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Our fresh new Living Well Planner® is now available for preorder, and we can't WAIT to share it with you! In fact, we are pretty sure our latest edition is going to knock your socks off! Keep reading to find out more about what the next generation of the life-changing Living Well Planner® will include, how you can get your hands on one, and how you can take advantage of our lowest price of the entire year (plus get 2 AWESOME free gifts with your purchase!)

When did we decide it that was okay to settle for ordinary?

After all—none of us start out our lives hoping for average. For a marriage that is just okay. For a career that we tolerate, but don’t really love. For friendships that are superficial. For hobbies and pastimes that don’t really excite us. For most of the time, just trying to make it through the day.

But what if you really could create a life you LOVE?

Not a life that is perfect, because perfection doesn’t exist, but a life that fills you up and makes you feel whole.

What if you could be the wife and the mom and the friend you want to be, the one you know you are inside. What if you could do the work you’ve always wanted to do, the work that sparks your passion and allows you to live in your sweet spot?

What if you were finally able to manage and keep track of all those details that so often get you off track and make you feel like you are failing? What if getting dinner on the table was effortless, a natural extension of your day, or you were finally able to get a handle on your finances and begin making your money work for you instead of the other way around?

What if you dared to give yourself permission to go after your goals and dreams? To stop putting them off for fear of failure and instead had the courage to do it scared™?

What if?

This is what the Living Well Planner® is all about. It’s the practical tool that can help you harness the power of WHAT IF.

It is your daily reminder that anything is possible.

When it first debuted in 2015, I knew the Living Well Planner® had the potential to be life changing. It was the first of its kind—an all-in-one tool not just for planning your days, but for keeping track of your budget, managing your home, planning your meals, and reaching your goals.

And in the years since, the feedback we have received has been pretty incredible. This amazing tool really has changed lives! But I also knew we could do even better.

And so we’ve continued to refine.

I can’t even tell you how excited I am to let you know that our newest edition of the Living Well Planner® is almost here!

Purchase this hand crafted floral Living Well Planner® to organize your upcoming year.

This year our design team completely outdid themselves, and hand-crafted our own signature floral pattern—a collection of bright & beautiful hand-drawn flowers on a sophisticated navy blue background. It’s both colorful and refined, and we think it is the perfect way to take your planning to the next level in the coming year.

Here are just a few of the improvements that we’ve made this year:

THICKER PAPER: We took it from 70# weight to 100# weight, a dramatic difference for increased durability, giving you an even higher quality planner experience.

The redesign of the new Living Well Planner® features pretty florals, stripes, and navy accents.  

REFINED DESIGN: In addition to our new floral cover option, we’ve updated our interior with pretty-yet-sophisticated florals, stripes, and navy accents. It’s the same planner you know & love, just a little more grown up.

Each month in the new Living Well Planner® is customizable to your preferences and schedule.

CUSTOMIZABLE MONTHLY PLANNING SPREAD: Because some people prefer a traditional Sunday start monthly calendar, while others prefer a Monday start to match the work week! Since our customers have always been split down the middle on this issue, we decided to make it work for everyone! Your planner now comes with an additional set of stickers to make your monthly calendar work for you.

The goal crushing and project planning pages in the new Living Well Planner® assist you with achieving all your responsibilities.

IMPROVED GOAL CRUSHING & PROJECT PLANNING PAGES: Our exclusive Goal Crushing® system has transformed the way our planner users get things done, and so many of our users report that these two pages—found in each and every monthly section—are their very favorite part of the entire planner. Even so, we knew we could make them even better and more intuitive, and so we did! We promise they will rock your world!

As always, the Living Well Planner® is printed in full color, and comes undated so that you can begin using it at any time. It offers space for planning out the year, as well as monthly goal-setting and monthly budget pages. It also includes labels for customizing your planner, including wrap-around monthly tab stickers that actually help reinforce the tabs while allowing you to easily find the month you are looking for.

The Living Well Planner® offers a tangible solution to the chaos of a busy life, and it will empower, enable, and inspire you to take back your time and manage your schedule, allowing you to focus on your BIG goals while still navigating the daily, weekly, and monthly responsibilities of running your home.

It is designed to help you become the best version of yourself—the mom and wife and friend and person you want to be—while giving you permission to make your biggest goals and dreams a reality.

In other words?

It is the sanity saver we’ve ALL been waiting for!

But that’s not all!


Purchase this new Living Well Planner® to also receive two free sticky pads.

Still not sure if the Living Well Planner® is right for you? Check out this 3D flip book and learn more about how our planner can help you organize YOUR life!

It IS possible to crush your goals and create a life you love.


