How to Make a Chicken Mummy | Chicken Mummy Recipe | How to Mummify a Chicken | Chicken MummyWe finally finished our Chicken Mummy.


It took FOREVER.

The Ancient Egyptians could crank out one of those puppies in about 40 days; ours took at least twice that long. It was by far the grossest thing we’ve ever done. I can’t even tell you how gross it was. And stinky. It reeked. The pictures don’t do it justice. Husband was the only one who dared to touch it.

A word to the wise….do NOT use the fresh, organic, plump, juicy, humongous whole chicken found in the refrigerated section of the grocery store. Apparently there are frozen ones that are much smaller and less succulent. In my defense, I am a vegetarian and had never bought a whole chicken before. Pretty sure I’ll never buy one again after this! 🙂

I decided to put the instructions in printable recipe format down at the bottom of this post, just in case you are ever completely crazy interested in making one of your own. We used the instructions from The Story of the World, which is our main history book, but made a few of our own modifications. We also used the books Mummies Made in Egypt, Who Built the Pyramids?, Eyewitness Ancient Egypt, Magic Treehouse Fact Tracker: Mummies & Pyramids, and Tales of the Dead Ancient Egypt.

Purchase a whole chicken.

Remove the neck and package of innards from the whole chicken.

Wash the chicken well in hot running water.

Mix baking soda, baking powder, salt, and other spices together.

Wipe the whole chicken down with rubbing alcohol.

Seal the whole chicken and mixture into two separate freezer bags.

Make sure all the elements are combined before sealing the freezer bag.

Make sure whole chicken is completely coated in salt mixture.

Combine mixture and whole chicken into a freezer bag.

Reserve chicken liver aside and coat in salt mixture.

Prepare the canopic jar.

Create fun sarcophagus and amulet decorations for the chicken mummy.

Decorate and paint boxes for the chicken mummy to rest in.

Assemble sarcophagus and amulet decorations on cookie sheet.

Allow whole chicken to fully dry then remove from freezer bags.

Stuff the inside of the chicken with fabric.

Wrap the whole chicken with fabric.

Dip fabric strips into the glue and water mixture then wrap around the chicken.

Kids can play with the fabric and pretend to be mummies too!

Place the amulets into the wrappings of the chicken.

Show off the finished chicken mummy product.

Place the wrapped chicken and canopic jar into the decorated box.

Overall, it really was a good learning experience. We now know a LOT about mummies and pyramids and pharaohs and Egypt. But, after almost 5 months of all things Egyptian, I think we are ready to move on. Rest in Peace, little guy. Rest in Peace.

*   *   *

What’s the grossest or most interesting project you’ve ever done with your kids?