not only what it takes to create an authentic, successful, and profitable blog, but how to get there as well.  Better yet, it has now been updated with even more valuable information–25% more content–and this expanded 2nd edition is available in both a Kindle and Paperback version!

What others are saying:

Ruth’s ebook is hands down the best blogging ebook I’ve ever read. I cannot recommend it highly enough and will be telling every new and seasoned blogger I know to get a copy!   This ebook is comprehensive, but not overwhelming, and packed with amazing information. And I don’t say that lightly.  You see, by implementing the Pinterest strategies that Ruth suggests in her ebook, I have increased my site traffic by over 500,000 unique visitors per month. For real. Ruth is brilliant! What more can I say?!
-Crystal Paine, Money Saving Mom
I’m a veteran blogger, headed into my 6th year of writing to a smart and engaged community on a variety of lifestyle topics.  I didn’t get to Chapter 2 before I was so compelled by her invaluable advice that I stopped reading and started implementing her smart and savvy tips on my site.  Four hours and a much better navigation bar later, I started reading more and found no less than fifty things that I could be doing better to make my site more reader friendly.  This is probably the 10th blogging ebook I’ve read, but  by the far the best.  She is brilliant and generous and you will be amazed at the pearls of wisdom in this little volume.  I love her style, which  is the perfect blend of the philosophical and the practical and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve referred back to her advice for my own blog.   It’s been a month since I employed many of her techniques and my traffic and income are up 25%.  I’m so glad she took the time to write this.  It’s a gift to the blogging community.
-Edie Wadsworth, Life {in} Grace
I’ve known Ruth for years.  She is one of the authorities on blogging.  Four months ago, I caught up with her at BlogHer and she gave me a small piece of advice that transformed one of my blogs.  That blog went from 30,000 unique visitors into 300,000 in a matter of months.  If there was one book that I would spend money to buy, this is it.  From the basics of blogging to in depth marketing and income generation, Ruth really knows what she is talking about.  You don’t have to wonder if she really practices what she preaches, she shows you her real numbers.  Buy this book, it will change the way you look at blogging.  
-Nathan Engels, Wanna Bite & We Use Coupons

HTBFP-PaperbackSo Much to Do, So Little Time

Between the writing and the graphics, site management and design, maintaing social media presence, handling marketing, advertising, and affiliate links, the reality of creating and growing a successful blog can seem overwhelming.  How is one person supposed to do it all?  What should be done first?  Is there a more efficient way to work?

Step by Step

How to Blog For Profit is like having a best friend or big sister guide you through the blogging process.  With wit,wisdom, and the insight of someone who has been there, Ruth shares how she grew her blog, Living Well Spending Less, to over 1 million unique visitors per month, earns a full time income, and still is able to write about the things she truly cares about.

Change the Way You Blog:

  • Empower yourself to stop comparing your blog to those around you
  • Learn exactly what makes awesome content and how to create it
  • Discover the critical importance of compelling presentation
  • Increase your blog traffic through a number of proven techniques
  • Develop a solid Pinterest strategy for capturing viral growth
  • Boost your revenue through diversified income streams
  • Improve your productivity, learning to work smarter not harder
  • Gain access to a free printable blog planner to help you organize and implement your new strategy

How to Blog For Profit is an essential resource for any blogger who is serious about building a platform or earning a living from their website.  Don’t wait.  Get it now & start implementing your new strategy today.

More Praise for How to Blog for Profit:

I truly loved reading this book!! I will admit, when I first heard the title, there was part of me that was tempted to think that there wasn’t “anything new under the sun.” But, I was wrong. Ruth’s fantastic writing grabbed me from the start with the encouragement that each of us has AWESOME in us somewhere…and growing a great blog means finding YOUR awesome. I just can’t tell you how much I love that. :) The rest of the book goes on to give motivation, inspiration, practical ideas and action points at the end of each chapter. She includes her thoughts and ideas on writing good content, SEO, Pinterest, ads, reviews, and so much more. I also love that we get a “behind the scenes” look at a big blogger’s blog & how-she-does-it type material. And, don’t worry, at the end of the book she assures you that no one can do it all. :) She shares ideas for goal-setting and time management. As one who has been blogging for 6-7 years, but only recently started trying to grow my blog and make a small, part-time income from it, I found this book very helpful!!”

