Why I Took My Kids’ Toys Away (& Why They Won’t Get Them Back) » A must read for any parent who has struggled with too much kid stuff–Why I took all my kids’ toys away {and why they won’t get them back}

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  1. Kim
    November 30 at 02:29AM

    Hi my name is Kim I have the same problem I have tried to give my kids every thing that I didn’t have when I was a kid but I think I have hurt my kids more in the long run because now I look at my kids they have lost respect for me and continually want more and more at times I would feel like I was doing what was best for my kids but I don’t have the respect like I need any more my kids get mad if I don’t buy for them when they want something we went to Virginia Beach on vacation I thought it would be Lot of fun for us but when we got there it was like my kids would get mad at every little thing that wouldn’t go there way I feel like I tried to buy them to much in life I need a change not only for me but for my family I love my kids so so much but I think it would really help if I down sized to and had more family time maby things would change around my home to . thank you so much for sharing your story.

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