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It’s Back! Get Your 2018 Holiday Planner FREE for a Limited Time!

Longing for a holiday filled with peace, love & joy (and a whole lot LESS stress?) Our annual Living Well Spending Less Holiday planner™ is back and better than ever before. Use it to focus your priorities, set your holiday budget, organize your schedule, prepare your gift list, and plan your menu. It’s an amazing resource, one that might just change everything for you this year. And it’s FREE, but only for a limited time. Grab it now while you can!

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Secrets of Aging Gracefully

Feeling a little depressed about all those candles on your birthday cake? Getting older doesn’t have to be a bad thing! While our bodies might not be quite as taut as they were in our 20’s, with age comes wisdom, and there are plenty of ways we can mature with grace, beauty and joy. Don’t miss these 13 simple ways to ensure YOUR best is yet to come!

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30 Awesome Gifts Under $30

Finding the perfect gift can be a challenge, especially when you don’t have much to spend! If you’ve still got some shopping to do (or haven’t even started yet) you will not want to miss these 30 awesome gift ideas for $30 or less! From kids to adults, these creative, practical, and thoughtful gifts will dazzle even the most challenging person on your list!

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How to Plan a Party in 48 Hours

Don’t have time to plan the perfect party? Sometimes leaving things until the last minute isn’t all that bad! If you’re kicking yourself for not starting earlier, you will not want to miss these fun ideas for how to plan to plan a fabulous (and budget-friendly) party in just 48 hours!

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