Day 14: Master Closet and Drawers

Closets vary greatly in shapes, sizes and storage solutions. Just like variations in each person’s own personal style, each closet is completely different too. Perhaps you share a closet with your spouse. Perhaps you are lucky enough to have a walk-in closet. Perhaps you live in an apartment where an out-of-the-box wardrobe is your only solution to clothing storage.

No matter the space, having a closet that is easily accessible, clean, organized and beautiful is key; your entire persona, your style and your sense of self will benefit from having a great closet.

Imagine quickly finding items every morning and always having great outfits that are in-style, clean, in good repair and fit properly—right at your fingertips! How much easier would that be, rather than frantically searching for a matching pair of socks, dealing with a broken heel, realizing there is a snag in your sweater, or discovering a fallen pant hem?

Not only does proper closet storage make it easier to feel and look great, but it truly prolongs the life of your clothing because closet organization means your clothing is not stretched, smashed and wrinkled, or tossed on the floor. You will get more wear out of your outfits and they will last longer when they are stored neatly with plenty of space.

 Objective: An organized master closet space that houses your current wardrobe in a clean, easily accessible manner.

Assess the current situation: What items need repair, are soiled, stained, snagged or show signs of wear? How much closet space do you have, realistically? What accessories need to be stored in your closet and do you have the proper containers to do so? Do you love everything in your closet? Does your clothing flatter you and is it currently in style?

DAY 14

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 1. Remove and put away any items that belong in other rooms. If necessary, use a basket to collect items, then distribute them to their proper homes.

2. Assess each item of clothing in your closet and drawers—does it fit? Is it flattering? Is it in good condition? Have you worn it in the last six months? This may require that you try on items, one at a time. Sort your clothing into three piles—keep, donate and maybe.

Keep only items that:

  • Fit, flatter and make you feel great
  • Are in good to excellent condition
  • Are part of an outfit or “go” with other items you own
  • Are classic cuts, stylish and well-made

 Do not keep items that:

  • You are holding onto out of regret or guilt, or to those items you’re hoping to fit into again “someday”
  • Are soiled, stained or cannot be quickly pressed or repaired
  • You don’t feel great and confident wearing
  • Were trendy at the time, but are now painfully out of style
  • You have not worn within the last six months (or the last year for special occasion items)

 3. Re-assess the maybe pile. Discard anything that cannot be repaired or cleaned within one week. Let go of anything you don’t love or that doesn’t fit.

 4. Assess shoes. Polish if needed and wipe bottoms with a damp cloth. Store all shoes in a shoe rack or container.

Keep only items that:

  • Fit
  • You can wear for an entire day or walk in for a half an hour
  • Do not require more than a polish or a quick fix (or those you will repair within one week)

 Do not keep items that:

  • Are uncomfortable
  • Are out of style
  • Will not fit in your allotted space

 5. Assess folded items and accessories. Hang scarves and ties on proper hangers, discard or donate any item you have not worn or used in six months. Store handbags, empty and clean, stuffed with tissue paper and housed in stackable boxes.

 6. Hang clothing by type, length and color. Face hangers the same direction, leaving at least half an inch between each item. Use proper hangers for slacks and skirts. Keep only items that will fit in your allotted space.

 7. Keep it organized. Going forward, start on one side of your closet and wear a different item each day, taking a quick snapshot of yourself each morning. When you get to an item that you don’t want to wear, or discover upon wearing that it doesn’t fit, flatter or needs to be fixed, discard or donate it rather than putting it back in the closet.



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