This giant DIY tic tac toe board brings a classic game to life in a BIG way! It comes together in just minutes for a fun game the whole family will love!

Hi there! I’m Nici from Posed Perfection and I am absolutely thrilled to be here with you today sharing this Giant Tic Tac Toss game! At Posed Perfection, I share easy-to-duplicate crafts, family friendly recipes and some tips for making do with what you have. I’d love for you to come visit sometime.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes it’s hard for me to get my kiddos to go outside and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. As they get older and the summer wears on, sitting in the cool of the air-conditioning playing video games usually trumps playing outdoors. Making this Giant DIY Tic Tac Toss game was a fun way to get them playing an old-school game in a new setting…the backyard.

Giant DIY Tic Tac Toe Board project supplies. All you need is a large canvas drop cloth, bean bags, and duct tape.
Here’s what you need:
4 x 5 foot canvas drop cloth
 Colored Duck tape
6 bean bags (3 0f each color)*
*You could also make them, or borrow from your corn hole game.
Fold the canvas drop cloth into thirds to measure out the game board squares.

Step 1: Start by folding the canvas into thirds, either vertically or horizontally. (You could also measure and mark the cloth where you want the grid-lines to go.)

Lay a strip of duct tape at the folds of the cloth to mark out the game board spaces.

Step 2: Lay down a long strip of tape at each of the folds and press firmly into the cloth.

Tape a strip of duct tape and fold it along the edge of the canvas drop cloth to reinforces the edges of the cloth.

Step 3: Rotate the canvas and fold in thirds going the opposite direction to create the tic tac toe grid. Lay down more strips of Duck tape on the two folds.

The finished taped cloth should have nine total squares.

You should now have a grid with 9 equal spaces.

Step 4: To finish it off and secure the grid, make a border around the drop cloth canvas by pressing a strip of tape to the edge (about 1/2 the width of the tape) and folding over to the back, pressing it firmly to the fabric.

This giant tic tac toe board is perfect for a backyard party or summer afternoon outside with the kids!

Your Giant Tic Tac Toss game board is ready! Grab a couple of kiddos, some bean bags and head outside! Have each player choose a color and start the game. You can determine how far your players need to stand from the game board before tossing their bean bags into the squares. Allow each player to toss a bean bag into an empty square on alternate turns. Whoever gets 3 in a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally wins the game.

What outdoor game does your family enjoy?

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This giant DIY tic tac toe board brings a classic game to life in a BIG way! It comes together in just minutes for a fun game the whole family will love!



Nici is the writer and resident"do-maker". I am a homeschooling mom of two who loves the challenge of re-purposing items, finding substitutions in recipes and just "making do" with what I have to create something special. I love to share easy-to-duplicate crafts, family-friendly recipes, and my journey to finding joy in creating more with less.

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