-Candace @ His Mercy is New

I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a ‘blogging for profit’ book junkie. I’ve read LOTS of them! However, most of them it’s just the same thing over and over. When I first heard about this book my first thought was ‘should I bother? There’s never anything new anymore’. I was so wrong – Ruth’s writing style is so nicely organized, and easy to read, as if you were sitting there chatting with an old friend. Her book goes into amazing-yet-easy-to-understand details on a ton of methods for making money blogging – but that’s after about half the book giving you advice and steps on actually GETTING to the point where you could make money, by growing your blog and being YOUR type of awesome.

When I started this book, I honestly was considering what the heck I was doing with my blog. It wasn’t fun anymore! Ruth really helps you rethink your direction, and motivates you to find what you really enjoy doing, which will make you do that better than just ‘whatever’. She also has a great ‘Action Plan’ at the conclusion of every chapter that really help you stay organized and break things down. Her down-to-earth talk and honesty really brings her message across, and helps the reader feel that making money with your blog is completely do-able. She also points out that nobody can do everything, offers helpful organization and time management tips, including free printables, and just gives you that ‘push’ you need to take your blog to the next level.

No blogging for profit book has made the difference to me and my blog like this one. If you only read ONE of these subject books – LET IT BE THIS BOOK!!! After finishing the book, my blog is totally getting revamped, I have the excitement for it again, and now my whole direction has changed to not only help me become more profitable, but also for me to get back to ENJOYING what I do, which is really the best part!

-Danielle @ Busy Moms Helper

This book is an excellent resource for bloggers, especially bloggers relatively new to blogging (i.e. have been blogging for 2 months to a year or so) and that are looking to take their blog to the next level. Ruth gives you clear advice on how to build a solid foundation for your blog, and she does an amazing job of emphasizing the importance of that foundation and it’s role in helping you make a profit down the road. For Ruth, it’s more about lasting upward momentum than getting rich quick. And I love that! Additionally, Ruth’s advice is valuable even if you are not looking to monetize your blog, since many of the same qualities that make a profitable blog are also ones that grow your readership generally. It quickly becomes apparent that Ruth is all about quality, honesty, action, and organization. I feel like I have a much clearer picture of what kinds of items need to be on my blogging to-do list, and after reading I felt empowered to actually get myself in gear and cross those items off my list.

If you’re 100% brand new to blogging, note that this book will not explain blogging basics in detail (i.e. there are no chapters on how to get started–that’s not what the book was created for). That said, it is a book I would recommend to brand new bloggers nonetheless as it will help set you up for success. And besides, you can always Google “what is a blog” later 😉

If you’re a blogger serious about growing–as a writer, marketer, and person–there is no reason not to purchase this book. Seriously.

-Gabby @ Essentially Eclectic

Have you ever started a book that you just couldn’t put down? Ruth Soukup’s How to Blog for Profit is not only unforgettable, but undeniably one of the most practical and comprehensive books on blogging that is on the market! Ruth writes with contagious passion stemming from her years of wisdom in the blogging world, yet doesn’t leave young “small bloggers” like me in the dust. This book gives practical, doable steps to pursue your blogging dreams that might seem out of reach (right now), but that Ruth encourages can be made possible with dedication and hard work. The world of blogging is vast, but with concrete advice and “plan of action” steps at the end of each chapter, Ruth makes blogging (and earning an income to support your family through your blog) purposeful and possible.

I HIGHLY recommend this book to EVERY blogger out there– whether you just signed up for your blogger account today, or have been dabbling in writing your blog for years now, this book is absolutely necessary if you want to take your blog to the next level! Thank you Ruth for your encouragement, wisdom, and for writing this invaluable resource!

–Katie @ A Worker at Home

Do you want to monetize your blog? Do you feel like you need better organization techniques for handling all of the tasks of blogging? Do you just want to have a better handle on how blogging for profit actually works? Ruth delivers all the answers to those questions with a loving, honest big-sister voice. She doesn’t hold anything back. She shares all of her successes (and her embarrassments) so you can take your blog to a whole new level. Ruth’s ebook is a wonderful resource for future, current and established bloggers to maximize their strengths and improve on their weaknesses. She lovingly encourages while giving you the neccessary tools needed to tackle some of the most perplexing problems in the blogosphere.