Our fresh new Living Well Planner® is now available and we can't WAIT to share it with you! In fact, we are pretty sure our latest edition is going to knock your socks off! Keep reading to find out more about what the next generation of the life-changing Living Well Planner® will include, and how you can get your hands on one!


  1. Doris Swenson
    July 12 at 09:05AM

    I am interested, but I wish I could see the pages better. Without seeing them, I don’t know if it will work for me or not. Is there somewhere I can actually see what it says on the pages?

    • Ruth Soukup
      July 12 at 11:03PM

      Hi Doris,

      You can see the planner in better detail here: and also read all about each page and feature.:)

  2. July 12 at 11:23AM

    I’m so excited for this 🙂

  3. Denise Prokop
    July 12 at 06:02PM

    Just wanted to know can you still get the turquoise stripe with the new and approved information?

    • Ruth Soukup
      July 12 at 11:00PM

      Hi Denise,
      The Turquoise strip was not updated but the multi-stripe planner was.:)

  4. Kobi
    July 12 at 11:09PM

    Hey, just a heads-up: The embedded link to this page from the home page where it says “meanwhile on the blog” has an extra “h” at the beginning of the web address – as in “hhttps://”… so, it doesn’t actually bring you to this page. Hopefully someone on your team sees this and can fix it for you! I’m super excited about the updates and the floral design!!

  5. Kristen B
    July 13 at 11:21AM

    Is the cover plastic like it was a few years ago or is the same construction as the blue stripe?

  6. July 16 at 07:09AM

    Good day! Here is a fine offering for you.

  7. July 16 at 07:30AM

    Hi! That is an amazing offers for you.

  8. Kellie
    July 16 at 10:23AM

    The example only shows one month, correct? The planner itself will be a year of months, right?

  9. Sheli
    July 19 at 09:27AM

    Please, please consider selling day change stickers for the weekly planning pages…may be that can be purchased separately? I have purchased your planner each year since you started making planners, and I will be honest…i looked at other brands last year and this year because the Monday start gives me such grief as every other calendar we have (phone, wall, etc.) all are Sunday start. Ultimately I love your planner so I didn’t make the switch either year, but please release sheets of stickers that match your calendar colors so that those who need Sunday start can make this customized change to your planner. I realize there are other sticker options available, but I would prefer to just get them from you so that they are the right size, color, etc. and they blend well. With the month change stickers available this year it seems like an easy jump to take those sheets from the planner and have them printed as stand alone available for purchase. Thank you for your consideration…and for your wonderful planners.

  10. TMM
    August 6 at 12:15PM

    Is it still possible to purchase turquoise planner?

  11. T. Laws
    August 10 at 12:19AM

    In the future could you offer a planner that has the larger size & format of your original planner AND the current smaller size & format so that customers have options?

    I liked the previous version a lot because I write larger and am a bit more verbose.

  12. Tricia
    August 14 at 07:48AM

    Wish you had a digital version!

  13. Barbara
    August 15 at 03:59PM

    Is there a way to see the NEW planner inserts in 3D? All the links are showing me what I assume to be the previous version as I am seeing Sunday starts, polka dots and no flowers

  14. Kim Webb
    August 20 at 11:11PM

    I am looking at purchasing my first Living Well Planner however, I have one question. Does the planner have a pocket in it anywhere. I have to have a pocket to hold stamps, etc.

    Thank you

  15. October 10 at 03:34PM

    I can’t wait to get my planner! I almost broke down and bought the blue one, but I really liked the beautiful striped & floral patterns! I need this planner so bad. There is really nothing else like it for organizing a busy mom’s life!

  16. Andie
    October 16 at 01:32PM

    It it possible to order a hard bound planner instead of the hole punched paper with rings?
    I carry a backpack in to work due to the long walk from the parking lot. I’ve had other planners that I’ve bent the rings on and the pages start coming loose.
    If you don’t carry them – can you suggest someone who does?

  17. October 17 at 01:58PM

    After I originally commented I appear to have clicked the -Notify me when new comments
    are added- checkbox and from now on whenever a comment is added I get 4 emails with the exact
    same comment. Is there a means you are able to remove me from that service?

  18. December 26 at 03:14AM

    This are beautiful planners!

  19. Courtney
    June 13 at 02:59PM

    I want to purchase this planner, but would like to purchase a planner with a different cover Will other colors like the multi-colored or blue and white be available soon or is it that once they are sold out, there are no more available at all?

  20. Kayla
    June 19 at 12:13PM

    Similar question to the one above… I just discovered this planner recently and found the turquoise on sale. But it sold out RIGHT before I could place my order. I really, REALLY want a Living Well Planner but honestly do not like the floral cover. It is just too much for my tastes and I know that it wouldn’t lead to me carrying it around all the time. Is it possible to get ones with different covers still? 🙁

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