sunday shopping

Sunday Shopping 1-9-11

Today I made my first real venture into CVS since Black Friday.  To be perfectly honest, I felt like I was a little off my game. I generally try to do my multi-transaction drugstore trips on Sunday evenings after the kids are in bed.  That way I'm not in a hurry and I don't have [...]

Sunday Shopping 1-2-11

Happy New Year!  I am so ready to get  back to a regular schedule!  Today was my first Sunday drugstore shopping trip in over a month.  I only managed to make it to Walgreens, but it was nice to see Maggie, one of my very favorite Walgreens cashiers, once again! My trip was actually a [...]

Sunday Shopping 11-28-10

I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday weekend!  Mine has been spent enjoying a lot of family time, putting up Christmas decorations, & fighting off a cold.  Aside from that last one, it has been a very fun and relaxing few days spent almost entirely at home.  Even so, I did manage to [...]

Sunday Shopping 11-21-10

I plan to hit both CVS and Walgreens later this week to take advantage of their awesome Black Friday sales, but I did make a quick trip to CVS today to grab a few gift items (and milk!). Here is what I got: At CVS I spent $35.37 for $178.57 worth of groceries and merchandise, [...]

Sunday Shopping 11-14-10

I just have to say that I really, really, really love shopping at CVS.  I was so glad to see the deals were back this week, because CVS, I missed you!  I stopped at my two favorite stores today (Punta Gorda & Edgewater/US41), and both were a dream.  I mentioned last week that the Edgewater [...]

Sunday Shopping 11-7-10

After taking a few weeks off from CVS, I just couldn't stay away any longer  I had a couple of rain checks leftover from the Oral-B Vitality toothbrush deal a few weeks ago that I wanted to use, and I had received a couple of coupons via email and regular mail that I figured I [...]

Sunday Shopping 10-31-10

Happy Halloween!  Don't forget that today is the last day to enter the giveaway for a $20 Haddy Grace Designs gift certificate! Haddy Grace features the most adorable handmade girls dresses, onsies, & baby shoes, and the prices are ridiculously reasonable.  Click here for details. Now, on to shopping.... I had to take a break [...]

Sunday Shopping 10-24-10

I've been offline all weekend as I am desperately trying to finish repainting our master bedroom.  (No small task with two little ones constantly underfoot--Trouble seems to be drawn like a magnet to wet paint!)  With hours left of painting yet to complete, I almost skipped my Sunday shopping altogether, but then I ran out [...]

Sunday Shopping 10-17-10

Today's drugstore shopping adventure was unexpectedly draining and a good reminder of why people get frustrated and fed up with couponing.  That said, it was also extremely successful, and when all was said and done, frustrations aside, I still saved over $220 for about 5 hours of work (including making my lists, gathering coupons, and [...]

Sunday Shopping 10-10-10

I almost skipped my drugstore shopping altogether today.  Husband and I got up early and spent all day cleaning out our garage, something we've needed to do badly since Hurricane Charley ravaged our house in 2004.  It was exhausting and dirty and hot, and by the time we finally called it a day, shopping ranked [...]

Sunday Shopping 10-03-10

Today's shopping was a little messy and I've gotta be honest, I don't really like messy.  I would much rather have my list and my shopping plan all laid out ahead of time, but it doesn't always work out that way.  (Yet another way in which budget living has changed my life:  forcing me to [...]

Sunday Shopping 9-26-10

I really, really didn't want to go out shopping last night because a.) we had just gotten home from our Disney weekend and I was exhausted and b.) it was pouring down rain and stormy outside.  But there were some good deals to be had (like the free $33 toothbrush at CVS!) and Sunday is [...]

Sunday Shopping 9-17-10

For 3 months I have been wishing and hoping for a deal on women's deodorant.  Somehow I've managed to accumulate about 20 free containers of Right Guard for men as I scrape the very bottom remnants of my own deodorant.  Today my patience finally paid off!  Actually, it was a pretty good day all around. [...]

Sunday Shopping 9-12-10

We have family visiting this weekend, so once again I drug my guests around town to do a little coupon shopping.  I'm not quite sure if they thought it was fun or now think I'm crazy.  In any case, we got some great deals!  We went to Wal-Mart for some free Post-Its, (I had heard [...]

Sunday Shopping 9-5-10

I had no intentions of shopping today.  I am pretty well set on for groceries for the week, my stockpile is overflowing, and none of the deals at CVS or Walgreens seemed particularly exciting.  But we have our dear friends Shannon & Eric visiting this weekend from Fort Lauderdale, and Eric has his heart set [...]