-Kathy @ Mothering From Scratch

As a newer blogger, I have been wanting a conversation – a seasoned blogger to talk to me about the most popular ways to monetize my blog, the pros and cons of each of them, and give me realistic tips and goals to reach my future goal. Ruth did all of this. She has such a fantastic writing style that you feel like you are sitting down with her over a cup of coffee. The material is easy to navigate, covering the importance of good content before anything else, Pinterest, media kits, reviews, ads, and a whole lot more. Ruth is incredibly level-headed in her approach to monetizing her blog and truly believes and promotes that a blog full of good ideas, content and writing must come first. My favorite part is that every chapter ends with a “plan of action” which is great if you are truly looking to improve your blog. I can’t wait to put her tips and ideas into action and watch my blog grow!

-Maggie @ The Love Nerds

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  • Karen @ Cycle Sprog October 13,

    Hi Ruth, I bought your book yesterday (from the UK) and spent all last night reading it. I’ve been writing my blog for 18 months now, and it was so encouraging to read your advice. I’ve taken the view that I need to work incredibly hard at building a quality website and organically build up my following before I can make any income. Your book has given me renewed confidence that I CAN make it a success if I continue down this road.
    The chapter on how you organise your blog posts is one of the most useful I’ve come across since starting out on this adventure . I’m off to print off your planners and sign up from Pinterest! Thank you so much for sharing your expertise.

    • Ruth Soukup October 14,

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Karen. Best of luck with your blog! :)

  • Christina October 17,

    Thanks for this Ruth! I am planning on picking it up for my iPad. I have a quick question. Does it cover how to blog for other blogs? I’ve been a blogger for six years for other websites, but have trouble keeping up with my own blog!

    • Ruth Soukup October 21,

      The book doesn’t specifically cover contributor blogs, but I think each concept really relates to any sort of blogging!

  • Rebecca October 30,

    I read your book and really enjoyed it. You answered so many questions. I love that you tell how you actually do things on your own blog. So many books like this lay out all the options, but don’t really explain what the author uses and why. I also LOVED the part about making money without being a “used car salesman.” That was one of my biggest concerns.
    I do have one question though. If I already have a personal account on Pinterest, should I just change my name to match my blog or start a new account to go with my blog? I have a few things on my current Pinterest boards that don’t really fit with what my blog is about, but they’re useful to me personally. On the other hand, I have a few hundred followers so I’m not sure about starting over.

    • Ruth Soukup October 31,

      I wouldn’t start a new Pinterest account just for your blog. You can either change the name to be your blog name, or have your real name with your blog name in {brackets} after it so readers know you are the author of that blog. I have a lot of Pinterest boards that might not fit with my blog, but I think that just goes to show readers that you do have other interests!

  • Crystal Green November 5,

    I am totally utterly in love with this book! I haven’t finished it YET, but I definitely will be by Thursday because I’m going to be talking about it on my blog on Thursday FOR SURE! I got it for .99 thanks to BookBlurb featuring it. I am totally glad I spent that bit of money. It’s a refreshing blogging book.

  • Ali Micek November 8,

    I am dying to get my hands on your book but I don’t have a kindle. Is there another way I can purchase it?

  • Becky Maag November 27,

    Hi Ruth – I love your book! I wouldn’t have had any clue about how to start this process without it. I was going to start my blog through Wordpress but when I sign up, it says that it doesn’t allow advertising. I see that your site is through Wordpress and includes ads. I want to eventually implement some of the advertising options you discuss in the book. How can I do that through Wordpress?

  • Alissa Perez December 1,

    Hi Ruth. I met you at the recent Platform conference in Dallas, Texas. I purchased your book and was encouraged to actually start my blog. I am at the very beginning of my blogging journey and have been encouraged by your information. I recognize that it will be important to have awesome content and photos with my blog posts. Now I do plan to hone my photography and editing skills soon. However, if I want to use someone else’s photo is there a proper way to do so? I know it is courtesy to recognize the photographer, but if you could provide some feedback for me I would appreciate it. Or if you have a website that you have used, or know of, I would appreciate it. Thank you so very much. Love your site and looking forward to the journey! Thank you. Alissa Perez

    • Ruth Soukup December 4,

      If you are using a photo that just needs the source credited, then you can add a “source: web link” right underneath the photo. If you are buying a stock photo, they usually do not need any credit back, which is primarily what I use when I don’t have a good photo myself!

  • Sandi December 5,

    Hi Ruth,

    I am interested in buying your book and I see that it’s only available in the kindle edition and that I can get the reader for free. Once I have it on there, would I be able to print it out?


  • Kim December 7,

    Hi Ruth, I’m also very interested in buying your book, but don’t have a kindle. Is it available to read on a pc as well? Thank you!

