The best way to save money is not to spend it!  That said, when I do have to shop for gifts, clothing, office supplies, electronics, toys or other household items, I almost always check Amazon before anywhere else.  It is is my favorite store in the whole world. Prime 2 day shipping means I can save myself a trip to the store, and I love being able to sort by price, color, discount, and to read the reviews before I buy.’s Gold Box is far and above my favorite place for scoring fantastic deals on a huge variety of items, everything from toys to electronics to DVDs.  If there is something I want to purchase, particularly a big-ticket item, I will almost always try to wait for a Gold Box lightning deal to come available.  Because there are several new deals every day, if I am patient, I can usually get what I am looking for at a huge discount.

And in addition to spectacular deals, now offers a new free prime membership called Amazon Mom, in addition to a 30% discount on diapers and wipes, you can also get free two day shipping on almost everything you buy!

Click here to sign up for Amazon Mom.

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  • Margaret Tangeman February 15,

    I always like accessibility to good deals. Found your web site in “All You”.

  • Roxie June 16,

    How do you stock pile toilet tissue. That is what I need help with among other things.

  • katie August 21,

    hey i love your couponing youtube vidieos

  • Jennifer March 31,

    Can you direct me to your list of great buys on Amazon. I remember you mentioned some batteries and toilet paper but I can’t find that list now. Thanks!

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