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DIY Rainbow Garden Markers

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DIY Rainbow Garden markers, the perfect addition to your garden.

My husband and I have been *trying* to grow a vegetable garden for almost four years now. Suffice to say, in those four years we have learned that a.) gardening is not as easy as it looks and b.) that despite our best efforts, we are just not very good at it. But we keep trying! And this year, our little garden–at least parts of it–look like they might actually make it.

I can’t help but think these little rainbow garden markers have made all the difference.

Wishful thinking?


Even so, they are super cute and make our still-somewhat-pitiful garden a little more fun to look at. And since I already had all the supplies I needed on hand, they were more-or-less free to make. Works for me!

DIY Rainbow Garden Markers

Here is what you need:

paint stirrers (free at Home Depot!)
assorted acrylic paint
acrylic sealer
slick & puffy fabric paint
drop cloths or newspaper

DIY Rainbow Markers

Step 1: Paint first side of stirring sticks in assorted colors, leaving the bottoms unfinished. Let dry.

DIY Garden Markers

Step 2: Flip sticks and paint reverse sides. Let dry. Repeat steps 1 & 2 for a second coat.

Garden Markers Ideas

Step 3: Brush sealer onto one side; let dry. Repeat for reverse side.

Garden Markers Hacks

Step 4: Carefully write names of herbs, flowers, fruits, or vegetables on each marker with fabric paint; let dry. If desired, repeat on second side.

Garden Markers Hacks

Place in your garden to mark your plants & you are good to go.

DIY Garden Plant Markers

I made them for our vegetable garden, but I think they would also be super cute in herb pots or flower gardens as well!

Looking for a cute and fun way to decorate your garden? These DIY Rainbow Garden Markers are adorable and a snap to make!


  1. Debbie
    March 31 at 09:28AM

    Ruth, These are very cute. If you have anything at home that can work as a trellis, put them by your cucumber plants.. they will vine upwards and will grow even better, it also helps the fruits as this way they are not laying on the ground to rot as they grow. I have been trellising mine for 3 years now and they respond so well! Good luck with the garden. I’m here in Chicago and can’t wait for us to have warm enough weather to start tilling up my dirt!

  2. Gabrielle
    March 31 at 10:09AM

    Wow, what a cute project! And cheap too! I will do that for sure, thank you for the tutorial!
    I was wondering if you used a specific kind of sealer and if the wood was affected by rain or humidity! Here in Canada, we can have lots of rain in the summer, and I would like to keep the markers for as long as possible.
    I have two tips for gardening: plant what works best for your soil (sandy soils are best for carrots and other root vegetables, heavy soils are perfect for squash, cucumbers, etc.) and rotate every year! My in-laws used to plant their vegetables in exactly the same spot every year, and when they did a rotation, they saw a huge difference!

      April 18 at 12:44PM

      Try MOD PODGE outdoor! Works great! Seals everything!

  3. I would love a small garden myself. I’ve tried twice though and failed both times. I just want easy though. 🙂 The only thing that always made it was my cucumbers, so I think I may try those some zucchini and tomatoes this year. Wish me luck!

  4. March 31 at 11:59AM

    I’ll have to get making some of these wiht my boys. I’ve started them off with their own veg garden this year focusing on plants we can grow in pots so they can tend them easily themselves. They will have carrots, peas, runner beans, radishes, potatoes, mini cucumbers, tomatoes and some edible flowers all going well.
    I too will grow lots of different veg and try to start alot of them from seed myself. For a lot of plants I like to start them off in pots and get them well established before transplanting them to the garden. As others have said it’s important to pick plants that are suitable to your soil and the microclimate in your garden – sunny, shady, partial shade and to rotate plants every year.

  5. March 31 at 01:41PM

    Nice way to decorate the garden!! We wish we could have enough space and time for a garden…this is going to be one of our future projects!!

    Today we have an special post! You should check out our new geometric colorful chair!!

  6. April 2 at 08:50PM

    I try to grow garden in our balcony using pot. I hope its work. I used to have garden in my back home and we grew corn, guava, banana, spinach miss that day. This is such a great idea with the sign and very colorful !!

