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One Bowl Brownies

Craving chocolate? These amazing brownies whip up super fast in just one bowl, and you can even make them out of leftover candy instead of chocolate chips! I seriously didn’t believe homemade brownies could beat the box version, but this recipe proved me wrong!

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Brownie S’mores

Love s’mores? While nothing beats the original, not all of us have a campfire waiting in the backyard. Luckily in this delicious Brownie S’mores recipe, our classic campfire treat is all grown up with a modern twist that is sure to please kids of any age!

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Create a Stop Doing List

Ever feel like you just can’t keep up? The pressure we put on ourselves to get it all done can sometimes be intense, but the reality is that we don’t have to do everything! Here’s how to create a stop doing list with 10 things you can take off your plate TODAY!

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