DIY Sharpie Stained T-Shirts


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This is Week 1 of our 12-week Summer Fun with Kids series here at LWSL! Today we are welcoming Laura from Finding Home, who is sharing a fun and easy way to make fashionable DIY Sharpie T-shirts. For more summer fun, check out the overview page.

Hello sweet readers of Living Well, Spending Less, I am Laura from Finding Home, where I share about the journey we are all on to creating a home for our families. I was so excited when Ruth asked me to be part of this summer series. When my girls were little (like little wee ones!), I was in charge of the crafts for our church play group. Now, that they are getting older, I still love to take the time to sit down and craft with them.

We decided to make fun t-shirts that could not have been easier (and mess free!).

Over the years, they have brought home a lot of tie-dye t-shirts from camps. I just did not want to deal with the hassle and mess that creates. Since I seem to be addicted to Sharpie art projects, I decided, why not make a t-shirt?

And, best of all, it can be done by almost any age child with any art ability.

To make easy Sharpie dyed t-shirts simply gather sharpies, templates and some white or light tees.

Here is what you need:

T-shirts (I ironed ours quickly first). White t-shirts will work best for this project
Stained Fabric Markers by Sharpie
Pieces of cardboard for each shirt
Print outs of the image you want to trace.

 Place the template under the t-shirt and trace the design using the Sharpie markers.

Step 1: Start by placing the cardboard inside the shirt to prevent the ink from transferring through to the back and then place the image you want to trace inside the shirt, on top of the cardboard. We found our image by simply searching on the web for “Elephant silhouette” and “whale silhouette”. A page from a coloring book would work really well also. If you child is younger and / or does not want to trace, you could also use stencils, or better yet – just have them draw what is in their imagination.

Sharpie Stained fabric markers work great for tracing all sorts of fun patterns onto t-shirts.

  Step 2: Simply start tracing the image that is inside the t-shirt. The markers have a longer tip so they can also easily be used to add details like shading if you would like. However, the work pretty easily to just draw a line. The ink feathers a little but does not run.

Color the design and decorate it however you prefer using the Sharpie Stained markers.

Step 3: After the outline is complete, you can add more details. My older daughter chose to just add “Summer 2014”. My younger daughter decided to add more details. Because, really, all purple elephants should have pink toenails.

  How adorable are these DIY Sharpie Marker t-shirts? These girls love their fresh new t-shirt designs for summer.

In the end, both shirts came out super cute. The funny part was I had really expected my younger daughter, who is 11 to be into it. While she was, my older daughter came home telling me how she had told her friends at school about her new whale shirt! According to the package directions, the shirts should be machine washed in cold water and hung to dry.

Using the Sharpie Stained markers you can decorate white t-shirts with any DIY design of your choosing.

Of course, I didn’t want to be left out, so I made a whale shirt also – but mine has a case of the pink measles. Of course, the best part is that we all slowed down for a little bit and had something to do together. That is always a win in my book!


DIY Sharpie T-Shirts: A great summer project your kids will love!

If you would like to see more projects from me and my love for Sharpies, you can start planning for Christmas and make these great Christmas ornaments with your kids. These would make great gifts with art created by your child at any age.

Thanks so much for having me here today and wishing you all a happy summer filled with fun activities that don’t cause any stress!

And now it is time for another fun giveaway! Today we are again giving away something EVERYONE can use–a $100 Amazon Gift Card–that you can use to purchase your own set of Stained by Sharpie markers (plus a whole lot more!)  To enter, just follow the instructions in the box below.

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Laura Putnam of Finding Home is a Jersey Girl who married her maple syrup making husband from NH. Laura Putnam of Finding HomeAfter living all about the country, they have settled in the Hudson Valley of NY where they are raising their two daughters. Nothing makes her happier then scouring through estate sales, junk shops and auctions to find vintage treasure to pair with her traditional style – with a little modern twist. Her blog tells the story of the journey we are all on…to making our homes a true reflection of ourselves and our families.

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What fun design would put on your Sharpie Stained t-shirt?


  1. I think I would make a onesie for our baby girl granddaughter due in September. Perhaps a little tiara for my princess.

  2. June 16 at 09:26AM

    Hmm… so many possibilities! I might do a pattern/design of some sort with lots of colors…

  3. Anonymous
    June 16 at 09:35AM

    My kiddos would love this!

