Giant Homemade Bubbles

Giant Homemade Bubbles | DIY Giant Bubbles | Giant Bubbles Recipe | Big Thick Bubbles | Really Big Bubble Maker | Crafts for Kids

This is Week 2 of our 12-week Summer Fun with Kids series here at LWSL!  Today we are welcoming Cindy from Skip to My Lou, who is sharing a fun and easy way to make gigantic homemade bubbles.  For more summer fun, check out the overview page.

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Hi everyone! My name is Cindy and I blog at Skip to My Lou. I blog about simple crafts, sewing, crochet and recipes. Be sure to come visit my site if you are looking for more fun crafts and activities!

Right now we are having a blast at our house with these giant homemade bubbles. They are super easy to make! You probably have all the supplies in your kitchen right now! Be patient with this mix though…the more you play the better it gets!

Assemble your materials for the homemade bubbles: corn starch, baking powder, corn syrup and dish soap.

Here is what you need for the bubble mix:
3 cups water
1/2 cup Dawn dish-washing liquid
1/4 cup corn starch
1 tablespoon baking powder
1 tablespoon corn syrup
 Assemble some bakers twine and bendable straws for your homemade bubbles project.
Here is what you  need for the homemade bubble wand:
 some string(Bakers twine)
straws bendable straws


Cut two yards of bakers twine.

Step 1:  Cut about two yards of string or baker’s twine. Thread the straws onto the string and fasten the ends of the string with a knot. Move the knot around until it is hidden inside one of the straws.


Add mixture of water, Dawn liquid detergent, corn starch, baking powder and corn syrup into a large container the straws can fit into.

Step 2: Mix together water, Dawn liquid detergent, corn starch, baking powder and corn syrup. Place bubble mixture in a container large enough for the straws to fit inside. We used a dish tub

Dip the straw wand into the bubble mixture and begin to play outside.

Step 3: Dip the bubble wand into the solution and gently bring it out of the solution one side at a time. It will take quite a few tries until the mixture will start making bubbles. Be patient, it will be worth it. Slowly pull the string apart, allowing the bubble solution to stretch across the string.

Slowly walk backwards allowing giant bubbles to form.

Step 4: Slowly walk backwards allowing giant bubbles to form. SO FUN! Look at these giant bubbles!


We found it took some time to get the bubbles to work. The motion of our hands in the solution seemed to make it better and better. Once it started working it was amazing. Although,we found a few days later the solution didn’t work well.

How to make giant homemade bubbles.

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Cindy Hopper is a crafter, DIY-er and blogger. Her blog, Skip to My Lou,Cindy Hopper is a crafter, DIY-er and blogger. is full of free patterns, downloads and plenty of inspiration. She uses her arts education background as well as her practical experience as a mother to three children ages 21,17 and 9. Cindy hopes to share ideas that allow her followers to create memories with their friends and family.    

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Have you ever tried making homemade bubbles?  If so, how did they turn out?  If not, why not?

Giant Homemade Bubbles | DIY Giant Bubbles | Giant  Bubbles Recipe | Big Thick Bubbles | Really Big Bubble Maker | Crafts for Kids


  1. Jillian
    June 9 at 09:10AM

    Fun! We’ve never tried making bubbles before but after seeing this post I really want to!

  2. Jessica
    June 9 at 09:26AM

    I’ve been wanting to try this, today might just be the day 🙂

  3. Liesel
    June 9 at 09:28AM

    Never tried doing homemade bubbles! Looks like fun though!

  4. Mollie
    June 9 at 10:24AM

    We will try this!

  5. June 9 at 10:37AM

    I thought about looking up a bubble recipe last week. Perfect!

  6. Ashley
    June 9 at 10:45AM

    I’ve never tried making homemade bubbles. I think we will have to try this! Thanks!

  7. Ashley
    June 9 at 11:29AM

    We’ve never tried but it looks fun!

  8. Ashleigh
    June 9 at 12:06PM

    So much fun! Can’t wait to try this 🙂

  9. Sarah
    June 9 at 12:46PM

    We tried with some friends a couple years ago but I can’t even remember what we used. Definitely want to give this a try this summer, especially with the giant bubble wand.

  10. kristen
    June 9 at 02:00PM

    Never tried to make my own homemade bubbles, but I have always wanted to

  11. Michele
    June 9 at 02:18PM

    Looks like a great recipe!

  12. Amanda
    June 9 at 02:48PM

    I’ve never made homemade bubbles because I’m just lazy, haha! But these look way fun! We’ll definitely be trying them out!

  13. Kara
    June 9 at 03:41PM

    Never tried to do this but looks like fun!

  14. Michelle
    June 9 at 05:27PM

    Great idea – Its the perfect time to try it with my little guys!

  15. June 9 at 07:37PM

    I never have tried making my own, but I’m also new to the whole DIY thing! I might try and do this 🙂

  16. Rachel
    June 9 at 08:08PM

    I tried making my own when I was a kid…I would just put a bunch of Dawn in some water. We would make the bubble wand out of aluminum foil. It worked!

