I had a lot of fun tonight making the tissue “puffs” for Maggie’s crafty pool party. I thought these would look cute hanging from the ceiling as a more chic alternative to balloons. Of course M.’s only response was  a very pathetic “I’m not going to have balloons for my birthday?” So we’ll see.

These tissue paper party puffs are perfect party decoration and an easy DIY!

Anyway, they were super easy to do, and relatively inexpensive (as long as you can get a good deal on tissue paper!)

It's so easy to make these festive party poufs from tissue paper.

Step 1:  Layer 9 sheets of tissue paper. Cut in half (will make 2 puffs).

Fold the sheets of tissue paper into a fan pattern

Step 2: Fold tissue in a 1/2″ accordion fold.

Scissors and wire are used to make these DIY tissue paper party puffs.

Simply cinch the pompom with wire after folding the tissue paper.

Step 3:  Tie middle with floral wire

Use scissors to snip the ends of this tissue paper party balls.

Step 4:  Using scissors, round off both ends.

These tissue paper party puffs look festive and fun at any party.

Step 5:  Starting from the middle, peel off and “fluff” each layer of tissue to make a round ball.

These DIY tissue paper party puffs are easy to hang and are inexpensive to make.

Floral Wire-$1.99
Tissue Paper-$4.59
Total Cost: $6.58


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