DIY Message in a Bottle Party Favors


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DIY Message in a Bottle Party Favors | DIY Party Favors | DIY Message in a Bottle | Crafts | beach Themed party | pirate themed party | cork glass use | giveaways | souvenir ideas | gift ideas | Bridal FavorsToday’s quick & easy DiY project from our recent mermaid party is also the perfect little trinket to give away at beach or pirate-themed party. You could even use these as wedding favors! They were a breeze to put together, and in my opinion, a nice change of pace from the normal plastic-toy-and-candy-filled goodie bags that accompany most birthday parties.

I found the little corked glass bottles at a daily deal site called Pick Your Plum. The site features a different deal on craft supplies each day, but  I also found some similar (but not exactly the same) bottles here on for (around $12 for a set of 24.)

Gather the supplies for your bottles: small glass bottles, corks, shells and message paper.

Here is what you need:

mini glass bottles with corks (available online)
paper or card stock printed with your messages
scissors or paper cutter
small funnel
sand (available at the beach, craft stores, or online)
mini sea-shells (available at craft stores or online)
mini starfish (I found mine at a local tourist shop; available online)
*NOTE: the starfish in the link above are apparently too big to fit in the bottles
glue (optional)

You can write a message like You Are Awesome for your bottles and then cut them to fit.

Step 1: Cut your messages into small strips that will fit into your bottle.

Use a funnel to pour a small amount of sand in each bottle.

Step 2: Add a small amount of sand to the bottom of each bottle.

Add the shells and starfish to each bottle for your party favors.

Step 3:  Add a few shells and starfish to the bottle.

Fill each bottle with your special message to your party guests.

Step 4: Add your message

Seal the bottles with the cork and glue the lid, if you desire.

Step 5: Seal bottle with cork. Use glue to secure cork, if desired. (We didn’t but probably should have!)

DIY Message in a Bottle Party Favors: Perfect for a Beach Themed Party

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What are your favorite party favor ideas?


  1. Darcy
    June 24 at 09:38AM

    These are so cute! Much better than candy.

  2. Jasmine
    June 24 at 12:51PM

    I love this idea. How big are the bottles? Could you make them into necklaces?

  3. Anonymous
    July 23 at 08:23PM

    Love it! I bought all of the items in the links and I’m finding that the shells and starfish don’t fit into the bottles. 🙁 Do you have another source for the bottles?

    • Brandi F
      July 26 at 09:21AM

      I, too, purchased the bottles from Amazon and the Starfish and was disappointed that they didn’t fit. I haven’t tried the shells yet. (I know in Ruth’s defense she got her bottles elsewhere so that’s not her fault at all) I am planning on doing this favor for a Luau Anniversary Party next month, and would like to quickly source some wide mouth bottles as well. I’m disappointed I missed the Pick Your Plum sale. I absolutely LOVE this craft though!!

    • January 22 at 05:40PM

      these ones appear to have a wider opening. Comments have mentioned that it will fit charms.

  4. Gina
    July 23 at 08:24PM

    Sorry, the comment above is me!

  5. September 27 at 12:01PM

    Love it! That’s such a great idea. We are having a small party and looking at have a craft project. I like these unfinished frames.

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  8. Kat
    March 30 at 08:52PM

    Where did you get the message paper I don’t want to roll it I want the message seen for my daughter sweet sixteen

  9. Deiman
    May 1 at 12:45PM

    Hello, what is the price of these bottles?

  10. Margaret
    July 10 at 02:10AM

    Ideas of what to put on the message

  11. September 21 at 10:55PM

    These are really great! Can’t wait to use them.
    Thanks for sharing.

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