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Day 2: Entryway 

What better place to start our challenge than at the first place we see when we walk in? I don’t know how it works in your home, but that area right inside our front door tends to be the dumping ground for everything—shoes, purses, backpacks, umbrellas, lunchboxes, school papers, random toys and pretty much anything else that comes through our door. Thus, it is a little disheartening to walk inside and immediately see a pile of clutter!

Today’s assignment will help clear the clutter that tends to pile up in this zone and instead help create a clear, organized, and super-functional space that sets the standard for a clutter-free home.

Objective: A clear entryway that sets the tone for the rest of the home.

Assess the space: What needs to stay, what needs to go? Do we use it here? Does it have a home here? Is this the most convenient space for this object to stay.

This decluttering checklist will help you get organized today.

{Get Day 2 De-cluttering Checklist Here}



1. Clear the unnecessary-Get rid of anything that does not belong in this area or add to the functionality of this area.

2. Create space for the necessary:

  • Shoes/Boots—consider using a pretty shoe rack, baskets, or boot tray to store and contain the shoes or boots that tend to collect in this area.
  • Coats—make sure the coat closet is free and clear of clutter and contains sturdy hangers for hanging coats. If there is not closet, provide sturdy hooks or a free-standing coat rack.
  • Purses/Backpacks—sturdy hooks on the wall or placed on the back of a coat closet door make ideal storage for purses and backpacks.
  • Keys—small hooks, a pretty bowl, or an actual key rack are perfect for eliminating misplaced keys.
  • Umbrellas—a pretty umbrella stand or even a tall, sturdy vase is ideal for storing umbrellas until you need them.
  • Collection basket or baskets—it is handy to have a basket or set of baskets right at the entry to store and collect any stray items that need to be put away.


The entryway inspiration board is organized and decorated cute.

1. Pretty entry with bench (
2. Family entry with numbered cubbies and hooks (
3. Entry with shoe storage, bench, and hooks (
4. Creating a pseudo-entry with coat rack and table (
5. Hall closet converted to entry (


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