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Poor blood sugar balance is often the single biggest factor in people suffering mood swings, depression, [and] anxiety….Having big blood sugar swings lessens people’s ability to cope with stress. —Deborah Colson

My kids are now four and seven–old enough to be wising up to a few of my, um, minor deceptions–but somehow I’ve still been able to convince them that having more than one sugary sweet per day could have Very. Dire. Consequences. They even self-regulate. Oh no mommy, I can’t have a cookie. I already had a lollipop today.  Bless their trusting little hearts!

If only I could show the same restraint! I never had a sweet tooth until I quit smoking. But I quit and suddenly I couldn’t get enough sugar. I craved donuts and chocolate and candy and ice cream and pie and gained twenty pounds in six months. Yikes!

While ten years later I’m thankful that I managed to say goodbye to cigarettes for good, and while I also know of the two vices, sweet stuff is definitely the lesser of two evils, curbing my sugar consumption is still a daily battle. Judging by the size of my secret candy stash in the cupboard, it is one that I am probably still losing.

So since I have zero pearls of my wisdom or success on this topic to offer you, I thought instead today I would perhaps find some motivation elsewhere.

Consider these facts :

  • Drinking sugar-filled drinks such as soda, fruit drinks, and sweet tea can not only cause weight gain, but also increase your risk for developing diabetes. The sugar enters your bloodstream faster in liquid form, which over time leads to insulin resistance. Yikes!
  • A diet high in sugar can cause acne. Ew.
  • Eating too much sugar can also harm your heart by lowering your good cholesterol. Uh oh.
  • A diet high in sugar and carbs causes mood swings and can increase your chance of depression. Bummer.
  • Sugar in various forms has been linked to several different types of cancer. People who drink soda are at higher risk for pancreatic cancer, while women with high blood sugar are far more likely to develop breast cancer. Scary!

(Source:  Fitbie)

Those are some pretty convincing reasons to let up on the sugar, don’t you think? I’ll give it a try if you will!

Be sure to read Edie’s corresponding post, More Cooking.


Plan a healthy, low-in-sugar menu for the coming week. Use some of the ideas from Edie’s post, if you’ve never done this before. Think about your schedule and what night’s would be better for something in the crock pot or oven all day. Make your list and then grocery shop tomorrow for what you need. You CAN do this!! You’ll be so happy and organized with your week’s menu all planned out. Share your menu ideas with us in the comments below on Facebook!



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Do you have a weakness for sweets? How do you curb your cravings?

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