Coupon Organization: Binder vs. Filing

Coupon Organization Binder vs. Filing

I really don’t like spending a lot of time messing with my coupons.  There are too many other things to do!  If you’ve read my Beginner’s Guide to Coupons or watched this video on quick & easy coupon organization, you know that I have always been a proponent of using a filing method for organizing your coupons.  Instead of clipping and sorting all your coupons each week, you simply file the entire insert by date and only clip the ones you need after you make your shopping list.  It is straightforward and easy to maintain, and it works great.


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But it’s not perfect.

I often miss out on unadvertised deals because I don’t take my coupons with me to the store.  Also, I can never just “pop in” or quick run to the store without first planning my trip.  That’s not always feasible.

If you’ve been using coupons for a while, you probably already know that your system of coupon organization tends to evolve over time.  Everyone’s brains work a little differently, and it can take months or years to fine-tune a process that works best just for you.

The Qubie Coupon Organization System

A couple of months ago, Jennifer Tope, the mastermind behind the Qubie Coupon Organization System, contacted me to see if I would be interested in trying out her coupon binder system.  I was very honest and told her that I was quite fond of my filing method for organizing coupons and honestly didn’t think I would like using a binder, but that I wouldn’t be a very good coupon “expert” if I wasn’t at least willing to try something new.

Coupons can get out of hand pretty quickly if you don't have an effective coupon organization method

And so I did.  On Superbowl Sunday I spent the entire day clipping and sorting 4 months worth of inserts and filling my binder.  I am not going to lie.  The intial set up took a long time.  But it wasn’t difficult.  The Qubie Pro binder comes already divided into categories, making it pretty much foolproof to set up.  All you need to do is clip and sort, and voila, you’re done!  And I have to admit, for a girl who has a hard time sitting still, even for the biggest football game of the year, it was kind-of nice to have a project to keep me occupied.

Clipping coupons is a weekend sport! Make sure your keep all your coupons organized

I have now had a full month to try out the Qubie and I am more than a little surprised to admit that there are a lot of things I like about using the binder system.  I really thought I’d hate it, and I don’t.

It definitely makes preparing for a shopping trip and gathering my coupons much faster.  Instead of spending 2 hours preparing for a major trip, I can grab everything I need in  45 minutes to an hour.  Even better, I have been able to catch several great deals at the store that I would’ve otherwise missed out on.  I have also been able to get a better variety of sale items because I am more aware of what coupons I have–before I wouldn’t spend any time looking through the inserts.  It saved time but I missed out on a lot.

Once you begin a coupon binder, you know you're a couponing pro

The smaller Qubie Plus binder is a great place for all those random specialty store coupons that I never knew what to do with, and I love that the little Qubie Pal has freed up a lot of room in my wallet, which I can now close for the first time in a long time.

The cons of the binder system are the up-front time involved.  Even aside from the initial setup, it takes at least 1-2 hours a week to maintain.  Between church and family activities and drugstore shopping, my Sundays are usually jam-packed.  It is difficult for me to find the time to clip and sort the new inserts, and then I find that I get behind.  I don’t like having things hanging over my head, so my solution to that problem has been to use my file box to file my insert by date until I have time to clip it (usually while I’m watching House on Monday nights, my one can’t-miss show!)

Ultimately if you are going to get serious about coupons, you have to figure out what works for you.  Do you like the idea of having all your coupons with you, already pre-clipped and sorted, or is it easier to just keep them filed away in a box?  Be honest, if they are filed away in the box will you be diligent about making your list each week, or do you need a visible reminder and incentive to use those coupons?

Having a coupon binder is a true life saver on shopping days!

To set up a binder system, you need a binder, lots of pages, & dividers, or you can save time and order a pre-organized binder system like the Qubie.   If you have multiple inserts, the easiest way to sort your coupons each week is to separate each page and stack the like pages together, then cut out each like coupon together at one time.  I found that it takes me about 5-10 minutes per insert to separate and lay out all the pages, then another 10 minutes to clip and 15 minutes to sort. (For a total of about a 1/2 hour per insert.)

Once you have all your existing coupons organized, it is fairly easy to maintain the system–just clip and sort again each week when you get your new inserts, and clip and sort printables as you go.  Once every few weeks you should also go through and pull out any expired coupons.  I usually keep them in for 30 days past the expiration date, since my CVS store accepts up to 30 days expired coupons.

