In life it's okay to sometimes break the rules and dare to be different.

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We’re all wired to follow rules. It’s human nature.

We talk a certain way, we dress a certain way, we follow instructions and self-edit and self-

regulate. We don’t dare rock the boat. We pay attention to what everyone else is doing and try to keep our own behavior in line. Whether we realize it or not, most of us are rule followers,

But here’s the thing: rules are for suckers. Chances are that some of those rules, especially unspoken ones, are holding you back.

I’m not telling you to break the law or anything like that. But instead, understand that nobody ever got anywhere by playing it safe. That means you don’t have to do anything just because it’s what other people expect of you.

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In Episode 7 of the Do It Scared podcast, I reveal three ways you can break free of the rules that might be keeping you from the life you want.

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Making decisions in life can be tricky.


Just because someone says something is true, or it shows up on the internet, or because “everyone” is repeating it as fact, doesn’t ACTUALLY make it true. That’s where good old-fashioned common sense and critical thinking skills are so important. The next time you hear something that everyone is talking about—or freaking out over—ask yourself, “Does this actually make sense?” You need to actively avoid being caught up in group think mentality and start engaging your own critical thinking skills to decide whether what you are hearing actually makes enough sense to follow in your own life.


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For the most part, we accept the rules that are handed down by the authority figures in our life without question. This is just our NATURAL SURVIVAL INSTINCT. Questioning our boss, or choosing to ignore his rules could get us fired, so we don’t. Choosing to disobey the law could get us arrested so we don’t. But what about when authority is wrong? It is important to understand that as humans, we are wired to do what we are told when those instructions come from someone we view as an authority figure. But questioning authority is essential for making smart decisions.


Just because something has always been done a certain way, doesn’t mean it always needs to be done that way. If you think about it, almost every great invention or technological advancement in our society has happened because someone DARED TO BE DIFFERENT and did something in a completely new way that had never been done before. But it’s hard to be different. None of us want to be seen as strange or weird, or open ourselves up to criticism or ridicule. And yet, why not? Because, when you think about it, what do we really have to lose? Stop worrying about whether or not you fit in and break free.

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This week's podcast episode is all about daring to break the rules.

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