How to Reclaim Your Sanity This Coming School Year


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Ready to reclaim your sanity this school year? Join Ruth LIVE on Thursday July 26th, as she shares 7 simple strategies for making this your BEST season yet! #reclaimyoursanity #takebackyourtime #timemanagement #backtoschool #freewebinar

I think this might be what they call “the dog days of summer.”

And if you are a parent with kids still at home, you probably know exactly what I mean! It’s that time of the year when our kids—as much as we love them—are starting to drive us just a little bit crazy, and we’re starting to think about how great it will feel to get refocused come fall.

You might even be secretly counting the days until school starts again.

(Or maybe that’s just me.)

In any case, if this is you, and if you are dreaming of making a fresh start this school year, of getting back on track for your goals (or even setting some new ones), and being a whole lot more organized. Then I would love to invite you to watch the re-play of this FREE live masterclass, called “Reclaim Your Sanity This School Year: 7 Simple Strategies for Making This Your Best Season Yet.”

If you’ve ever attended one of my live masterclasses, you know that they are a lot of fun, and always jam-packed full of practical tips that you can apply right away, along with a strong dose of encouragement. Plus, you’ll have a chance to ask questions and even get feedback on your specific dilemmas.

Catch the re-play HERE

It is free to attend, but you do have to register in order to receive the link. The one thing you do need to know is that space is limited and we are expecting a very full house, so I recommend showing up at least a few minutes early if you can!

Oh, and if you don’t have school-age children at home, you are still more than welcome to attend! Most of the tips will apply no matter what season of life you happen to be in!

Because quantities are limited and selling faster than anticipated, we recommend placing your order as soon as possible.

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How to reclaim your sanity this school year.


  1. MomofTwoPreciousGirls
    July 19 at 09:15AM

    Are these ever accessible after the live event? I will be on vacation then and not able to attend live but would love to see it!

  2. July 23 at 03:28PM

    I would so love to join this masterclass, too bad the day is no good for me. Still, wish you best of luck in this class!

  3. July 24 at 03:39AM

    Thank you for sharing this useful information, I will regularly follow your blog

  4. August 15 at 08:00AM

    I’m really looking forward to my master-planner coming after the school year starts. That is perfect timing! This year, in addition to organizing my blog better (I hope – with your help!) we will continue our journey to not over-scheduling ourselves, including with limiting advanced classes for our child still in high school. It’s been hard, but we’ve found it’s so much better for our sleep and sanity!

  5. August 16 at 05:36AM

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