Why I Love My Kindle Even More Than Books

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I have been in love with books since the moment I learned to read.  My childhood dream was always to someday have my very own home library filled floor-to-ceiling with books.  When we remodeled our home four years ago we converted what was supposed to be the formal dining room into a library with built-in bookshelves and while the books don’t reach from floor to ceiling, I felt like my dream had finally come true.  I was in heaven.

Simply put, books are my friends. I love the way they look.  I love the way the feel.  I love the way they smell.

When the Kindle first came out several years ago, I turned up my nose.  After all, I was a purist.   I love real books, I insisted.  I want to feel them in my hands while I’m reading and see them on my shelf when I’m done.  I liked the visual reminder of what I’ve read, liked the experience of reading a BOOK, not some silly electronic gizmo.

But then, about three years ago, I was doing some research on a particular topic and the only books I could find on the subject were Kindle books.  After hemming and hawing for a while, then searching around some more and still finding nothing, I finally broke down and ordered the cheapest Kindle option I could get (only $69!)

To say it changed my life is not an exaggeration.

To my utter surprise, I absolutely loved reading books on my Kindle.  In the years since, I have ordered two more Kindles for my own family, and have given them as graduation gifts to three of my college-bound nieces and nephews.  I went from wondering how anyone could give up real books to wondering how I ever lived without one.  After giving it some serious thought, I realized there are seven main reasons I now love reading my Kindle even more than regular books:

It’s Portable

Unlike all those pretty books on my shelves, which are heavy and obtrusive, my Kindle library is completely portable.  I’m a pretty fast reader, which means if I am going on an airplane or vacation, I will probably want to read several books along the way.  A Kindle is lighter and smaller than even one book, much less three or four.  Even if I happen to forget my Kindle and find myself waiting or needing to kill some time, I can take advantage of the free Kindle reading app on my smart phone and have all my books right there at my fingertips.  They will even sync to the page I was reading on my other device.

It’s Cheaper

Every day there are literally hundreds–perhaps even thousands–of free books available on Kindle.  Since Amazon only allows most books to be free for a few days, that list changes constantly.  The best way to keep up with the constantly changing selections is through a site like, which selects 15-20 of the very best free eBooks each day to save you the effort.

While all the free options could probably keep you busy for years to come, it is also nice to know that paid books for Kindle are almost always at least a few dollars cheaper than their paper counterparts.  That $3-4 difference can add up to a lot of money over time, especially if you purchase a lot of books.

It’s Unobtrusive

I enjoy reading in bed at night before I go to sleep but the light used to really bother my husband.  I love that with the lighted case for my Kindle, I can read to my heart’s content without any of the heavy sighs and annoyed looks I used to get.  Depending on which model you choose, it may or may not include a lighted or back-lit screen.  The $69 Kindle does not have a light, but there is a nice case available which includes light powered by the Kindle battery.  This is the one I have and it works just great!

Kindle vs Books | eReaders vs Book | Pros and Cons Kindle vs Books | Free eBooks | Reading Apps

It’s Shareable

Our one Amazon account is linked to all three of our Kindle devices, as well as to the free Kindle reading app on my phone and my husband’s phone.  This means that we can purchase a single book but still read it at the same time on our respective devices.  It also means that even if I happen to forget my Kindle, I’ve still got my books available to read on my phone.   The sharing isn’t limited to our own books, either.  As Amazon Prime members we can also “borrow” books directly from Amazon–up to one per month–then “return” them without needing to purchase them.  Some public libraries also feature a eBook lending option which is very cool.

Better Selection

There are now far more Kindle eBooks published than traditionally published paper books.  This is especially true for niche topics that might appeal to a narrow audience, as well as for technology-related books that need to stay as current as possible.  Furthermore, new books are often available on Kindle a few weeks or even a few months before they are available in the bookstores.


