DIY Rainbow Garden markers, the perfect addition to your garden.

My husband and I have been *trying* to grow a vegetable garden for almost four years now. Suffice to say, in those four years we have learned that a.) gardening is not as easy as it looks and b.) that despite our best efforts, we are just not very good at it. But we keep trying! And this year, our little garden–at least parts of it–look like they might actually make it.

I can’t help but think these little rainbow garden markers have made all the difference.

Wishful thinking?


Even so, they are super cute and make our still-somewhat-pitiful garden a little more fun to look at. And since I already had all the supplies I needed on hand, they were more-or-less free to make. Works for me!

DIY Rainbow Garden Markers

Here is what you need:

paint stirrers (free at Home Depot!)
assorted acrylic paint
acrylic sealer
slick & puffy fabric paint
drop cloths or newspaper

DIY Rainbow Markers

Step 1: Paint first side of stirring sticks in assorted colors, leaving the bottoms unfinished. Let dry.

DIY Garden Markers

Step 2: Flip sticks and paint reverse sides. Let dry. Repeat steps 1 & 2 for a second coat.

Garden Markers Ideas

Step 3: Brush sealer onto one side; let dry. Repeat for reverse side.

Garden Markers Hacks

Step 4: Carefully write names of herbs, flowers, fruits, or vegetables on each marker with fabric paint; let dry. If desired, repeat on second side.

Garden Markers Hacks

Place in your garden to mark your plants & you are good to go.

DIY Garden Plant Markers

I made them for our vegetable garden, but I think they would also be super cute in herb pots or flower gardens as well!

Looking for a cute and fun way to decorate your garden? These DIY Rainbow Garden Markers are adorable and a snap to make!

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