  • Kim December 7,

    Sorry, I see you already answered the question about reading the book on a pc. You can ignore my last question. Thanks for your great blog!

  • Bonnie January 2,

    I just ordered my copy on Amazon – can’t wait to read it!

  • Elliot Forbes January 13,

    I honestly believe it’s all about the conviction of your actions that determines your success as a blogger and that you are blogging for all the right reasons rather than to just make a quick buck selling advertisement space on your new blog that has got an incredible array of 2 posts on a topic.

  • Connie Sutton January 14,

    Thanks so much for publishing this book! I’m a baby in the world of blogging (just shy of one year old) and I found the information invaluable! I am inspired!

  • Tonia Wall January 22,

    Can I buy your eBook, though it says Kindle Edition, and be able to view it by other means? I don’t have a Kindle, but do have a laptop and iPad. Thanks!

  • Jillene@inkhappi January 23,

    Hi Ruth! I can’t believe I just discovered your blog! It was through this pin. :) I am now a follower on all your social media, email, and a proud owner of this e-book! When reading parts of the preview it resonated with me and I feel a lot like you did. I love blogging and I’d love to make more money doing it. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to this book and visiting again!

  • Cindi Dziura February 18,

    I love you site, especially the Jesus lovin’ part!
    I look forward to reading your updates!

    Thank you,

  • Chelsea March 6,

    I am in the very beginning stages of starting a blog, I don’t even have a website yet. However, I did purchase this book and am already loving the great information in it. I am focusing on what exactly I want to blog about and creating “Awesome content.” I have only one question so far and that is, what are your thoughts about using your full name for a blog? I wanted my blog name to be a play on my last name but at the same time if and when I write about my family and children, I want some privacy. I understand the importance of being honest with my readers but how much information is too much information?

  • Laurie May 27,

    Hi Ruth!

    LOVE your book! I ordered it when it first came out. Super valuable information!

    I could have sworn I saw you say there was a second edition now available with new content, and you gave directions on how to download it, however, I can’t seem to find that post. Could you kindly point me to the post or let me know how to get the latest version?

    Thank you!!!

  • Heather June 5,

    I’m one of the last people one earth without a Kindle or e-Reader. I prefer old-fashioned books, I guess. 😉 Any chance this is in print yet? I would love to read it, but won’t be getting an e-Reader anytime soon. Thank you! – Heather, Life of a Traveling Navy Wife

    • Ruth Soukup June 6,

      You can download the free Kindle reading app for any computer, tablet, or smart phone. However, the second edition of the book will be coming out in a paperback version next month! :-)

  • Judy Detty June 22,

    Yeah for paperback

  • Claire June 26,

    Hi! Is your book available to buy anywhere else? I refuse to shop on amazon but I would love to epread this and support you as a fellow blogger and as an author.

    • Ruth Soukup June 26,

      No I’m sorry. It’s only available on Amazon but we will have a hard copy out soon!

  • money making apps 2012 July 24,

    I’m no longer certain the place you’re getting your information, however good topic.

    I needs to spend some time studying more or working out more.
    Thanks for wonderful info I used to be searching for this info for my mission.

  • Maggie July 28,

    Hi Ruth,
    I just finished reading your book and I want to write you a thank you note! I only have been blogging for one year and I just started to take blogging seriously few months ago. Lately I felt so overwhelmed and could never finish what I wanted to do. I also had some major blogging burnouts.
    Your book provides a lot of useful tips and it helped me to build up confidence. I especially LOVE LOVE LOVE your blogging planner in the last chapter of the book. I built an e-version in my laptop and already started to schedule my post now. I also laid out my monthly and weekly plan, finished the monthly stats etc… I never felt my action plan and goals are so clear than ever before. I just started this, but I already can see its impact on me.I will keep trying to create better content and put what I learnt from your book into action. I believe I can blogging towards my goal in the long term.
    By the way, I also read the book Eat That Frog before, but I never put it into action until now. I’m reading the book again today, and all the tips from that book makes better sense to me now. Thanks again to sum up all the tips and share your wisdom. I will definitely recommend this book to every blogger. Have a great week!

    • Ruth Soukup July 29,

      I’m so glad it has been helpful for you!

  • Sena August 5,

    Hi Ruth,
    Just wanted to say that your reputation has already reached Turkey and I have ordered your book on Amazon. As soon as I get it, I will share my feedback with you. I am definetely sure that it will add great value to my parenting blog, . Thanks in advance!

