4 Resolutions Every Mom Should Make


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4 resolutions

Today I am so excited to be re-introducing you to my dear friend Edie from Life in Grace.  Those of you who have been around for a while might remember her from the 31 Days of Less & More series that we co-hosted in October.  Edie and I became friends about three years ago, just a few weeks after her family lost everything in a devastating house fire, and over the years she has taught me much about grace, friendship, and hospitality.  In fact, her post just a few days ago, Finding God’s Will For Your Life, completely rocked my world (in a good way.)  Seriously, go read it right now.  It will change you.  She has guest posted here on LWSL once before, and that post, 5 Tips for Raising Kids You Like, has profoundly affected the way I have parented my own girls.  She is a gem!  

Welcome Edie! 

I may have an unhealthy obsession with the New Year. Fresh starts are like cool, mountain air to me. Maybe it has something to do with my January birthday or my tendency to want to hunker down, but January is one of my favorite months. I read a lot of books, make a lot of soups, and cozy up together on the sofa at night with my peeps and my brand new journal to write goals and plans in a fit of terrific passion and inspiration.

This year was a little different for me. I talk a lot about serving others at my blog—so much so that I wrote a little eBook on the Heart of Hospitality—a little primer on serving the people in your life. I think we’re often plagued with the haunting question of WHAT IS MY LIFE’S PURPOSE, that we forget the important work we already do everyday for the people we love. We are already serving our neighbor in so many important ways—especially the “neighbors” who live in our house. The little phrase, “Just do the next thing your neighbor needs,” kept swirling in my head.


Good or bad, habits require repetition. Once they become habitual, they become automatic: they no longer require extra thought—we simply do them. Embrace these 10 habits to really change your life!


Don’t worry, I still made THE LIST. You know the one—that says run a half marathon, make a quilt, write a book, get a book deal, make homemade donuts, etc. I’m not the queen of resolutions for nothing. But, it hasn’t been the most pressing thing on my heart. I really want to serve my neighbor in better more meaningful ways and it reminded me how often our (my) resolutions are pretty self-centered. So, I made a new list that read something like this—listen better to my children, show kindness when it’s hard, laugh more with my family, inspire don’t demand—all things my children and family need more from me.


1. Listen With Intention

Why is this so important? Consider this conversation that my husband Stevie and I have about once a year.

Me: You don’t listen to me.

Him: (silence)

Me: Did you hear me?

Him: Yes, what did you say? (looks at me over top his readers)

Me: I said, You don’t listen to me when I talk to you.

Him: Yes, I do. Give me example.

Me: Everything I’ve tried to say to you in the last two weeks. That’s your example.

Him: I’m sorry. I’m such a jerk sometimes. I’ll do better. Will you forgive me?

Me: Yes.

AND THEN?????? I promptly don’t listen to half of what my own children say to me. I am SO the pot calling the kettle black. And here’s the kicker. When you don’t really listen to the people in you life, it’s such a slap in the face. It says to them that they aren’t important to you. I don’t want to send that message to my children. And you know what else? Contrary to what you think, they don’t tell you everything. But, what they tell you is a clue to what’s important to them, to what’s going on in their life. They casually mention that someone wasn’t nice to them in math? There may be way more to the story than that, but if you’re half listening, you won’t know to probe farther. Also? Look in their eyes when they talk to you. You’ll get so much more of what they’re really trying to tell you than if you’re just half halfheartedly listening while you type on the computer. (Ahem. Not that anyone in this room, writing this blog post ever does that)

2. Laugh More

Life is hard and serious. Bills, sickness, death, the seeming drudgery of ordinary life. It’s tough stuff. My life might look rosy from the outside, but there’s so much you don’t see. And the same is true for you. We all have suffering and heartache and loss. When we lost our house three years ago, I wondered if I’d ever laugh again. Until three days later, when my sister tried to stop me from buying a dutch oven by saying in a very hesitant voice, “Ummmm, you don’t have a stove.” That was funny. I bought the dutch oven anyways, and we laughed for weeks at the fact that all I currently owned in this world was cowboy boots, a computer, and a dutch oven. (I may not be homesteader material and that’s a fact.)

My point is—find ways to laugh more. It’s so good for your body, soul, and spirit. Buy a karaoke machine and sing Stand By Your Man at the top of your lungs. That’s funny, my friends.


Or, turn on some music and have a dance party with the kids. At my house, with my dancing skills? That’s really funny. Watch a comedy or just sit for a long time and try NOT to laugh. Or make some party favors and take some funny pictures. It’s amazing what a few funny props will do for morale!


Your kids need to see you laugh and enjoy life. Stop being so serious all the time. (I’m talking to myself!)

3. Be Kind

My girls take piano from the kindest woman I have ever met. The way she speaks to my children and treats shocks me every time. It so inspires me that I can guarantee you that I’m nicer to my kids when we leave piano. It’s almost otherworldly. She’s like an angel. Have you ever had the privilege of knowing someone like that? Our ears are mostly used to hearing people yelling at their kids and speaking harshly to them. It’s such a breath of fresh air to meet someone who is genuinely kind. I’m making it my goal to be that sort of person this year. Could you be kinder to your family than you currently are?

