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Day 6: DVDs and Video Games

Video games, DVDs and other media are largely a modern phenomenon, but one that can easily get out of control. While watching whatever we want, whenever we want, can be deeply satisfying and entertaining, it can also be a major source of clutter and mess. Video game consoles become a tangle of cords, controllers and cases, and nothing is more frustrating than sitting down to watch a favorite movie only to find that it is not in the proper case.

Fear not! Taking just a little time to organize video games, DVDs and entertainment media can be simple and it will really pay off. With Netflix, HBO GO, Hulu and Amazon, almost anything can be instantly streamed and watched, which means that hopefully within a few years, DVD and video clutter will be a thing of the past!

For those films (particularly children’s movies) that get watched (or games that get played) over and over, purchase only the items you can fit in an allotted space. Store them in a labeled container or organizer and reassess frequently. Sell, donate or trade-in used films and games and never keep something that is scratched, damaged or that you no longer love.

A word about VHS: Film does not age well and many VHS tapes will naturally “erase” or become damaged and unreadable over time. If you are still holding on to home movies on VHS, it is important to have them digitally archived so you do not lose these treasured memories. Look for a local service to copy these treasures onto DVD, which you can then back up in your digital archives.

Objective: A collection of DVDs and video games that you actually watch or play, stored in a functional and organized space.

Assess the current situation: What is the current state of your DVDs and video games? Do you have too many? Are there some you never watch? Do you have empty cases or discs with no cases? How are they currently stored and organized? What are your biggest clutter struggles when it comes to DVDs and video games? What would you like to change?


Days to a Clutter Free Life Challenge

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1. Declutter. Gather all DVDs and video games throughout the house and bring to one central location to sort and declutter.

Keep only the DVDs or video games that:

  • You or a member of your family plans to watch or play again
  • Are in good shape (i.e. not scratched or damaged)

Do not keep DVDs or video games that:

  • You don’t plan to watch or play again
  • You don’t like
  • You feel obligated to keep because it was expensive
  • You feel obligated to keep because it was a gift

2. Donate unwanted DVDs and video games. Most local libraries or thrift shops will gladly accept them; you may also consider selling any games or DVDs that may be valuable.

3. Create a functional storage area for your remaining DVDs and video games. Be sure to sort them in a way that makes sense and makes them easy to access, and LABEL EVERYTHING so that everyone in your family knows where things go!

4. Have any old home movies transferred to digital format. VHS tape will break down over time, so preserve those memories by having them transferred to DVD or digital format as soon as possible.

 Printable Ground Rules

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