The Qubie Plus Coupon organizing system is probably the best system I've found for organizing coupons

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  1. Amy Osborn
    March 9 at 10:25PM

    I currently use an old accordion check file and would like to try the Qubie as I too am often caught without coupons at the store, I think I would save much more with one.

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  4. Danielle
    March 9 at 10:28PM

    My coupons… on my desk at work, stuck together with a binder clip. I grab what I think I’ll need and head out to the store after work. As you can imagine, things get left behind. I think the Qubiebook would be an easy way to keep everything with me when I go shopping!

  5. Danielle
    March 9 at 10:29PM

    I have liked you on FB for a long time!

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    March 9 at 10:29PM

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  9. MANDY
    March 9 at 10:29PM

    I currently clip sunday coupons and print internet coupons and file them in a small accordian type folder with labels. I then make my shopping list and gather all the coupons needed for that trip and put those lucky coupons up front. I believe Qubiebook would help me be more organized and provide a simplier way to store and access my little money savers :0)

  10. Danielle
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  16. Crystal Miller
    March 9 at 10:49PM

    I currently have a coupon binder, but I just can’t seem to get it to where it “works” for me. I’ve changed it a time or two, but haven’t found the perfect binder! I would love to try out the Qubie Books! I have gotten so many of my friends started, and we have all started with the binder. I have 4 young children, so couponing is a must! Let alone, easily an addiction once you start saving money!

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  27. Ashlee B
    March 9 at 11:10PM

    The way I organize is by cutting out my coupons and organizing them in categories of the products but I don’t have a binder or anything to put them in so they sit on my counter till I go to the grocery store. I could really use a binder system!!!

  28. Erin R.
    March 9 at 11:25PM

    My coupons are currently in a pile on my desk. I need some serious help!

  29. Erin R.
    March 9 at 11:26PM

    My coupons are currently in a pile on my desk. I need some serious help! The Quibie would let me organize them and find what I needed quicker.

  30. Whitney Crane
    March 9 at 11:26PM

    I use an accordian file to file my coupons and use a coupon site to match up sales. Then I clip. I would love to use a binder so I can carry all of my coupons to the store.

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    March 9 at 11:31PM

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  33. March 9 at 11:37PM

    I currently use a binder of sorts but it isn’t cute like the Qubie 🙂 and not as well organized either

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  37. Amanda P
    March 9 at 11:45PM

    I am using the binder method but would love to have this system to make it even better!

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  40. March 10 at 12:03AM

    Hello My Love! Hope you are doing good. I used to do the binder, but I like my accordian folding envelope best.

  41. Jenna
    March 10 at 02:19AM

    I use an accordian file, the binder system seems really cool!

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  43. Monica
    March 10 at 02:34AM

    I use a coupon binder. I would like to try the Qubie because it looks like an upgrade:-)

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  46. Tricia
    March 10 at 02:45AM

    I use a binder for loose coupons and an accordion file for the insert booklets. I find myself frustrated when I get to the store, there’s a sale, and I know I saw the coupon somewhere at home and wished I had it with me. Qubie looks like a complete system and would be easily accessible at home and at the store.

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  53. melissa
    March 10 at 03:20AM

    The Qubie system sounds interesting…. And is much prettier than my falling apart black binder!

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  59. Alisha
    March 10 at 03:26AM

    Seriously…this couldn’t have come at a better time!! I was (until last week) keeping my coupons in a small accordion file. I just purchased a small photo album with lots of pages so I could separate them more…I’m not happy with that system either. This binder is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for. I clip my coupons (and print tons), but my file and album are too small and most days my dining room table is covered in coupons! I need a better system! In fact, I’m not going to be able to wait for the giveaway. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be ordering one very soon!!

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  65. Stephanie L
    March 10 at 02:25PM

    Hello Ruth! I have just recently started reading your blog a few weeks ago. You inspired me to start couponing and I must admit it’s an addiction…a saving addict at heart for a long time, but just recently getting pretty good at it! I currently use your filing system (…just not that great at it yet!) and so most coupons are in a folder, but often times are left in my purse, the counter, my car, on the floor, etc.!! As a new stay at home mom of two I think the Qubie would be a great addition to my new world of couponing! Such a great giveaway, thanks for the opportunity!