  4. Jenn
    June 16 at 10:07AM

    Something easy, like a rainbow. 🙂

  5. Bronwyn
    June 16 at 10:16AM

    I think my boys would love to make monsters!

  6. Jane
    June 16 at 10:28AM

    A great summer project with my granddaughter!

  7. Ashleigh
    June 16 at 10:41AM

    Just completed this fun craft at a baby shower this weekend using onesies! Super fun

  8. Tracey R
    June 16 at 10:48AM

    My kids would love this idea! They are pretty crafty, but we haven’t made shirts before. Cool!

  9. June 16 at 11:48AM

    This would be fun on denim too!

  10. Linda White
    June 16 at 11:49AM

    I would love to make a frog shirt!

  11. Bonita
    June 16 at 11:59AM

    I would make disney shirts for my family trip to disneyland

  12. Laura
    June 16 at 12:32PM

    I love the tip about tracing. I am never sure what to draw.

  13. Anonymous
    June 16 at 01:30PM

    I am thinking something 4th of July or 1st day at school

  14. Becky
    June 16 at 02:17PM

    Maybe a butterfly! What a fun and simple project.

  15. Kara
    June 16 at 02:30PM

    I would add a beach landscape to the shirt ☀️ Loving summer

  16. Brooke Dewey
    June 16 at 02:54PM

    Announce my pregnancy in a cute way!

  17. MomofTwoPreciousGirls
    June 16 at 06:39PM

    A Seahorse…my favorite! My girls would be all about unicorns!

  18. June 16 at 09:00PM

    I’d love to let my son draw his little people he likes to draw on a tshirt, and he could wear his art!

  19. april
    June 16 at 10:38PM

    I think we would make skateboards, my boys are into that right now!

  20. julie s
    June 16 at 11:04PM

    What a great idea! Found you via pinterest. I would totally do a flamingo for my almost 2 year old, she loves them! Calls them, mingos!

  21. Jackie Crane
    June 16 at 11:28PM

    Always looking for a Family Reunion activity. Thanks!

  22. Madison
    June 17 at 02:45AM

    I would make a onesie for my daughter with an anchor pattern!

  23. Margaret
    June 17 at 05:40AM

    What a fun summer project!

  24. Christine Parlin
    June 17 at 06:29AM

    Can’t wait to try with my 4 girls 🙂

  25. June 17 at 07:10AM

    Yes! Finally someone writes about Depression Symtoms.

  26. June 17 at 07:20AM

    What a super easy and cute craft! I have never heard of stained sharpies. I think I would draw palm trees on my shirt.

  27. Charlotte
    June 17 at 07:55AM

    A sunshine design – perfect for summer!

  28. Kristi
    June 17 at 08:50AM

    Great idea! Thanks.

  29. Jen S.
    June 17 at 10:14AM

    It would have to be a flower since that’s all I can draw 🙂

  30. Amanda W.
    June 17 at 10:52AM

    My son would choose to do something Lego or Transformer. As my daughter would choose an animal. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Amanda McKee
    June 17 at 11:29AM

    I’d draw a bunny and a jelly doughnut since those are the nicknames we use for our daughter.

  32. Jeni
    June 17 at 11:49AM

    I am sure my girls would draw mermaids on their shirts. We are in a mermaid phase right now at our house.

  33. Stephanie G.
    June 17 at 01:34PM

    How neat! Something fun and colorful for sure!

  34. Stephanie
    June 17 at 01:37PM

    I think I’d make a stick figure picture of our family – my drawing abilities are zilch!

  35. Anonymous
    June 17 at 02:14PM

    I would try to trace a drawing of a family pic of us!

  36. Donna B
    June 17 at 02:48PM

    we make t-shirts every year when we go to the beach

  37. Angela
    June 17 at 03:35PM

    Owls! Owls everywhere! I’m an owl freak lol

  38. Natasha
    June 17 at 03:43PM

    My and my kids would totally go abstract and do something crazy, and maybe a little bit ocean-themed! Such a cool project!

  39. Candice
    June 17 at 04:23PM

    I would love to win this! My daughter’s birthday is next week 🙂

  40. June 17 at 05:36PM

    I am totally going to try this with my kids this summer

  41. Deann
    June 17 at 05:39PM

    I’d draw a turtle

  42. June 17 at 07:02PM

    I have a boy.. I think we’d make silly monsters!