  17. June 9 at 08:50PM

    such a fun idea!!! Our daughter is a little young to appreciate it, but I might have to give it a try just for fun 😉

  18. Marie
    June 9 at 09:31PM

    I think I will do this soon.

  19. Gretchen
    June 9 at 11:14PM

    My kids will LOVE this! In fact, my oldest was asking me just the other day if we can make big bubble “juice” (solution). 🙂

  20. Jennifer Applegate
    June 9 at 11:21PM

    We haven’t tried making our own bubbles but we are definitely going to!

  21. ENicol
    June 9 at 11:45PM

    I used to make bubbles with my mom when I was little 🙂

  22. Tiffany Stein
    June 9 at 11:53PM

    Love this and can’t wait to try it! 🙂

  23. Valerie Ling
    June 10 at 12:16AM

    Haven’t tried yet

  24. Anonymous
    June 10 at 12:22AM

    What a great idea! I am excited to try this with the kids! Thanks!

    • Christine J
      June 10 at 12:23AM

      Sounds faaaaantastic!! The kids will love this! Thank you!

  25. Annette
    June 10 at 12:42AM

    We have had limited success with homemade bubbles.

  26. Angela Miceli
    June 10 at 03:28AM

    Thank you so much for this recipe!!! Love bubbles and we have never made them before!!

  27. Maja Nal
    June 10 at 04:42AM

    What a great idea! We have to try this today.

  28. Gill
    June 10 at 04:56AM

    What can we use instead of corn syrup here in UK? We still love bubbles, even as adults (grown up kids…)!

  29. Sandra
    June 10 at 05:20AM

    Does it all much together easy? I’ve tried to mix with corn syrup before and it didn’t work out. I go through so many bottles of bubbles that I’d love to make my own.

  30. Callie Cuddy
    June 10 at 05:48AM

    I haven’t tried making bubbles before, but will now, my kids would love this!

  31. Brynn
    June 10 at 06:09AM

    How fun! My kids would love these!

  32. Sarah
    June 10 at 07:31AM

    I will have to try these soon! We’ve never made them before.

  33. June 10 at 07:34AM

    I’ve tried, but never had any luck. We bought giant bubble solution once that was awesome. I need to get some corn syrup and try this one. Thanks!!

  34. Kristin
    June 10 at 08:11AM

    I can’t wait to try this. I love that I already have all of the ingredients!

  35. Charlotte
    June 10 at 08:15AM

    I haven’t tried to make bubbles since I was a child, but I definitely want to try again! I remember spending so many hot summer days as a child playing with the bubbles my mother made in our yard. Thanks for the tips!

  36. June 10 at 08:53AM

    This is great! My husband and I were just talking about making our own bubble mix!

  37. Sarah T
    June 10 at 08:58AM

    I’ve never tried but I’m certainly going to!

  38. Adrienne
    June 10 at 09:59AM

    This looks like so much fun. My kids love bubbles but we have never made our own giant bubbles. We are definitely trying this!

  39. miranda
    June 10 at 01:18PM

    We will be making bubbles this weekend 🙂

  40. Teri
    June 10 at 01:19PM

    I never tried making bubbles with my kids when they were younger. Now that they’re teenagers I wish I had known it was something we could do. They loved bubbles!

  41. Jane C
    June 10 at 01:21PM

    I want to try this.

  42. Jessica T
    June 10 at 01:27PM

    Looks fun!

  43. Cindy N.
    June 10 at 01:31PM

    We have never tried, but hopefully we will give it a go soon!

  44. Lisa M.
    June 10 at 01:35PM

    I have tried making bubbles before. They did not turn out well… we were all very disappointed.

  45. Anna M.
    June 10 at 01:41PM

    My daughter would love bubbles like that!

  46. Shirley
    June 10 at 01:47PM

    Will give this a try. Used another this weekend with the grand kids and it was a flop! This recipe is a really different one!!

  47. Ashlee
    June 10 at 01:49PM

    I’ve never made my own, but my kids LOVE seeing the people make giant bubbles in central park.

  48. Emily B
    June 10 at 01:58PM

    Several years ago I made some just using dawn and water. I need to try this recipe soon now that my youngest is 2 1/2 !

  49. Vivian Gouldthorpe
    June 10 at 02:34PM

    Trying it!

  50. June 10 at 02:36PM

    I’ve never made homemade bubble solution but will have to give this one a try!

  51. jennifer N.
    June 10 at 02:36PM

    I haven’t tried yet but plan on doing it this summer with my daughter.

  52. June 10 at 02:41PM

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about summer ideas
    for kids. Regards

  53. Sarah W
    June 10 at 02:55PM

    No more buying the expensive refills!

  54. Gwyn
    June 10 at 03:17PM

    I have only tried small bubbles, but this will be great to try with my niece and nephew this summer.

  55. Heather Luth
    June 10 at 03:25PM

    I have used a similar mixture before but it didn’t include the cornstarch … excited to try this on! Thanks!

  56. Cathi Ogden
    June 10 at 03:42PM

    I have never tried making bubbles but that is something my grandkids would love to do.

