This super full no sew tulle skirt tutorial will guide you through the steps to create beautiful tulle skirts without a sewing machine.

I am certainly not a professional photographer, but I do really enjoy taking photos, especially of my friends and family–I call it “mom-tography.” Last fall some close friends asked me to do a family session for their Christmas card photo. They wanted a look that was fun and playful, with a bright pop of color, so we decided to make a big puffy tulle skirt for their little girl to wear.

Your little one will stand out in family photos wearing her cute full tulle skirt (no sewing required)!

Had I known how easy it would be to whip these little puppies up, I would have tried it a long time ago. Their family photos turned out absolutely darling, and I made a mental note to make some full-skirted tutus for my own girls the next time we got around to doing a photo session of our own.

Fast forward almost ten months and here we are.

Luckily this time around I managed to snap actually takes some photos while I was making the skirts, just so you could see how simple they really are. I whipped them both up in about an hour and the girls were so excited about their fancy princess skirts that they happily agreed to pose for me. (P.S. The little jean jackets were a great sale find at the JCrew outlet!)

No Sew Tulle Skirt

Here is what you need:

tulle fabric (at least 20 yards per skirt)
elastic (1/2″-3/4″ size is fine)

Measuring the tulle for the super full no-sew skirt.

Step 1:  Grab a length of tulle and fold it over, then measure it against your model to see how long the pieces will be that you have to cut. This is not an exact science, but better slightly too long than too short!

When you cut tulle, it helps to lay it flat on a table.

Step 2:  Cut your first piece based on your measurement, then cut remaining pieces until tulle is all cut.

You can cut through several layers of tulle at once by folding it flat on the table.

Step 3:  Lay pieces flat on top of each other, then cut in half, starting in the middle of the folded edge.

Measure the elastic around your child's waist so you can ensure the full tulle skirt fits.

Step 4:  Measure a piece of elastic around your model’s waist and tie in place. Don’t knot it too tightly, as you may have to adjust it after the skirt is finished.

Loop elastic through the tulle by hand to create the layers of skirt.

Step 5:  Take a piece of tulle and loop it around the elastic, pulling the two ends through the loop as shown.

Loop the tulle and knot it around the elastic.

Step 6:  Pull to tighten loop, but do not tighten all the way until all the tulle is on the elastic so that you can adjust as necessary.

knot the strips of tulle around the elastic to form your skirt.

Step 7:  Continue looping the tulle pieces onto the elastic until they are gone. Make sure tulle is evenly spaced on elastic.

The tulle skirt can be trimmed to adjust the length as needed.

Step 8:  Place skirt on model. Trim bottom of skirt to make it floor length. Adjust elastic as necessary. Tighten tulle loops and you’re done! Whether you want to take your own photos or arrange a professional shoot, these skirts photograph beautifully!

These girls look super sweet in their matching full tulle skirts, bows and cute denim jackets.

Tulle skirts are a beautiful princess look for family photos, like this one of my girls with their dad.

The girls really stand out in their full tulle skirts in this outdoor family photo.

The full tulle skirts look adorable in this overhead photo of the two girls.

Did you make this no sew tulle skirt? Share your experience in the comments!

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This super full no sew tulle skirt tutorial will guide you through the steps to create beautiful tulle skirts without a sewing machine.

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