Amanda’s Favorite 5

Do you spend so much time pouring into everyone else in your life, that you don’t even know what to do when you get time for yourself? I’m a mom that fully indulges in me-time multiple times a week because I need it in order to be good for my family. Here’s how I love to spend my me-time!

*Reminder: availability is subject to change without notice. *

  1. Bath Bombs Scented Candles Set – I love a bubble bath and when I take one, I do it right and pull out all the stops!

2. Homie Reading Bed Rest Pillow with Reading Light – Reading is one of my favorite ways to spend my (though limited) free time. And a cozy pillow, and sometimes some extra light really elevate the experience.

3. Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Nintendo Switch – I know video games aren’t for everyone and I don’t play many… But this one is so so fun and cute. I know many fellow-moms who are also obsessed with this relaxing and fun game. So if your kid has a Nintendo Switch, maybe you should get on it too! It’s a popular game so one of your children might already own it!

4. JBHO Stemless Wine Glasses – I love wine. But even if you don’t, these glasses are so fun for whatever you want to drink out of them!

5. WoodWick Ellipse Scented Candle – If you’re going to take some time for yourself, you might as well really elevate the experience with some relaxing ambiance. And this candle not only smells great, but has a crackling wick that is just so relaxing.

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