Gilded Noel Holiday Home Tour


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Gilded Noel Holiday Home TourI’m having a hard time finding the right words to say this morning….my heart is breaking for the families of Newtown, and like the rest of the country, my thoughts and prayers are with them today. So in the absence of words or anything profound to say, I give you only pictures…..a tour of my own holiday decorations this year.

Holiday Home Tour

Holiday Home Tour

Gorgeous holiday home tour

Holiday photo cards

Holiday home decor

Holiday home wreath

Christmas tree

Detail of Christmas ornament

Birdhouse Christmas Ornament

Christmas decor in the nook

Christmas throw pillows

Holiday decorations and candles

Holiday accent pieces

Dining area decor

Oranges and pineconesHoliday centerpiece

Every year I hit the after-Christmas clearance sales to stock up on a few new Christmas decorations, but last year I stumbled across an assortment of “Gilded Noel” ornaments and decorations at Target (for 75% off!) that I just loved and I went a little crazy. It was the perfect combination of rustic and glam, and it inspired all of my decorations this year, which featured a lot of cream and gold and silver, along with lots of greenery and pinecones.

I made a lot of my own decorations this year, including the scalloped felt trees and wreath on my faux mantel, these felt snowball ornaments, burlap pillows, this felt “paper” chain, and this ornament wreath.

We got our live Christmas tree at Home Depot and it was a bargain. It was marked 8-9′, even though it is at least 10 or 11′ tall, and at $59.99 was literally half the price of the first place we went to. (It pays to shop around!)  It is by far the biggest tree we have ever had. When we got our tree I collected a whole bunch of extra greenery from the branches they cut off the trees and used it all over the rest of the house, including in my light fixtures, mantel, and table displays.

 Many of the other decorations I used–the glass hurricanes, lanterns, candleholders & trays–were items I already had around the house. At the front entrance I wrapped 3 empty boxes and set them on our old rocking chair, and then some friends surprised us with a poinsettia that added the perfect extra punch of color.

*   *   *

Where do you find your holiday decorating inspiration? Do you ever stock up at the after Christmas sales? Do you do put up the same decorations each year or do you try to mix it up?


  1. Kristi
    December 17 at 09:11AM

    Thank you for sharing – a beautiful home for a beautiful family. May God bless and keep you today and everyday. Merry Christmas!

  2. Susan
    December 17 at 09:50AM

    Beautiful, just beautiful!

  3. December 18 at 10:58AM

    It looks beautiful! Storing ideas for next year! XoXo

  4. December 18 at 12:14PM

    it all looks awesome- love the door color. 🙂 i love the photos of your beautiful girls, too!

  5. Alie B
    December 18 at 12:37PM

    What a lovely, serene home! And your girls are gorgeous! Merry Christmas to you all! 🙂

  6. Jenny
    December 18 at 12:48PM

    Looks beautiful! FYI – JoAnne Fabrics has Christmas stuff 70% off already!

  7. December 18 at 01:38PM

    Ruth, your home looks beautiful!! Merry Christmas!

  8. December 18 at 04:01PM

    Hello from a fairly new reader. 🙂 Your home is BEAUTIFUL and I love your blog! I live near Edie and she was recently telling me a bit about your blog so I had to hop over and check it out!! 🙂

  9. December 18 at 09:30PM

    Visiting from the Nester Tour! Your home looks beautiful dressed for the holidays. Love your elegant color palette. This year I was inspired by some ribbon I found at the charity store and a garland I saw in a magazine last Christmas. I live overseas and we don’t have many places to buy holiday decor from but there is one department store that has a clearance outlet and I buy in the summer when the few decorations are 90% off if there are any I love. I decorate differently each year.

  10. December 19 at 01:30AM

    I really like the old suitcases, so cool! I need to hit some after holiday clearance this year. Time to plus up the Christmas decor;-)

  11. December 19 at 10:34PM

    Everything looks perfect! So festive and pretty!

  12. December 20 at 04:53PM

    I love the felt ornament you made. So pretty. Your home looks gorgeous for Christmas. I am visiting from The Nester. Merry Christmas!

  13. December 20 at 06:58PM

    Your home is beautiful! Visiting from the Nester, now your newest follower 🙂 SO glad to have found your blog! ~Bre

  14. December 21 at 01:18PM

    Gorgeous tree! Love your Christmas home. Merry Christmas!

  15. December 27 at 03:20PM

    Your home looks so beautiful. I hope you are having a blessed Christmas season.

  16. Julie Davis
    December 29 at 10:52PM

    Your home is beautiful! I’m wondering if you are willing to share the name/brand of the wall color in your living room? I’ve been trying to find the just right color for our walls and I think that may be the one.

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