Glitter Tote Bags

Need handmade gift ideas?  Check out these super easy tote bags you can DIY!

Personalize your tote bags

If you’ve never done freezer paper stencils before then you are seriously missing out!   They are so fun and so easy, and always turn out so cute.  The possibilities are almost endless.  And when you add pretty sparkly glitter to an already-fun project you have crafting utopia, my friends!

Supplies you'll need to make your own tote bag designs

Kids love to tote things around (or maybe that’s just my kids) so I thought it would be fun to make Trouble & Princess some personalized tote bags using this freezer paper glitter technique.  The whole project took about an hour, and the cost was minimal.  I already had the freezer paper, Martha Stewart glitter, and Exacto knife & cutting mat on hand, so the only thing I had to buy were the tote bags ($4.50 for 3 after 50% off coupon at JoAnn’s) and the Tulip Fashion Glitter Bond (on sale at JoAnn’s for $1.74.)

To find the designs, I just did a quick Google search for “silhouette clip art.”  The possibilities are pretty much endless!  You can also find some cool original designs on

Trace your patternOnce you’ve chosen your designs, trace the outlines with a pencil onto the freezer paper.

Use an Exacto to cut out your pattern

Use an Exacto knife to carefully cut out the pattern along the lines.

The finished stencilPosition the freezer paper on the tote bag (wax side down) where you want the pattern to go, positioning any center pieces, then carefully iron it flat.  The wax paper will stick to the tote bag.

Use a sponge to paint the patternUse the included sponge to cover the exposed area within the freezer paper with glitter bond.  Don’t be stingy or the glitter won’t stick evenly!  Cover with glitter and spread around to make sure entire area is covered, then shake off excess glitter.

Carefully peel off the wax paper

Carefully peel off the wax paper so that the pattern is exposed.  Let dry completely.

If you'd like, embellish with a word or name

If desired, embellish with words or a name.  I used a fine point permanent marker.

The completed tote bag

Are you making any gifts this year?

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  1. Kim
    December 2 at 12:45PM

    You are SOOOO GOOD !!!!! What a great idea 🙂

  2. NettynDayton
    December 2 at 01:35PM

    REALLY cute!

  3. December 3 at 11:37AM

    beautiful! thanks for the idea

  4. December 8 at 08:46AM

    Reusable Shopping bags ARE REALLY FUN! yOUR IDEAS ARE SO awesome!!! Very creative and authentic! I like it really.

  5. Jaci
    December 8 at 04:20PM

    This is such a fun project! I make these, too but have never tried it with glitter! Love it! I use Tulip brand Soft fabric paint. It comes in lots of colors. Something else I learned along the way is that you can print directly on the freezer paper…you just have to position the paper correctly in the printer so that it prints on the non-waxy side. This removes the step of tracing it on the paper. I love how your bags turned out! I’m going to paint my son’s name on a solid colored kids apron I got on sale at Hobby Lobby.

  6. Kirsty
    December 9 at 12:57AM

    Very cute! I’ve never heard of the “glitter bond” product. Sounds neat, but messy.
    I used a similar, but much eaier way to make 8 tshirts or my daughter’s Girl Scout Wild Winks Zoo Sleepover.
    Step 1 – I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out my freezer paper stencil… It’s similar to a Cricut.
    Step 2 – iron on stencil
    Step 3 – place piece of cardboard between layers of tshirt. 🙂 I repurposed the packing boxes for our Girl Scout cookies.
    Step 4- I used the “Tulip Soft Fabric Paint”, set it up as an assembly line… Started on tshirt #1 painting colored paint with a sponge brush, then when I finished #8, I went back to #1 using the “SILVER GLITTER Tulip Soft Fabric Paint”… The beautiful thing about this paint is that here was no messy glitter to worry about shaking off…
    Step 5 – For fun, I used the “GLOW-IN-THE-DARK Tulip Soft Fabric Paint after the round of glitter paint… Helpful hint for Max Glowing: TRACE your stencil with a pretty thick coat, I squirted straight from the bottle here. When I got to #8 & back to #1 it had set enough that I went back to shirt #1 to smooth out the glow paint with a sponge brush. The girls LOVED the GLOW Factor for their night tour of the Zoo & slumber party part… 🙂

    I was able to get the paint at Hancock’s at 30% off. I reused the same plastic plate for many projects, & also ziplock baggied my brushes between colors so that they wouldn’t dry out. I did our shirts over 2 months ago & the colored paint brushes (glitter brushes don’t stay nice, & don’t wash out either, but I reus them ll the time.) are still just as plyable as the day I used them before putting them in their baggies. :). I’ve used the Glitter paint for many different little projects since. Helpful hint, latex gloves work wonders when painting little things tht you know that you will end up painting your hands when you hold your item still. You can reuse the gloves too… :). I try to be frugal when possible. 🙂

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