Today we are welcoming Courtney from ,who is sharing an super cute fans for  your community .

 Happy Summer LWSL! I’m Courtney and I blog at I love creating ideas for families that impact the heart of children. Our kids are so capable of making a difference in the world around them. We just have to invite them to the party.

We can take our ordinary moments and summer days and make incredible impressions upon their hearts. Today, I’m sharing how to make a DIY summer fan – with purpose. You can take these fans and cool off your community with kindness. This begins as an ordinary craft and ends as a family experience in generosity. My kids learn much quicker through experiences over lectures. The printables for these fans are not available but head on over to my blog. I’ve got more fun downloads there from lollipop tags to ice cream wrappers and more. I’d love to get to know you and your families.

 Supplies for the project

Here is what you need:

 1 package of standard paper plates (the sturdier the better)
Glue stick
Popsicle sticks
Paper Plate
Some design ideas *these printables are no longer available* But feel free to make your own personal design.
Fan Style 2
Fan Style 3

 Step 1: Print as many copies of these files as you’d like for your fans. Or, you can have your kids color your own message onto the plates for a very personal effect. Cut the circle out to fit the inner (flat) circle of your plate and then glue the circle onto the plate.


How to create a "Cool to be Kind" fan

Step 2: For handle, glue and tape on two popsicle sticks together.

Who needs a "Cool to be Kind" fan?

 Step 3: Make a list before you leave.

Make a list of recipients before you leave

 Step 4: Be sure to ask your kids their opinion. Who might need to cool off? Who works hard in your area outside in the summer? Get their minds and hearts engaged in the activity.

Be Prepared For All:

On our journey of doing this year-round, we have encountered tears, hugs and sometimes weird looks. People aren’t sure what to do with random kindness in our world. So don’t let them lose heart – and parents stay close to help explain why you are doing it.

 Delivering "Cool to be Kind" fans

“My kids made some fans to help cool off those working really hard outside this summer – as a way to say thanks! (Then, let kids hand them to the person).”

You can pass out 5 or 50. The number doesn’t matter. It’s really about the discussions with your family and getting their hearts focused on others.

For the rest of my Summer Light ‘Em Up – 25 Ways to Teach Generosity this Summer – head on over to my blog. I’ve got more fun downloads there from lollipop tags to ice cream wrappers and more. I’d love to get to know you and your families.

DIY Cool Off Kindness Fans


How do you teach kindness in your home?

Courtney DeFeo

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Courtney DeFeo creates practical ways for families to believe in God and impact others. Author of In This House, We Will Giggle. Creator of ABC Scripture Cards.
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