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31 Days to a Clutter Free Life: Guest Room (Day 26)

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Day 26: Guest Room

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a guest room, but nearly everyone is lucky enough to have guests! Whether it’s providing a couch for a friend in need or a room for a relative who’s coming to town, there are a few things that can be done to ensure your guest has a warm, safe, inviting space to make them feel right at home.

There are a few universal courtesies that all guests will appreciate. Integrating each into your guest room is a must and will really brighten their stay—plus, the care you take will ensure your hospitality won’t go unnoticed.

Even if you have an extra bedroom that is solely for guests, chances are a few other things migrate to that space as well. If your home is anything like mine, your guest room is also one of the only extra storage areas in the home! Many guest rooms, by necessity, become overflow centers for storage, bins of Christmas decorations, closets full of dance recital dresses and items that aren’t used often, but can’t quite be parted with just yet, either.

Take the time to truly consider this space and how you most want it to be used. If possible, move storage to the attic, basement and garage, or better yet, consider if the items are even needed at all. If the room serves a dual purpose, investing in a daybed, pullout couch or futon can help maximize the space. Keeping things organized and clean can ensure that your guests, when they arrive, aren’t tripping over your treadmill or fighting cat allergies during their stay.

 Objective: A welcoming space for guests that meets their needs and doesn’t “collect dust” when they are not there.

Assess the current situation: Do you have frequent guests? What purpose does the space serve when you do not have guests? How can you make the space inviting? Are things housed in the space that could be stored elsewhere?



{Get Day 26 De-cluttering Checklist here}



 1. Remove and put away any items that belong in other rooms. If necessary, use a basket to collect items, then distribute them to their proper homes.

 2. Assess the space and its current use. Remove all items that cannot be attractively stored in an organized manner.

 3. Sort, declutter, and store remaining items. Try to arrange any items that must be stored in this room to be as minimally invasive to guests as possible. Get rid of anything that is not absolutely essential, or anything you can bear to part with. After a nearly a month of decluttering, you should be getting pretty good at this job!

 4. Prepare for guests. Set up guest room amenities so they’re all ready to go when your guests arrive.

A great guest room provides:

  • A comfortable, clean place to sleep with extra blankets/bedding (fold and store at the foot of the bed or in a closet)
  • An accessible outlet for a phone charger (and your Wi-Fi password)
  • A nightstand with a light and somewhere to hold a glass of water
  • Welcoming, clean décor and space to put a suitcase or bag
  • Freedom from allergen-triggers (Fido should sleep elsewhere), loud noises and bright lights
  • Access to a bathroom with a towel and basic amenities

 An outstanding guest room provides

  • A snack, fruit or nosh for the midnight-snacker
  • An extra toothbrush, hand lotion, face wipes and reading material (store in the nightstand)
  • Privacy and solace
  • Flowers, plants, candles and other welcoming touches



Day 26 FINAL PicMonkey Collage.jpg

1. Clever Clean-Lined Room (
2. Under The Bed Drawers (
3. Bedtime Bookshelf (
4. New Neutrals Guest Room ‪(
5. Space Smarts (


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