As much as I love my library bookshelves, they are already pretty full, which means at the rate I devour books they would probably be overflowing in just a few years.  I am perfectly content to let my bookshelves stay the way they are and let all future acquisitions stay in digital format.  This has also been a great way to keep the clutter off my nightstand, where I used to keep a pile of the books I was reading or wanting to read.


Call me lazy, but I just love the fact that I can download a new book to my Kindle in less than a minute without having to even get up, without having to go to the store or wait for shipping.   Granted, that much convenience can be a little dangerous (another reason to pick free books as often as possible) but for me the easiness factor far outweighs any detriments.  It is instant gratification at its finest.

*   *   *

Do you have a Kindle or eReader?  What do love most about it?


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  1. Barb
    July 12 at 09:27AM

    I was exactly the same way–never wanted to try the Kindle because I loved the feel of real books. Then I got one as a gift so I finally gave in and now I don’t know what I ever did without it. I especially love all the free books. So excited about discovering eReader girl!

    • July 20 at 09:07PM

      Not a purist anymore, eh? I’ve no desire to go electronic with reading.

      • Anonymous
        March 23 at 05:17PM

        Once you’ve tried it, I would like to talk to you again

    • Ann D
      October 18 at 09:21AM

      I still haven’t converted and don’t see any reason to. I love books. The feel, the look, the smell of them. Paperbacks fit easily in luggage or my purse. I get free books from Paperback book swap site and I have no desire to read in bed. And even paying $69 for one? I can buy a lot of books for $69!

  2. Kelly
    July 12 at 09:35AM

    LOVE my Kindle! Great tip about installing the Kindle app on iPhone–doing it now. 🙂

  3. Amanda A
    July 12 at 09:40AM

    I love my Kindle because our library has a HUGE Kindle library and I never have late fees! It has just about paid for itself!

  4. Jodi
    July 12 at 02:42PM

    I was the same way about thinking I’d miss having the feel of a book in my hands. Finally this winter spur of the moment I decided to try a Kindle. I absolutely love it! For all the same reasons you mentioned. I read very fast too so I love how quickly it is to move from one book to the next on it. My library also has a great eBook selection so I get almost all of my books from there. When the library has a waiting list for a new book I really want to read, the Kindle version usually has a much shorter waiting list than the book version so I love how much faster I get to read books I’m excited about.

  5. Annie
    July 12 at 03:58PM

    I can borrow ebooks from The New York Public Library that download directly into my Kindle app 🙂

  6. July 12 at 04:59PM

    I have the very basic Kindle like you, and I absolutely love it. It’s so easy on the eyes, and I can turn the page with just one click. Definitely a big fan.

  7. Bonnie-Jean
    July 13 at 02:05AM

    My husband and I haven’t been able to make the jump to kindle yet. We finally built our library (floor to ceiling bookshelves lining one wall of our bedroom) only a year ago. My husband also built us each a special box above our bed to hold the 3 – 4 books we have on the go at any one time. I understand all your arguments for transitioning to a kindle and I’m sure we’ll eventually make the jump but for now we’re staying on this side of the river.

  8. July 13 at 02:03PM

    I’m a book purist. I have borrowed a friends nook and another’s kindle, and I just didn’t like it. I’ll be a book purist the rest of my days it seems.

  9. Anonymous
    July 14 at 07:40AM

    I love both books and e-readers, but I don’t own a Kindle. I have always made good use of my library, and saving money means more to me than owing a Kindle, no matter how tempting it is, and it IS tempting. I’ve heard that one can even download from the library, but I actually enjoy going to the library, so I just never bothered making the switch. If the time comes that I can’t physically deal with “real” books, then I will happily change sides. Hopefully, I won’t then miss out on all those fantastic book covers that I so enjoy. There is a certain magic in book cover art.

    • Anonymous
      July 14 at 07:43AM

      Ooops! Owing = owning. I hate when I generate typos and the edit button fails me.

  10. July 18 at 07:08PM

    Like you, I’m a huge reader! What I love most about my Kindle is how much lighter my vacation packing is now. I read a lot of print books as well as all the fabulous freebies that I get on my Kindle.