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  70. March 10 at 02:38PM

    I currently organize my coupons in hanging folders and using a coupon organizer that I purchased on Etsy. I would like to try the Quibie pro binder because often my coupons slide under the dividers in the system that I currently use and end up in the wrong category – thus me missing them. 🙁 The Quibie looks like it would organize my coupons better on the go.

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  77. Dixie
    March 10 at 03:03PM

    I am new to couponing so i still use an accordion style organizer and it get hard to find a specific coupon in that mess. I need to find a new way fast.

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  82. karin jones
    March 10 at 03:26PM

    I currently us the file whole insert method. I’ve been really thinking of going to a binder…This sounds perfect!!

  83. Kim
    March 10 at 11:50PM

    I currently use the filing method but like you feel like I am missing out on the unadvertised sales once I get to the store.

  84. janine prevatt
    March 11 at 03:03AM

    I use the filing system, but I do miss out on a lot of deals.

  85. Tricia
    March 11 at 04:08AM

    I am currently using a coupon binder. I would check out out Qubie for a new way to organize my store coupon and restaurant coupons. I never have my restaurant coupons when I need them.

  86. Caroline
    March 11 at 02:21PM

    I have a box with the inserts in it. I carry a small bag filled with clipped coupons, printables and the ones I plan to use at the store, but I often see a sale and think I have a coupon, but have to dig through the bag to find it. Then, I remember it is at home. The qubie system is very comprehensive. I like the three different binders for different things.

  87. Corinne
    March 11 at 06:19PM

    I use the filing system right now. I have a binder that I used but never had time to cut the inserts so they were all over the place. I decided to switch to the file so I could find my inserts faster.

  88. Corinne
    March 11 at 06:19PM

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  89. Liz
    March 11 at 06:24PM

    I am new to couponing and currently use an accordian file but am finding that I need a more efficient way to organize my coupons!

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    March 11 at 06:26PM

    I “like” you on Facebook!! 🙂

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    March 11 at 06:28PM

    I also registered at

  92. Megan
    March 11 at 08:17PM

    I just saw a couple of videos from you on youtube. I just started “extreme couponing” this week. Thank you for making this look “normal” I don’t need 3 carts of Gatorade, but I do need to pay less then $10.00 when I check out at the grocery store 🙂 Keep up the great work!

  93. Megan
    March 11 at 08:19PM

    Right now I use a binder, but I am forever trying to reorganize it. I would like to see if this system works better than the one I have and am exited about seeing the Plus and Pal components.

  94. Jennifer Camp
    March 12 at 03:36AM

    I use an accordian file. I have wanted to try a binder system, but haven’t gotten to buying one yet (I’m too cheap). Thanks for the chance to win a free one!

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    March 12 at 03:37AM

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  97. March 12 at 03:46AM

    Currently I use an accordion folder. I would love to use the Qubie because I think it would be easier in the long run to see what coupons I have!

  98. Jennifer Camp
    March 12 at 03:46AM

    I like qubie on facebook. I should really look into the whole “Twitter” thing, but until then, this will be my last entry:( I hope I win. Please Please Please!

  99. March 12 at 03:52AM

    I registered at Qubie! Thank you.

  100. Celyneet Jusino
    March 12 at 04:11PM

    I currently use an accordian style organizer and while it works im not to happy with it. it takes forever to find my coupons and doesnt have enough divdiers for my coupons. Id love to win the Qubie bc it seems very straight foward and would allow me to see the coupons easily and never lose them in the pile!

  101. Celyneet Jusino
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  104. Krista
    March 13 at 04:43AM

    I use an accordion style file holder for my coupons. I have 2. I’m needing something new because my system is not working well! I’m hoping Qubie will help me.

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  111. Amy Eubanks
    March 13 at 03:39PM

    I am currently my own binder system for couponing, but I love the different sizes that this system offers.

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  119. Danelle
    March 13 at 07:25PM

    I am just getting into couponing and really do not have any system. I have a drawer that has expired coupons that I always seem to forget about.

    • Danelle
      March 13 at 07:26PM

      And . . . I would like to try this system because it’s the only one I am aware of at this point. 🙂

  120. March 15 at 10:37PM

    I am currently using a 3″ binder with baseball card sleeves and 36 section. I also have all my restaurant coupons and cards in this. It is getting pretty bulky! I like the idea of the two smaller books.

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  124. Patricia
    March 18 at 01:24AM

    I made my own binder and I also use envelopes when I go to each store. I will print out my list and put it in the envelope with all the coupons. Each Sunday I just cut all of my coupons out and put them in my binder.

