Happy Daisy Party Square
Good people deserve great parties. LeeAnn is one of the best people I know, so naturally her surprise 40th birthday party was tres fabulous. It was a reflection of the wonderful person she is.

This DIY fabric wreath is a nice decor touch to the front door.

These white daisies pop with the blue vases. Any guesses as to her favorite flower?

These cute candles make a great party gift.

These sugar cookies decorated to look like daises are adorable.

The DIY paper party garland above the dessert table is colorful.

The dessert table: cannoli cake & a variety of fresh-baked cookies (LA’s favorites!)

This birthday cake frosted and shaped like a daisy flower is unique.

This floral birthday banner is festive for the celebration.

These daisy centerpieces are so cute.

These napkins wrapped with turquoise ribbon add to the party's theme.

The outside decor for this birthday party is flower themed and so cute.

The appetizer table looks delicious with crackers and dip and shrimp. These pictures add a personalized element to the birthday party. This homemade sangria is a refreshing beverage at the party.

The birthday girl and guest of honor is surprised at her party.

Shock and awe.

The hosts of the party and the birthday girl pose for a picture.

The party co-hosts and the birthday girl.

The spread at this appetizer table looks delicious.

The birthday girl poses with a close friend.

 The birthday girl poses with friends at her party.

This daisy centerpiece with a candle is elegant.The blue vases compliment the white daises. All the guests pose for a picture at the surprise daisy themed birthday party.

Candles add elegance to the party's ambiance. Votive candle floating in water add a classic look to the part's decor.

The various candles add light and whimsy to the party.

Guests at the surprise birthday party pose for a picture.

The birthday girl and her mom watch a homemade video montage.

A look back at the past 40 years.

A guest lights the candles on the daisy birthday cake. This video montage of the birthday girl is a fun, personalized element.

This birthday cake is chocolate and vanilla layered.

Happy Birthday, LeeAnn!

In order to stay within budget, we did a lot of DiY projects for the decorations, many of which I will be sharing with you over the next couple of weeks.

Here are a few other ways in which we kept the party budget under control:

  • Rather than have the party catered, we did our own cooking and baking, and enlisted the help of some mutual friends. The menu was Italian, a tribute to LeeAnn’s heritage, which worked out well with the fact that it just happens to be Italian Days at Publix right now. Let me tell you, the thought of preparing Italian food for a bunch of Italians was a little nerve-wracking, but Dawn, Jimmy, & Melissa, who prepared all of the main dishes, did an awesome job and came through with flying colors. (Thanks again!)
  • For all those amazing daisies we shopped around and found the best price at–where else–Publix. The in-store florist found us a great deal, and I even used a coupon, making them an even better deal.
  • We “shopped” our own homes for vases, candleholders, & tablecloths that would work with our theme. I also “shopped” my stockpile for much of the food, liquor, & mixers.

Happy Daisy Party Vertical


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