  11. Kelli
    July 22 at 11:14AM

    I also LOVE my kindle for all the reasons you mentioned. I borrow e books for free thru my local library quite often, which is a great option too. Another reason I LOVE the kindle is that I can touch a word on the screen and it brings up the definition. How great is that?! I really like that feature.

  12. July 22 at 02:46PM

    E-readers are convenient, no doubt about it! But I will remain committed to real books! Here’s why.

    Real books are yours to do with as you wish.
    You can give away a book once you’re finished with it. A wonderful treat to give or get!
    Printed books already in existence cannot change, only future copies can be edited.
    It is hard to eliminate a real book from circulation – very easy with an e-book.
    Books enjoyed and left behind by previous generations are a window into another time. What will we offer to future generations?

    • Ruth Soukup
      July 23 at 10:02AM

      Those are all great points Gerda, and to some extent I agree with you. In fact, many of those reasons are why I resisted an eReader for so long! Ultimately though the practicality of the Kindle won me over. However, I must say I do still prefer real cookbooks to e-versions!

  13. Twila
    July 22 at 08:07PM

    I love my Kindle so much and one of the biggest reasons is the ease of going from one book, right into the next one. I read several series and who REALLY wants to wait after finishing the first one at 2 am?

  14. clare dempsey
    July 25 at 09:29AM

    And I can get a book to read when the library and or brick and morter shops are closed! As a Mom of young kids, often the only time to sit and read is after they are in bed. The e reader is the perfect solution. I do miss the smell of books though!

  15. July 26 at 09:37PM

    Thank you for this post. I was the same way – now I cannot live without my Kindle. I recently upgraded to the Kindle Fire HD from the basic Kindle and while it has it’s disadvantages (heavier, less battery charge, no option to organize your books into categories) I’m happy with the upgrade. The most awesome thing I found is that Amazon will label your Kindle’s (Kindle 1 and Kindle 2) so I can still use either device and have all my books available. I just donated over 200 books to charity and have cleared up so much cluttered space!

  16. Karina Dahl Jensen
    August 6 at 02:34PM

    Love my Kindle Fire!! I can still read without waking my baby and husband up by turning on the light!! Brilliant.. AND the “books” are so much cheaper too.. BONUS!!

  17. August 14 at 05:39PM

    Hi I am a kindle lover too – I now create content for the kindle – a great product.
    Read my book : ‘Her Wrong Side ‘ get it for your kindles from

  18. August 15 at 02:52PM

    I, too, balked at getting a Kindle when they first came out. I bought my son one for Christmas last year, and he never uses it. I decided to try it out, and I love it!!! I love the large number of freebies I find on Amazon. And, I also love being able to read in bed without having the lamp shine in my husband’s eyes.

    • Ruth Soukup
      August 17 at 06:38AM

      That lamp seems like such a small thing but it really does make a difference. My husband is so much happier! 🙂

  19. Edie
    September 3 at 07:20PM

    I didn’t think I would like electronic reading either. I started with the Nook app on my iphone when I first got it. My coworkers had Nooks. I paid for quite a few books, a few free, until my Nook app screwed up. I swapped to Kindle immediately, and I am so glad I did!!! After 6 months of Nook, I have less than 300 books for Nook. After 20 months of Kindle, I have over 14,500 books in my Kindle Library, at least 95% of them FREE!!! I am an avid reader, and made the leap to a Kindle Fire, when they first came out. Loved reading on the larger screen. I resisted the Fire HD 8.9 at first, but finally had to have it! I absolutely LOVE it!!! I haul it to work with me every day. I read at lunch, listen to music on the Pandora app, etc. It goes most places I do, and if I don’t have it, I can still read on my phone. I have found so many new authors that I would never have seen, if not for Amazon’s Kindle library. There are many Facebook pages that promote free Kindle books, and I frequent those daily to see what I can find. I just download anything that catches my eye. My favorite part has been finding a book, and find out I have most, if not all, of the series!! I am a Kindle freak! My friends tease me about the number of books I have in my Library, but I just tell them I will never run out of books to read!!! I can be a shopaholic for free!!!