  125. Nadia Renoll
    March 18 at 03:56AM

    I clip the Sunday coupons and file them in a small zip up accordian book. I organize them by type (canned goods, frozen, pets, baby, etc). Then, I make my list and pull any coupons I think I may use and put them up front. This method works somewhat, but I always find myself sorting through a messy stack from the accordian just to see if I have a coupon for something I found on sale. With a 20 month old wrangling the cart and my general clumsiness, I usually give up or drop a handful of coupons. So, not very organized. I wonder if Qubiebook could help me get more organized. As a mom and working 40 hours a week out of the house, I could use all the time saving shortcuts I can get!

  126. Nadia Renoll
    March 18 at 04:05AM

    I “liked” LWSL on Facebook. Love your videos!

  127. Nadia Renoll
    March 18 at 04:06AM

    Oh, and I “liked” Quebibook on FB, too!

  128. Melanie
    April 20 at 03:53PM

    would love to try Qubie!

  129. Robbin Cooper
    April 21 at 07:37PM

    My current system is not very comfortable for my family. I have taken over the kitchen table with the stacks of coupons that I collect. We use to eat dinners at the table however since I have started couponing I get very nervious if anyone even goes near the table. I would like to try this system becaues I have a 2 month old and a nine year old and find it difficult to have time to flip through all the stacks of papers to make my list weekly. Also I will soon be returning to work and need to get organized.

  130. mgood3412
    May 27 at 01:54PM

    Why not do both, I get about 6-8 inserts of each the Red Plum and Smart source any given week. I take 4 of the RP inserts and 4 of the SS and clip them. The reason I only do four is b/c most of the stores in my area limit doubling to 2 of the same coupons, and both my husband and I go (2×2 = 4). To save time, I divide up the inserts and put all the like pages from the insert together. Then I clip all of the like four pages together. As I am clipping I have a pile for food and non food items. I try to keep the piles in alphabetical order.
    My binder is a 2″ mead binder that zips up and has 2 pockets that have zippers on the front and a section that folds(great area for receipts and to put the coupons u need for the shopping trip). When you open it, it has 3 section accordion style area in the front and in the back there are pockets as well. It was $10 at Wal-Mart and it is very sturdy and useful. I got my baseball sleeves at target. Getting back to how I organize, my binder has a section for food and non food items and both sections are in alphabetical order (using folder dividers labeled A, B,C etc.). Since when I clip i keep the piles in alphabetical order all I have to do is turn the pgs starting at A and put the cut coupons in the correct slot. (If I dont have time to put them away at that moment I put them in a sandwich bag and lay it on a flat surface until I have the time to put them up) While doing this I keep an eye out for expired coupons. (I formally go through about once or twice a month to take out the expired coupons but there usually aren’t many b/c when I put new ones in I glance for expired ones.) I also file pintables that I am not using in my binder I just fold them up with the picture facing the front so it will fit in the slot. (put the $ amount and exp on front if u have the time)
    The binder is great for preparing for a shopping trip and when I see a deal at a store that I did not prepare for I just take it out of its slot.
    For the remainder of the inserts that I dont clip I put them in the File box which is sorted by date. So when I see a hot deal online That is in RP 5-22 all I have to do is get that one and cut it out for that particular trip.
    I have a “to sort” section in my binder and in my file. When I get to sorting them I put them in alphabetical order and put in my binder using the binder method above.
    I use a small picture book for restaurants and store (jcp, macy’s, khols etc.) coupons, which is also in alphabetical order and section into restaurants and stores.
    I think this is the best both of worlds and it really does not take that long. The initial set up is an investment of about $30-50 and it does take a minute to put together. But after that it is not that time consuming at all. I hope I did not make it sound complicated. But trust if I can use it anyone can. I am super lazy about things like this, and I’m not an organization freak by any means. Actually, I am the opposite. The only reason I do this is b/c it saves me a lot of time and it is very effective. If it was bad by any means I would have given up pretty quickly 🙂 Hope this helps someone.

  131. July 1 at 11:30PM

    I use the whole insert method and started as a way to help myself and others now WHEN to purge expired coupons. Come check us out!

  132. Sarah
    October 22 at 05:35PM

    You need not order this thing. Get your own binder, and buy your own pages to go inside, label them as you like. I can’t believe this woman is making money off of this.

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