operation christmas child

Operation Christmas Child 2012


  It has always been important to us to teach our kids to appreciate what they have and to give to others who have less, but it seems like that lesson is so easily lost.  This year, in the wake of our big toy purge, we are even more committed to making this holiday season about [...]

Operation Christmas Child


One of the very coolest things about using coupons (besides saving crazy amounts of money on groceries) is being able to give back and donate to charity.  I'm sure those of you who have an abundant stockpile built up probably already donate a lot to local food banks and shelters, and hopefully those of you [...]

Operation Christmas Child 2010

Yesterday Maggie and I finished up our boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  This week is National Collection Week and from now through the 22nd, drop-off stations around the country are accepting box donations.  It is such an amazing charity, and I feel so lucky to be able to participate this year. It was especially neat to [...]