    • Ruth Soukup August 6,

      Wow, Turkey huh? That’s pretty cool! Thanks so much for letting me know, and I hope you love the book!

  • November 30,

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    if you have not done so before. It’s best if it includes
    numerous trainers, including those who make money using the techniques they teach.
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    percentage of the sale, and they ship the item.

  • Becky November 30,


    If I bought the first edition, does it automatically update to the 2nd edition on the Kindle?


    • Ruth Soukup December 2,

      You have to contact Amazon. :)

  • Brandi February 17,

    Hi Ruth! I’m a subscriber and avid follower. I wanted to tell you that I finally got a chance to buy your book last week, and I just want to say THANK YOU for putting in the time and effort to write it! It has been so helpful. I hope I don’t bore you with information, but I just wanted to give a brief background as to why this book was so important to me.

    I am currently a PhD student (biotechnology, in case you’re wondering). I also have a 2-year-old Little Buddy and a wonderful Lumberjack husband. When I started back to school once Little Buddy was about 1, it was a really difficult transition for me. In fact, it’s still really hard a lot of days. Lots of times, I long to be a SAHM, but the one thing holding me back from that life is the one thing that usually holds us all back- finances.

    Because it can be so daunting trying to juggle it all, and because some days I really want nothing more than to quit my program and come home, I started searching for answers. How could I manage to be a SAHM and have enough income to help out our little family? Or, if I couldn’t come home, what could I do to help my husband’s hard-earned dollar stretch further? That’s how I first found you on Pinterest, as well as other awesome mommy bloggers like Sarah Mueller. I started to feel connected to this world of blogging, but I have been so hesitant. Putting myself out there seemed so ridiculous. What do I have to offer, anyway? I’m just a boring Southern girl who likes her tea sweet and her coffee not-so-sweet. Who wants to hear about that?

    But then I finally was able to purchase your book! And you know what I have learned, above everything else? Everyone has something to offer. So, I’ll keep drinking my sweet tea, and hopefully one day soon, I will take the plunge.

    Thank you for putting your heart out there for us to see.

  • Lindsay April 9,

    Hi Ruth
    I have just started reading your book (fab so far) and Ive realized my blog is out-of-date and I still use it to showcase things that I do instead of writing for my readers. My first step is to go back and optimize some of my lost and buried content and implement pillars.

    My question is though – should I go through old posts and only keep those relevent to my “newer clearer” goal (ex. Updates and other ramblings?). In other words, should I delete it or archive it?
    Thanks for your support


  • Trisha @ The Ham & Cheese Of It April 25,

    I wanted to thank you for publishing your book. I am a new blogger (1 month down and many more to go) and I have started instilling your tips and tricks into my blog. I am currently having a designer remodel my layout, I took a blogging photography class this weekend and started really focusing on my content. Because of your tips I have shot from an average of 50 reads a day to 200+. I know that doesn’t seem like a whole lot in comparison to your Super Blog but to me that was AWESOME. It was so wonderful to see all that hard work slowly starting to pay off. I did what you said about incentives and have created and posted my very first printable for people to have once they subscribe to my email updates. Thanks for all of your help!

  • Kim C. June 8,

    Thanks so much for your awesome book How to Blog For Profit Without Selling Your Soul. I just finished reading it cover to cover. Now I am going back through it chapter by chapter and taking notes in preparation for starting my blog. I do have one question. I’ve searched online and read several forums on the difference between .com and .org (wordpress) and I’m still confused about which one to use. According to your book, ch. 1 pg. 11, you recommend using .org in order to have the freedom to monetize the way you want. In the 3rd paragraph, however, you state that when coming up with your domain name, it should be a .com that matches the site name whenever possible. Is the domain different than the blog? This blog is, so I was confused. Thank you for your help, I have learned so much from you!

  • Whitney Holland June 23,

    Hi Ruth,

    I think this is the first time I’ve ever felt the need to comment on a blog before but I really do love your advice. There is so much rubbish out there, it’s great to hear honest down-to-earth info and guidance

    Greatly appreciated,


  • Rob@FitnessDrum July 8,

    Really great advice here…. Such an interesting topic. The fact you can blog about your interests and pretty much anything, means you can potentially make money from your hobby which is a great thing.

  • Sara @ Shabby Grace Blog August 29,

    Ruth, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I received your book the other day and I’m almost finished. Between reading, making my “to-do” list and taking action, I’m really learning a lot. It’s straight forward, easy to read and helpful. Your blog is amazing and I’m so happy for you success.


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