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Days to a Clutter Free Life Challenge | Printable Ground Rules | Clutter Free | Home Management | Bills & Paperwork

Day 22: Home Office

While working from has become much more common these days, everyone—especially those whose primary task is to manage the goings-on of a busy family—needs a functional space to take care of your bills, budget, and schedule. Even if you love your job, work is still work, and creating a cheery, inviting space to perform that work not only uplifts your spirit but helps increase productivity.

Find or recycle containers to create desk organizers (a little paint, washi tape and pretty paper can go a long way). Hang some art, put in a plant and do your best to beautify your workspace. It can work wonders for creativity and productivity!
Finally, designate a space for everything and sort it before it hits the desk: address daily, address monthly, file/archive. Keep your checkbook, stamps, labels and other tools at your fingertips so something important won’t get so easily pushed off into the “deal with it later” pile. Ten minutes of proactive organization a day can transform your procrastination into productivity.

 Objective: A beautiful and inviting workspace where you can address work quickly and efficiently.

Assess the current situation: Does your home office provide you with the space you need? Is this an area you can work in? Are there items there that are unnecessary for the space?

Days to a Clutter Free Life Challenge | Printable Ground Rules | Clutter Free | Home Management | Bills & Paperwork

{Get Day 22 De-cluttering Checklist here}



 1. Remove and put away any items that belong in other rooms. If necessary, use a basket to collect items, then distribute them to their proper homes.

 2. Collect loose papers. Put all paperwork in an out-of-the-way area to be addressed in tomorrow’s challenge.

 3. Sort and declutter. Empty, sort and organize all desk drawers using small containers or boxes. Keep only office supplies and items that you use frequently or can use up in the course of a year. (Try donating excess supplies to a school, church or other charity.)

 4. Organize office supplies into containers. Put only frequently used items on the desktop, and all others should be housed inside the desk. A paper sorter or file area should be easily accessible. Include a mail center or drawer with stamps, envelopes and blank stationary.

 5. Dust and clean. Wipe down dusty areas and use compressed air to clean the back of your computer, keyboard and hard-to-reach areas. Fully wipe down your desk chair, shelves, windowsills, and any other areas that may be collecting dirt or grime. Sweep & vacuum as well.

 6. Organize cords, using zip ties or clips and labeling each.

 7. Hang a bulletin board. Use this to house clippings, photos and inspirational items.

 8. Decorate & beautify. Consider adding a plant, relaxing pictures, or other items to warm the space and make it relaxing and inviting. However, be careful not to add in new clutter after taking it away—instead be very intentional about what you allow in this space. Finally, make sure your chair is comfortable and ergonomic and that the space is well-lit and easy to navigate.


Days to a Clutter Free Life Challenge | Printable Ground Rules | Clutter Free | Home Management | Bills & Paperwork

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