Simple Kid-Friendly Olympics Party

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I don’t know about you but here in the Soukup household we have been SO excited for the Olympics to start!  We hadn’t made any big plans, but on Friday the girls & I decided it would be fun to throw together a very impromptu party to celebrate watching the opening ceremonies.  We invited one other family, spent the morning searching Pinterest for ideas, and the afternoon making our food & decorations.  All our projects were very simple & kid-friendly, and by 7pm, we were ready to bring on the games!

There are still 2 weeks left to celebrate this once-every-4-years phenomenon, so I thought I’d share what we did.  Most of the food & supplies came from things we had on hand, but we did make one quick trip to Publix for a few groceries.

A paper chain of Olympic rings is perfect decor for a kid friendly Olympics party. Our decorations were fun and very simple.  Maggie came up with the idea of making a paper chain of Olympic Rings, and she insisted on doing them in the correct order.  She was also very excited to learn how to use the stapler!

Create "touches" from red and orange tissue paper at your kid friendly Olympics party.

Our “torches” were red & orange tissue paper wrapped around an unlit candle, then placed on a candle holder.  We also found these darling free printables courtesy of Mirabelle Creations, which added a little extra Olympic spirit.

Pretty red and white paper straws add a patriotic touch to the party's glassware.

A party’s just not a party without pretty paper straws.

This red white and blue fruit dessert is perfect for a kid friendly Olympics party.

We kept our menu festive and kid friendly, with lots of fun Olympic-inspired fare.  And what better way to celebrate the host country for the London Olympics than an English-inspired trifle, arranged to look like the “Union Jack” British Flag on top? The girls had a blast helping with this one.  It might look complicated but I promise it’s NOT!

Strawberry-Blueberry Pound Cake Trifle

2 pounds strawberries, washed & sliced
1 pint blueberries, rinsed
1 pound cake, sliced (we used one from the Publix bakery but Sara Lee works fine too)
2 8oz packages Cool Whip, thawed
canned whipped cream
1/4 c. Grand Marnier or Amaretto, or orange juice
2 tablespoons sugar

Stir sugar into Grand Marnier to make a syrup; pour half of syrup mixture over strawberries & mix well.  Spoon 1/3 of strawberries  into bottom of trifle bowl.  Sprinkle in 1/3 of the blueberries.  Spread 1 tub of Cool Whip over strawberries, then arrange pound cake slices over Cool Whip, crumbling slightly to make layer fit in bowl. Drizzle cake with remaining syrup, then layer with second 1/3 of strawberries and blueberries, followed by another layer of Cool Whip.  For the top layer, arrange the strawberries & blueberries in the flag pattern.  Just before serving use the canned whipped cream to finish off the white lines in between the red and blue.

Kids will love to help add the whipped cream to the Olympic inspired dessert for the party.

We made Olympic torches out of ice cream cones and Cheetos.  I was just happy to have an excuse to buy Cheetos. 🙂  Not that I love them or anything.  Nope, not me.

Serving edible Olympic "torches" made from Cheetos and ice cream cones is a fun touch.

This homemade Olympic ring pizza made from blue cheese, olives, pepperoni, pineapple and avocado is delicious.

My favorite was our homemade Olympic ring pizza, with rings made from black olives, red pepperoni, yellow pineapple, green avocado, and–wait for it–blue cheese!

These Olympic inspired "gold medals" using Golden Oreos and Fruit By The Foot are so cute.

Finally, how CUTE are these “gold medals,” made from Golden Oreos and Fruit By the Foot?  The kids went absolutely crazy for them.  They were seriously so easy to make–just cut up the Fruit by the Foot and insert both ends into the Oreo, then arrange on a plate.

Simple Kid Friendly Olympics Party

*   *   *

Go Team USA!


Simple Kid Friendly Olympics Party | Olympics Themed Party | Olympics Party Ideas | Fun-O-lympics | Olympics Party Food | Backyard Olympic Games | Olympic Birthday | Mini Olympics | Olympic Ring Pizza | Medal Cookies | Cheetos | Strawberry Blueberry Pound Cake Trifle | free printables


  1. Penny
    July 30 at 09:15PM

    How cool is that, you have so many great ideas, I wish I could have a slice of that pizza yum…
    I didn’t see the opening ceremony but saw much of it on our nightly news. I love watching the swimming and track and field, your swimmers do so well. I live in New Zealand so I support the kiwis, we are a small country but do well in the rowing, horse riding and some track and field events. So good luck team USA and go the KIWIS.

  2. July 31 at 10:16AM

    My kids are SO SO into the Olympics…I must steal your ideas. 🙂 XO, Your friend Jess

  3. August 5 at 08:59PM

    Really cute party!!
    Go Team Canada!!

  4. Pippa
    August 7 at 02:29PM

    Wow! What a great effort you all made. Loved the union jack trifle, one of Britains favourite puddings.
    Thankyou . From a very proud British fan.
    Go Team GB!

  5. August 15 at 08:47PM

    came over from Edie’s blog I love a good party! You get the gold on this one, Sister friend!

  6. January 21 at 02:18PM

    Great ideas! I especially love the pizza with the Olympic rings.

  7. Christina
    February 3 at 12:21PM

    These are very cute ideas! Thanks!

  8. Anonymous
    February 10 at 11:19AM

    You have so many amazing and family fun ideas in this party! All of the details are so carefully thought out and well executed! Super cute. Thank you for sharing! Kari

    I shared your ideas on my blog for Olympic Party ideas!

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