  57. June 10 at 03:45PM

    I have never tried homemade bubble solution, but I SOO want to try it with my three boys. Paying money for store bought bubbles is always such a let down. They rarely work. Thank you!

  58. Martha
    June 10 at 04:28PM

    Great post! Thanks!

  59. Kim
    June 10 at 04:29PM

    This looks fun! I’m putting it on our Summer To Do List!

  60. lauren
    June 10 at 04:29PM

    I’ve made basic bubble using just dish soap and water. My daughter had a blast with them 🙂

  61. SandyN
    June 10 at 04:36PM

    I’ve never tried giant bubbles, but I’d love to make them!

  62. Ellen Matthews
    June 10 at 04:37PM

    Love the fun idea!

  63. Summer
    June 10 at 07:59PM

    Homemade bubbles is on my to-do list. Never tried it before but it looks fun!

  64. Nancy
    June 10 at 08:58PM

    I think I used too much corn syrup in my last attempt at homemade bubbles. What a sticky mess that was!

  65. June 10 at 10:25PM

    I tired with just dishsoap, and there were a lot of bubbles but very small.

  66. april
    June 10 at 10:29PM

    I’ve never tried, but I think I will now!

  67. Lydia
    June 10 at 11:52PM

    We will definitely be trying this for a summer activity!

  68. June 11 at 01:14AM

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    anything completely, however this article presents pleasant
    understanding even.

  69. Toni
    June 11 at 07:59AM

    I have not made homemade bubbles before but I can’t wait to try this recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  70. Jenn
    June 11 at 09:24AM

    Can’t wait to try this today. Kids were excited when I showed them the pic.
    I am going to sub brown rice syrup for corn syrup. Hope it works as well 🙂

  71. Daniel Merrifield
    June 11 at 09:30AM

    I’ll be trying this with my kids. I remember making giant bubbles as a kid!

  72. Marsha
    June 11 at 11:00AM

    I haven’t tried to make home made for a while and never with a wand to make big ones.

  73. Dinah
    June 11 at 02:12PM

    This looks like something fun to try this weekend.

  74. June 11 at 04:50PM

    Yes, I’ve made homemade bubbles before, but it was a different recipe.

  75. Raven
    June 11 at 07:59PM

    Love this idea. I’ll be sharing it with friends!

  76. June 11 at 11:16PM

    These look so fun!! Pinning for later!

  77. Erin
    June 11 at 11:26PM

    Adding this to my summer list – we’ve never made them!

  78. June 12 at 12:01AM

    I’ve been wanting to try this! I have all the ingredients so Saturday must be the day !

  79. June 12 at 08:59AM

    I have tried before. They were a lot of fun for the kids. 🙂

  80. How fun is this, Cindy?? I love it! So glad you are a part of this series. Pinned!

  81. Melinda Wilson
    June 12 at 11:15AM

    Years ago (when my children were young LOL!) I bought a big bubble maker from a craft show using about a 3 ft long dowel, rope and an “O” ring that would slide up and down the dowel. It came with bubbles and of course I had to make more! The neighborhood kids loved it!!

  82. Carla
    June 12 at 08:49PM

    bubbles are always a hit – thanks for the great idea

  83. Lacey C
    June 12 at 09:43PM

    Cannot wait to try this with my nieces!!

  84. Nicole Millheim
    June 13 at 01:21AM

    No not yet but I am going to try this. Sounds like so much fun for the kids

  85. Vicki
    June 13 at 03:10PM

    YAY!!! My mom made these ahead of time last summer and they didn’t work. Now I know it’s because the solution doesn’t keep. Thanks for the heads up! Can’t wait for a sunny day to try this out!

  86. June 13 at 03:12PM

    This is such a great idea, my son will LOVE it! Pinned!

  87. Dayna
    June 13 at 03:36PM

    Will try this for sure – once it stops raining!

  88. June 14 at 05:42AM

    Love these for my kids — they’re bubble crazy!

  89. Lindsay
    June 14 at 11:04AM

    I have never tried to make bubbles….looking for a good recipe that is inexpensive and quick to make! This looks like lots of fun 🙂

  90. Lacey Brown
    June 14 at 02:21PM

    I remember making these as a kid, we could get some amazing bubbles. I am looking forward to trying it with my own little ones this summer.

  91. vicki
    June 14 at 04:56PM

    I so want to do this for summer!

  92. Glenda K
    June 15 at 02:53AM

    I tried when my kids were little and again with the grandkids by just pouring dish soap into their bubbles bottles but it didn’t work. I’m guessing the soap was too thick. Might have worked a little if I would have thought to add a little water.

  93. Michelle D
    June 15 at 09:09AM

    I haven’t but I saw a recent blog post that has inspired me. My one year old nephew loves bubbles and I am sure he will enjoy this.

  94. June 15 at 08:23PM

    I don’t think I’ve ever made homemade bubbles. I guess because I always found great prices on big bottles of bubble solution at the dollar store, but I have all the ingredients and am out of bubble solution … so maybe now is the time to try it out : )

  95. Christine J
    July 6 at 01:08AM

    We made these bubbles and loved them. We just used hangers for bubble wands instead of making the sting/straw wand. Thank you!

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