Explorer Party Inspiration | Little Explorer Themed Party | Nature Inspired Birthday Party | Coolest Kid Theme Party Ideas | Party Decors | Party IdeasIn 2010, my soon-to-be-7-year-old daughter received an American Girl doll for Christmas from my dad, her grandpa. The doll he selected was named Lanie–the 2010 Doll of the Year. Like all American Girl Dolls, Lanie also came with a book by the same name. In the almost three years since, Princess has read that book at least 30 times, and probably much more than that. She loves everything about Lanie–her love of the planet and of animals, the fact that she has a garden and her own computer, and especially the fact that she wants to be an explorer.

As such, my own little tree hugger also wants to be an explorer. She loves going on nature hikes and takes her nature journal with her everywhere so she can document the things she finds. As a mom it is hard not to think this is completely adorable, so when a few months ago she abandoned her owl party plans in favor of an explorer party, naturally I said heck yeah!

Unlike her little sister, who loves to be the center of attention and wanted everyone she knows to come to her mermaid party, Princess wants almost no one. In fact, last year she chose going to Key West over having a party at all. This year she asked if we could go camping with one other family whose two daughters are the same age as ours, and have her “party” at the campsite. I have to give her points for knowing what she wants, that’s for sure. 🙂

While I probably won’t be able to go as overboard as I do at home, I do want to add some fun touches to our campsite to make it special and festive. As with all my party plans, I started by collecting ideas on an explorer party Pinterest board, then put together my favorite images on an inspiration board:

Explorer Party Inspiration

1. Map Bunting {via Nellie and Elsie}
2. Hot Air Balloon Explorer Party Table Set Up {via Esinika Events}
3. National Geographic Butterfly Net {via Pottery Barn}
4. Globe with Bunting {via WhyAllTheFuss}
5. Explorer Party Favor Boxes {via La Mariee´}
6. Globe Cake Pops {via You Rock My World}
7. Explorer Party Invitations {via Apartment Therapy}
8. Recycled Map Party Hats {via The Crafty Crow}
9. S’mores Bar {via Martie Knows Parties}
10. The Outdoor Explorer Kit {via Anthropologie}
11.Explorer Paper Straw Flags {via Esnika Events}

All of the inspiration photos I found are a little fancier than what I actually have in mind. After all, we are going to be camping! I thought it would be fun to make some map buntings to hang at the campsite, then set up a s’mores bar along with a few other goodies. Because the “party” will be only my two girls and their two friends, each of them will get an “explorer kit” for the weekend. I’m still working on what will be in them, but most likely a bug kit, nature guide, magnifying glass, flashlight, and anything else I can think of. I was also thinking it might be fun to set up a nature scavenger hunt.

 *   *   *

Do you have any other fun ideas for an explorer party?