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Day 27: Craft Supplies

Indulging your creative side can be both fun and relaxing. Crafting, painting, and even gardening and other such hobbies provide a welcome respite from daily life. Not only that, but they give an outlet for creativity, allowing us to learn and grow and to beautify the world around us.

Unfortunately the supplies used to undertake these creative hobbies can be small, easily scattered, hard to organize, strangely shaped and difficult to store. Some of us are craft addicts and tend to purchase truckloads of tools, supplies and items as we hone our skills at each new craft. It can be hard to part with craft supplies and tools because many are pricy and often there is some guilty or a “never say die” mentality, even when we’ve undertaken projects that we admittedly don’t love.

One of the key factors to organizing a craft area, whatever that space may be, is knowing when to say enough is enough. Perhaps you tried knitting, but have a half-made, lumpy scarf still on the needles, and 10 skeins of yarn in a basket. Perhaps you made Christmas ornaments two years ago and still have bags of pompoms and rickrack that you just can’t quite get rid of. Give yourself permission to let it go.

Reusable items can be donated to schools or afterschool programs. Other items, like fleece, can be cut into small “cage comforters” and donated to your local animal shelter. Think creatively about who might really get some use out of the abandoned items and pass them on!

Once you’ve let go, focus on the crafts that you truly love and feel good doing. Organize your supplies and let your creativity take off! You’ll be surprised at how free you will feel once you give yourself permission to create things you are proud of.

 Objective: Organized craft supplies that are frequently used with a storage solution.

Assess the current situation: What craft activities do you really love to do? What items are you holding onto out of guilt? Who can use the items? What does your storage space look like? How can you effectively store the items and make a useful workspace?

  Days to a Clutter Free Life Challenge | Printable Ground Rules | Clutter Free | Home Management | Home Office

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 1. Remove and put away any items that belong in other rooms. If necessary, use a basket to collect items, then distribute them to their proper homes.

 2. Sort and declutter. Gather all craft supplies. Sort them by type (adhesives, papers, fabric, cutting implements, etc.), and by project.

Keep only items that:

  • You have used for a project in the last year
  • You enjoy working with and feel good about
  • You have enough of, to be used for a solidified future project (not scraps)
  • Can fit within a designated craft/storage area

 Do not keep items that:

  • You are keeping out of guilt
  • Were used for a completed project and can’t be used for a concrete project in the future
  • Are damaged or will not be used in the future

 3. Let go! Purge all items that do not fit into the keep category or those that cannot be sorted and stored in the given space. Discard broken items and box or bag other items for donation.

 4. Clean your crafting area. Wipe down shelves, cupboards, and drawers. Sweep, vacuum, and clean glass surfaces.

 5. Create functional storage solutions for all your craft supplies. Look on Pinterest or other resources within your own hobby genre for creative storage solution ideas that fit the needs for your particular passion.

 6. Label everything! Take the time to clearly label bins and storage containers, using labels or even a Polaroid-type picture on the outside of each bin. Everything should have a designated place.


Days to a Clutter Free Life Challenge | Printable Ground Rules | Clutter Free | Home Management | Home Office

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