Planting Our First Garden


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Planting Our First Vegetable Garden Square2 weekends ago we planted our first-ever vegetable garden.

It was a big moment for my husband Chuck and I. We have literally been talking about it for years.

Our oldest daughter Maggie was pretty excited too. The fact that she is sitting in dirt (in a dress, of course) is a sign of just how into it she was. The girl does not do dirt.

Our little troublemaker Annie was far more interested in throwing rocks into the canal.

We have absolutely no idea what we are doing.

I mean NONE.

Every plant I have ever had has died. Quickly. My thumbs are as brown as they come.

So Chuck is in charge of keeping things alive. He has been getting some great advice from some very garden-savvy friends. They also gave us our very own pineapple plant, which has thrilled us to no end. (Thanks again M & K!)

I am in charge of labels.

Don’t laugh. It’s an important job. Even if Chuck wasn’t impressed.

It’s not that we’ve never grown anything. We have Hibiscus.

And lemons.

But vegetables are new. It has now been a week and a half since we planted and things are growing!

It’s so cool!

Since I have absolutely no advice to give you about gardening, I would LOVE to hear your tips–PLEASE leave them in the comment section below!

UPDATE MAY 2015:  It has been 4 years since this first hopeful (but ultimately unsuccessful) attempt at gardening. We have learned a LOT over those four years, and made many, many mistakes along the way. However, I am happy to report that this year we finally managed to grow vegetables. You can read all about it HERE.


  1. March 17 at 12:28PM

    Good luck! Every time I try to grow vegetables, the bugs eat it. But one year I will force myself to figure out how to get a good crop.

    But you really need to read some information on gardening in Florida. The growing season is completely backwards here. Spring/fall vegetables grow in the winter, and summer vegetables grow in the spring and fall. And only tropical varieties grow during the summer. I think it’s going to be too warm now for the cabbage and peas, from what I’ve read.

    Here’s some Florida gardening info:

    Hope you have a great garden!

    • Ruth
      March 17 at 07:49PM

      Thanks Laura! We just went by the planting guide on the back of the seed package, so I don’t think we planted cabbage. It should be interesting!

  2. carol
    March 17 at 01:20PM

    I was going to make some of the same suggestions Laura did. Planting here is usually done in the late Fall/early Winter for harvest now. You might be able to get some in before it gets too hot but it takes two months for tomatoes to mature and that will put them into late May. Make sure you get some Dolomite or Lime on the Tomatoes or you won’t get any at all..they’ll rot on the vine from Blossom End Rot. I never had much luck with Onions, except as Scallions. Check into making your own Nicotine spray by soaking a Cigar in water, then mixing the strained liquid with dish soap and water. Organic and non toxic..except to bugs.

    • Ruth
      March 17 at 07:49PM

      Thanks for the tip Carol, we will definitely try that!

  3. March 17 at 04:33PM

    Very cute! Very funny! I’m planting a tomato garden this weekend. My thumb isn’t green either, so I will need lots of luck and patience on this garden 🙂

    • Ruth
      March 17 at 07:50PM

      I’m wishing you lots of luck on your tomatoes. Thanks for linking up!

  4. I had such fun reading this post! My parents have done a big ol’ garden every year for as long as I can remember, and I well remember having to weed when younger. I haven’t helped with that like I should’ve the past few years, but maybe this year is the year. 🙂 It is fun to watch things grow, and to take in the bounty at harvest. 🙂 Wellll….I’m not sure if FUN should be the word used for harvest, lol. It’s neat to see the end result and taste the freshness. The canning beans, etc…not as fun. 😉

  5. April 1 at 05:09PM

    Thanks! So happy to find this…from one novice to another.

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