weight watchers

Magic Diet Banana Bread {Recipe}


After 3 weeks of Weight Watchers®, I honestly can't say enough good things about the program.  It is easy to follow, takes very little time, is very flexible, and I never feel like I'm starving, which means I don't spend all day obsessing over the things I'm not eating.  And best of all, in 3 [...]

Diet Soda Flag Cupcakes {Recipe}


It has been almost two weeks since I started this Weight Watchers® thing, and I can honestly tell you that this is the first diet I have ever tried that hasn't made me crazy.  I don't feel deprived in the least, it is flexible, easy to stick to, and, best of all, I've lost weight.  Woo [...]

Roasted Eggplant Flatbread Sandwich {Recipe}


This sandwich makes me very happy. Not only is it delicious, filling, and super easy to make, it is Weight Watchers® friendly.  (I know, I know....I'm a little obsessive.  What can I say?  When I get enthusiastic about something, I just can't help myself.)  It makes me so happy, in fact, that in the past [...]

wednesday shopping 6-22-11 {weight watchers® edition}

After 3 weeks away, our poor little refrigerator was completely bare and I had no choice but to make a run to the store. I am not normally one to count calories. (If you've ever tried one of my butter-and-cheese-laden (but oh-so-good!) stockpile recipes you probably can already attest to that!)  I like things to taste [...]

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