  20. Anonymous
    September 7 at 03:20PM

    Best part of the Kindle for me is the ability to borrow books from my local library – any day of the week and any time of day…and I don’t have to remember to return them either!

  21. Kristin
    September 12 at 11:35PM

    My favorite feature is the highlight option. I can see all of my highlights and notes for the whole book together, and I don’t mess up a paper book with my marks.

  22. Anonymous
    September 26 at 11:10AM

    I 100% agree with this article! my Kindle is my favorite thing!

  23. Nicola
    October 16 at 04:32AM

    Hi I just love my e-reader – bought it a few days ago after longing for one for ages. There are so many reasons I like it too many to share, it’s next use will be off on holiday with me without a car stacked with books!


  24. Carl
    October 26 at 02:06AM

    I find my Kindle convenient but lately I have been very disenchanted by the price Amazon is charging for new releases, often more than the hardcover when they have to do no shipping ,no handling and the publisher has paid no printing costs. It’s price gouging and I have a hard and fast rule that I will not pay more than $10 for a book on Kindle.

  25. chris
    December 1 at 09:47PM

    I was like you. Loved printed books. I grew up in a former communist country, in a small apartment and we had more than 2,000 books in our house. Crowded? Yes, but I loved it. It was my dad’s passion and I am fortunate to have inherited it from him. I’d love one day to have a huge library in my new home or even ship some of the books my parents still have. But until then, Kindle is my best friend. Well, I read on my tablet as well, but that’s not the point. The reason I switched to Kindle was the size of the fonts. I started wearing glasses and it still bothered me. After reading a few pages, my eyes get very tired. Kindle allows me to increase the font and make it comfortable to read.

  26. Mary Wild
    December 4 at 12:19PM

    I was taught to read with a dictionary beside me. I love to read, but slowing to define a word, is frustrating. Now, I just highlight the word and the definition pops up. My vocabulary is extensive, but I still run into words I don’t know.
    I also learned to read white print on black because it’s less eye strain. Especially, if you have cataracts.

  27. Janika
    April 6 at 01:38PM

    Hi, I’d like to ask if it’s bad for kids to not see their parents read ‘real’ books, but instead be glued to a tech like Kindle? Also, is it bad for one’s eyes to read from the screen? I remember doing my master’s thesis and printing out each and every source journal there was, because I just hated to read from the pc screen.

  28. Karen Collins
    July 9 at 06:21PM

    Agree wholeheartedly – swore I would never, ever give up my beloved books (and I still haven’t for those by my favorite authors that I want to keep) but I do prefer the Kindle now, even over my iPad (which I also never thought would happen). At first I couldn’t bear the idea of parting with the feel, smell, texture, and weight of the real deal but after getting a Kindle as a gift I was quickly won over! I had already been using the free Kindle app on my iPad but the paperwhite view on the Kindle for outdoor reading versus the iPad is amazing. And it’s so much lighter in weight! Plus, when I set my Kindle down (BTW I’ve bought 2 more since for family members and am considering another) I’m not as worried about it walking away as I would my iPad. Perfect for traveling and ease of carrying multiple books at once. Don’t knock it until you try it!

  29. October 8 at 04:14PM

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  31. February 11 at 05:02AM

    Jе suis toit à fait d’accord avec ѵous

  32. Emily
    March 15 at 05:55PM

    I have a kindle but I still find myself browsing the local library and picking out physical books. eReaders are great for all the reasons you’ve listed, but I guess its just not the same.

  33. July 8 at 02:10PM

    I love the idea of having ordered the books in your school library but the arrival of the Kindle does this simplify and improve the way of reading.

  34. Dennis Raffaelli
    August 19 at 12:50PM

    I love borrowing books from the library for my Kindle. If your library is a member of MyMediaMall, you can borrow up to five books for up to three weeks.

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