4. Inspire, Don’t Demand

Teaching kids to work hard is part of your job as a parent. It’s important. No one likes to be around lazy, entitled adults, so let’s not raise any more of them. I want my kids to grow up to be gracious, kind, loving, and hard working. But, when you’re teaching them work ethic and responsibility, there’s a way to do it that inspires them. And when they’re inspired, they do way better work, for way longer than if your only means of getting them to do something is just to demand it from them. Then, when they’re older, they’ll (hopefully) be the type of people who are self-motivated and self-disciplined—because they’ve seen that example in you.

We’ve been doing lots of cleaning and reorganizing the past few days. Yesterday, we cleaned out the fridge AND cleaned out the Christmas storage attic (otherwise known as the coldest place in North America.) So. We made it a contest. We set a timer for an hour. My children, Nick and Elea tackled the fridge and Emme and I put on our parkas and tackled the frozen tundra. At one point, Elea came to find me, with a distressed look in her eyes and said, “Mom, I dying. It scares me and everything is sticky.” Out of the mouth of babes. We somehow survived our jobs and now our house is cleaner and my kids are wiser for it. Find ways to make them work hard without them knowing there working so hard.

Parenting is the most important job we do. I think it warrants a top spot on our list of goals!

Happy New Year!

4 Resolutions Every Mom Should Make

Edie is a writer and  lifestyle blogger sharing her grace story at her website: life{in}grace.  edieheadshotShe is passionate about lifelong learning, enjoys reading and writing about a variety of topics that include: faith, homemaking, parenting, cooking and interior design. She loves her quirky life of raising chickens, having a small garden and a brood of children. She is a devoted cook and foodie who looks for the divine among the mundane and cherishes the scared grace moments that spring up through the stony ground of  everyday living.

*   *   *

What are your New Year’s resolutions?


  1. Holly
    January 10 at 10:40AM

    Love this post! Thanks for the great reminders!

  2. January 10 at 11:01AM

    I want to be that piano teacher, and I can so relate to what your daughter said. It’s fun to sit back and experience their personalities and enjoy them for who they are while you are inspiring them to be wonderful adults, and the kicker is that WE learn so much as we teach. Great post!

    • January 10 at 02:47PM

      Yes, we do, Kari!! They’ve taught me most of what I know!

  3. Piper
    January 10 at 11:03AM

    Edie, where did you get the fabulous Anna Maria Horner napkins? Did you make them?

    • January 10 at 02:48PM

      OH, I’m so happy you noticed her fabulous fabric!! I’m working on a quilt, using her fabrics, so I just folded that beautiful piece up like a napkin. I’ve made several sets of simple napkins, though, and they’re so easy and fun!
      I’d love to spend a day (or week) in her studio!

  4. January 10 at 01:08PM

    This is so good. Numbers 2 and 4 are where I especially need to focus for 2014. Thank you!

  5. Anonymous
    January 10 at 01:45PM

    I want to really listen to my friends and family. I mean look them straight in the eyes so they will know they have my complete attention !!! Love you !

  6. January 10 at 01:54PM

    Really enjoyed this post!In fact I have been thinking a lot about this.I have challenged myself as well to do this in my challenge for this month,Reaching in and Reaching out!I think another good point when we make these goals is not to be to hard on ourself when we don’t do them perfectly and to take each one a little at a time!

    • January 11 at 07:28AM

      YES!! So true, Kristianne! Change takes time!

  7. January 10 at 03:55PM

    Great reminders! I, too, strive to be the piano teacher!! 🙂

  8. January 10 at 05:03PM

    Thank you for reminding me to put “laugh more” on my “life list”.

  9. Gwen
    January 11 at 10:20AM

    Hi, I enjoy reading your blog and getting tips to make like easier. I was just wondering if you know where that feather print is from. It’s lovely. Thank you

    • January 11 at 01:12PM

      It’s from Anna Marie Horner, my favorite fabric designer! I just checked her site and I don’t see that she has any more prints for sale, but you could email them and see when she may list them again.

      • Gwen
        January 11 at 02:51PM

        *life* not like!

        Thanks so much for the info. I’ll check it out!

  10. January 13 at 08:50AM

    I absolutely love this post. I love making goals for a new year and having a fresh start. I normally think of big goals and exciting things I want to accomplish, but I do not take the time to consider the little things. This was a nice reminder that the small things are just as important if not more. These 4 points are a great way to enjoy 2014 without all the hassle and stress. I am definitely guilty of not always listening to my kids. This is something I am going to write down on my goals for this year so that I will remember what is important.

  11. January 13 at 05:27PM

    I have just tacked these up alongside my computer–these are gems, and I hope to work towards becoming better at all of them! Thank you!

  12. January 13 at 09:38PM

    Yes – no more lazy, entitled adults! More laughs and kindness.

  13. January 17 at 05:46PM

    I can’t think of a more inspiring example for children than a mom like Edie. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us!

  14. March 14 at 11:46PM

    I am also a mother and your suggestions are really practicles…… It help us to develop ourself as a good mother.

  15. Barbara Fletcher
    June 14 at 01:36AM

    I am very inspired from your writings —-thank you——

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