  7. April 4 at 10:22AM

    Oh, now these are just adorable! I’m the girl who plants a huge garden and then forgets what kind of tomato is what every summer LOL. I might have to make some of these 🙂

  8. April 4 at 05:39PM

    great idea I always need garden markers

  9. April 4 at 09:34PM

    I have found that using raised bed gardening makes a huge difference in the quality and quantity of my produce. It is a little extra work in the beginning but makes gardening more efficient in the long run.

  10. April 4 at 09:38PM

    Sorry, I forgot one thing. I noticed that you are growing lettuce. Here in PA, lettuce is more of a cool season crop. I’m not sure what your temperatures are like in FL right now, but if your lettuce has been one of the crops that doesn’t do well, you might try planting it a little earlier. Anyway, love your post!

    • Ruth Soukup
      April 5 at 09:47AM

      Thanks for the tip Becky! We really have NO idea what we are doing! 🙂

  11. April 10 at 09:37PM

    I love this idea so much! I need a great project to get my kids involved in the garden. I’m linking to your wonderful idea in my Fridays 5 Favorites on my blog!

  12. Before 2 years i started to maintain a little garden full of flowers and vegetables for using a piece of my land. At that time I was unknown to gardening but my wife told me each steps and learned me more about gardening. She learned me that gardening is not a work but it’s a act of caring and showering love the plants. Really, Gardening is not a child’s play but its no so hard if you’re determined to complete you desire.

  13. November 16 at 12:23AM

    Wonderful idea and these garden markers are looking pretty but it is not long lasting, instead of wood slice you can metal garden marker which lasts forever.


  14. March 25 at 06:35AM

    We decided to move recently and I have a nice organic garden in the side yard. I wanted a way for other realtors and potential buyers to see what was growing, so I made these cute markers. And my house sold in 24 hours!! Thanks for the awesome (and affordable) idea! 🙂

  15. Amy
    May 24 at 03:19PM

    Just curious as to what size you did them. Did you use the paint sticks that a person would use for a gallon of paint, or did you use the big ones that are used for like a 4-5 gallon paint bucket?

    • Ruth Soukup
      May 24 at 09:38PM

      They were the paint sticks that you would use for a regular gallon of paint. 🙂

  16. May 31 at 04:41AM

    Pretty cool. Love the idea!

  17. May 31 at 07:51AM

    I have these except I sprinkled glitters, is that too much? 🙂

  18. August 19 at 09:06AM

    Ah, great idea, this year I used painted stones as garden markers, but I think this rainbow sticks are more practical when the plants grow up. I will try with them next year.

  19. Paula
    September 5 at 03:34PM

    Get one book~
    The Vegetable Gardeners Bible
    Shows you what plants to put together and how to do for small spaces which means less work.

  20. September 21 at 04:26AM

    My kids love that post 😀

  21. Elaine Gross
    January 23 at 03:05PM

    I love this idea. I am painting mine now, getting ready for spring.
    I plant sunflowers in a circle and then plant my cucumbers close to them. They will climb up the sunflowers. This works great for me. Also provides a little shade for the cucumbers so the leaves don’t get burned from the sun.

  22. March 14 at 07:26AM

    Awesome idea! My kids will love the post. Now I can make them busy in the garden. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Susan Swartz
    April 2 at 12:38PM

    These would make cute Fathers Day gifts for a dad who gardens. My grandchildren would love doing this!

  24. Tonya D
    June 3 at 06:43PM

    This is a great idea. I have gardened for years and never thought of this. I love recycling, painting, and gardening. So this is a win, win, win. Thanks for sharing!

  25. October 5 at 03:38AM

    Look cool. I love this rainbow garden. How to build something liket this? Can you suggest the cost?

  26. October 5 at 03:40AM

    Nice to see this. I hope I will get something like this cool garden.

  27. November 8 at 08:58PM

    I love these types of DIY projects, especially when it comes to creative indoor gardening projects. I set up an indoor aquaponics system with fish and all.

  28. December 17 at 05:24AM

    What if i want a light?

    Which can grow indoor?

  29. December 19 at 09:00PM

    Thanks for your suggestion. I will check this out and share with my friends.

  30. March 27 at 09:00AM

    It’s a great idea.
    Thanks for your suggestion!

  31. April 2 at 09:15PM

    Thanks for this wonderful DIY projects! Now I can work in peace while I keep my kids busy with it.

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