Looking for cute Easter basket fillers that your kids will love? It can be hard to find affordable items that look cute, fit in a basket, and aren’t 100% candy or chocolate. But it can be done! 

Here are our 2022 Easter Basket finds from stores like Dollar Tree, Five Below, and PopShelf. These are great places to find these non-candy Easter basket fillers on a budget.

8 Easy Easter Basket Filler Ideas (That Aren’t Candy)

To start, we found four of these fillers at Five Below:

Fidget toys

Taking your kiddos to Easter church service or driving to Grandma’s for a family dinner Easter weekend? Fidget toys will give them something to do that isn’t pulling on your shirt every five minutes! Not to mention, they won’t break the bank, either!

Stuffed animals

A sweet stuffed animal will give your little one something to snuggle this Easter! Whether it’s a chick, a rabbit, or the classic teddy bear, this gift is sure to win over every bunny in your home this holiday, and makes for great photos, too!

LED light up gadgets

Want to win the coolest parent award this Easter? Show the lights of your life just how bright they make things with a fun LED light-up gadget. They’ll love using it as a flashlight when fort building or on a family walk!

Fun socks

Nothing is cuter than tiny toes in adorable socks. Pop a pair of Easter-themed socks into your children’s baskets and watch their smiles hatch! Hot tip: Find ones that match their Easter outfits to make wrangling them even easier! 

Here are some other non-candy Easter basket filler ideas  in the same price range:


Bubbles are the gift that keeps on giving. Not only are they cheap and easy to toss in an Easter basket, but depending on your kiddos’ age, they require almost no supervision from parents! Give yourself a post-Easter egg hunt break while your kids play!

Coloring books

Just in case you don’t have enough artwork covering your fridge, a new coloring book will bring your miniature artist’s creativity to life! Find a Spring or Easter-themed coloring book, or just their favorite of the moment, and let their artistic side run wild! 


Spring may have sprung, but wintery dry skin is still a thing! Chapstick is an easy Easter basket filler that will go easy on your wallet! Yes, they’ll probably lose it within two days, but the two times they use it before that will be totally worth it! 


Who doesn’t love stickers? Probably any mom who has scraped one off her car window, but that’s a story for another time! Tell your peeps that the Easter Bunny said their new sticky treasures are for paper only and see what masterpieces they create! 

…And Some that Are Candy

And okay, okay, we aren’t complete monsters. We included some sweet treats we found at the Dollar Tree. What’s an Easter basket without a little candy?

Assembled Easter Basket

Easter is a time to celebrate. Whether yours is faith-filled, family-filled, or just spent being grateful that winter is FINALLY over (at least on the calendar), you can give your kids an awesome Easter basket without spending part of their college savings. Just think about what can bring you little moments of peace while giving them little moments of joy and go from there. Remember, they’re really in it for the candy, anyway. Cheers to an extra cup of coffee before their sugar crash, and a very Happy Easter to you all!

Chasity Breshears

Chasity Breshears

Chasity Breshears is an interior designer offering virtual consultations and mom of two boys (& Sarge, the Boston terrier) living in Nashville, TN. She partners with her husband Scott to help homeowners reimagine the space they have into the space they want.


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