  43. Ginni
    June 17 at 07:35PM

    My daughter would absolutely love…. may try before summer is out. May let her and her brother
    make their own homeschool tshirts.

  44. June 17 at 09:07PM

    My daughter is super creative, but my son is not. But I think I could get him to do this if I get a picture of Sonic the Hedgehog or maybe Captain America’s shield. I’m pretty excited about this! I think it could be a gateway to creativity!

  45. Jennifer Henry
    June 17 at 09:14PM

    My 18 month old is in love with lions, so I’m sure we’d be decorating our tshirts with lions 🙂 she also love coloring right now so this craft could be right up her alley.

  46. Emily
    June 17 at 09:15PM

    I could see us doing a lego head for my oldest or choosing ocean animals for summer shirts for the family!

  47. Janice K
    June 17 at 10:01PM

    Since I have boys and girls, we would make anything from minecraft to flowers.

  48. Michelle
    June 17 at 10:53PM

    Cousins tshirts 🙂

  49. Melissa Ondrus
    June 17 at 11:07PM

    Oooh, what a fun idea!! I’d love to make some beach themed shirts for summer with crabs & fish & such for my little boys! Thanks for sharing!

  50. June 18 at 01:03AM

    My daughter says….a unicorn, a unicorn! 🙂

  51. Marie
    June 18 at 10:59AM

    Something related to tennis would be awesome.

  52. Trudy
    June 18 at 11:52AM

    I would have my almost 5yr old twins make my shirt! I think this is going to be a rainy summer day activity for sure.

  53. Amanda Davis
    June 18 at 12:38PM

    I would let my 5 year old daughter design whatever she wanted. She would have a blast and it would be unique.

  54. SandyN
    June 18 at 03:58PM

    My daughter would love this!! She’d probably make a rainbow or hearts.

  55. June 18 at 06:19PM

    Super cute idea! I love crafts that are pretty much fool-proof. My girls are a little young for this (2 years and 4 months), but maybe I’ll make a set of matching family t-shirts for the 4th of July. Fun!!!

  56. June 19 at 08:24AM

    I love this– great idea and the pattern ideas are now swarming in my head–thanks!

  57. Shannon
    June 19 at 02:37PM

    I think a doodle shirt with dandelions would be nice

  58. June 19 at 10:32PM

    I would love to do this project with my kids. I’m sure my daughter would try to draw Elsa from Frozen!

  59. Maja Nal
    June 20 at 12:25AM

    I would make butterfly t-shirt.

  60. June 20 at 08:05AM

    Looks like a fun and easy and little mess type project. 🙂 thanks for the idea

  61. June 20 at 02:09PM

    Wow! That is such a neat project! I cant wait to try it!

  62. Stephanie S
    June 20 at 03:27PM

    I would draw an owl. My daughters are partial to cupcakes or some other sweet treat 🙂

  63. Kathy
    June 20 at 04:11PM

    I would draw stick-figures of my family like I see on the backs of cars.

  64. Sara S.
    June 20 at 05:52PM

    These look like a great project for my daughter and her cousins to do at our Labor Day party! I imagine they’ll want to do animals. I like the idea of stick figures of our family — maybe for me!

  65. June 20 at 07:31PM

    this is such a creative idea! TFS!!

  66. June 20 at 07:33PM

    we would probably design a shirt with a cute kitty!

  67. Anonymous
    June 20 at 07:58PM

    A Tardis or a Dalek from Dr. Who.

  68. Lacey
    June 21 at 11:29AM

    I love that someone mentioned onsies. I am not artistic and the idea of having a few patterns at baby shower onsie parties would be ever so helpful. But I pinned this onto my Adventure Girls board, we are starting a little adventure club with my daughters friends and this would be perfect for making club T-shirts!

  69. Nicole Eisenman
    June 21 at 03:54PM

    I would probably do one of my favorite animals: a giraffe, a turtle, or an elephant 🙂

  70. Jenice Greb
    June 21 at 09:47PM

    Hmmm, something botanical–leaves or flowers. Or maybe hearts. Or something Catholic.

  71. Yelena
    June 22 at 08:48AM

    What an awesome project! Can’t wait to try it wit my kids.

  72. August 1 at 09:44PM

    We made fun designs, and then dripped rubbing alcohol over it with an eyedropper…VIOLA! Faux tie dye!! The color expands and will mix with the colors next to it. I made myself a Fourth of July fireworks t-shirt that people wanted to buy from me. 🙂

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