The Beginner’s Guide to Coupons

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If you are overwhelmed by the prospect of clipping hundreds of coupons every week or don’t even know where to begin, this series is for you.

Maybe you watched an episode of TLC’s Extreme Couponing and now wish you too could save hundreds of dollars on your grocery bill each week.  Well guess what?  You can!  While you do have to remember that the show is filmed to be as extreme as possible, (and there is no real reason to buy 1,000 tubes of toothpaste), anyone can save money with coupons.

Over eight simple lessons, I break down the couponing process into easy-to-follow baby steps, complete with weekly assignments to get you started on your way to extreme coupon savings.  By the end of the series, you will not only have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of extreme couponing, you will also know how to save megabucks at the drugstores and will have established a plentiful stockpile.  

1. Part One:  How to Start

2. Part Two:  Your First Shopping List

3. Part Three:  Mastering the Store

4. Part Four:  Building Your Stockpile

5. Part Five:  Walgreens

6. Part Six: CVS

7. Part Seven:  Rite-Aid

8. Part Eight: Taking it to the Next Level

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NOTE:  The LWSL Beginner’s Guide to Coupons is a free resource that includes eight written lessons.  It is intended to be comprehensive, and to break the process of extreme couponing down into very simple terms.  That said, it is not for everyone.  If you learn better by listening, rather than reading, you may want to instead check out Grocery University, an in-depth coupon class that includes more than 2 hours of downloadable audio lessons. The LWSL Beginner’s Guide to Coupons is the sole property of Ruth Soukup and Living Well, Spending Less Inc. Do not distribute or copy without the express written permission of the owner. For re-distribution information and permission, please email

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